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Kampala - Driving Directions

The airport is connected by a forty-two kilo meters all-whether road from Kampala. Part of the road is dual carriage. The speed limit is 80 Km/h and the journey normally takes some forty minutes by car. Heavy traffic is experienced between 0800 and 0900 hours and 1700 and 1830 hours local. Plan your journey well if you have a flight or a friend to meet.

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Kampala - Public Transport

Transportation to/from City Centre

Look out for yellow-band Cars for hire. Each taxi has an identification number and inscription "AIRPORT TAXI" in black letters. Please note this number for reference in case you hire one. Vehicles park at the Arrivals (ground) level. The driver should help you load your baggage. Hiring a Taxi to Kampala costs US $25.

The journey takes about 40 minutes. Car hire to any other destination is negotiable. Public transport is readily available between the airport and Kampala. Commuters operate the Airport - Entebbe Town routes. They are identified by a blue square symbol on the front door with the number of the taxi on it. Commuters from the airport to Entebbe (Kitoro) a 4-km journey, cost approximately half a dollar.

From Entebbe to Kampala City commuters charge is slightly less than a dollar or about UGS. 1500/= per passenger including hand luggage. The journey takes about one hour. It is advisable to pay in Uganda currency. Make use of the Bureau de Change at the airportThe 4-seater commuters are identified by a blue "broken" band.

Tour and Travel Agencies

There are several Tour and Travel agents operating in Kampala.The Uganda Travel Bureau can provide more information on Tour and Travel services on Tel. 256-41 232555. A number of Tour and Travel companies have information handy for travelers at the Airport

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Kampala - Car Parking

Airport Car Parking

Car Parks Ltd.(concessionaire) manages Airport-parking space. Entry/Parking fees of shillings 1000/= per passenger vehicle is charged each time you come to the Airport. The charge for a lorry or bus is Shs. 2500/=

There are two types of parks

Short term parking

There are 700 slots for short term parking at USD 0.50 per day.

Long term park

110 slots are available for overnight parking at the following Uganda Shilling rates:-

1day - 8,000/=

1week - 48,000/=

1 month - 160,000/=


– For current exchange rates contact: www: bou.or.ug

– Departure curbside level is only a drop point and parking is not allowedParking on all Airport access roads is prohibited.

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Kampala - Car Hire

Car Rental Desks

You could hire a self-driven or chauffeur - driven car on arrival at Entebbe.

Companies providing this service will give you the details on the telephone numbers indicated below. Airport car park

Car hire service to any destination is negotiable.

-Hertz - Rent a car Tel 320516/9

-Avis - Rent a car Tel 320555 Ext. 3225

-Medecos Tel 320516/9

-Batocs Tel 320516/9

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Kampala - Info And Helpdesks

Flight Information

Information about airport operation is available 24 hours on Tel 320926. Flight Information Display boards and Public Information Desks are conveniently located in the passenger terminal building. Information can be obtained from boards and screens. For detailed information please contact airline offices, passenger handling companies or the information desk on Tel. 320516/9 Ext. 3301/3286/3323/3164.

Tourist Information

Visit Africa and the airport Public Information Desk located on the ground floor, provide tourist information and are open 24 hours.

Contact telephone is 256-41-320 516 Information on Tours and Safari, can be obtained from Uganda Tourist Board

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Kampala - Airport Facilities

Departure information: There is no Customs desk on departure at Entebbe International airport. Departing passengers are required to present a valid passport or other travel document and completed departure embarkation card to the immigration officer. The officer will ascertain that the traveler obtained the relevant Visa .The travel document is duly stamped and returned to the passenger. Passengers then proceed to the departure-transit concourse for duty-free shopping and refreshments.After the final security formalities, passengers get into the holding-area where one can ascertain their belongings, tickets, passports, traveler's checks etc?.At all the stages, Airport staff are on hand to provide needed information or desired service.

Check-in Area and Airlines Offices: International Airlines operating at Entebbe include British Airways, United Arab Emirates, Sabena Airlines, Kenya Airways, Uganda Airlines, Ethiopian and South African Airways. These have offices at the airport. The check-in area is located on the departures floor.

Passenger Airport Service Charge: The airport service charge is included in the cost of the ticket and is collected by the airline.

Baggage Identification: Passenger's name and home address should be inside the baggage, with the name and destination address only on the outside luggage label. Suitcases and bags should be locked. For secured and protected baggage, a Quick-Wrap-Fly service is available at the check-in area for a fee of 4 US Dollars apiece.

Baggage facilities/lost-found and left luggage: Misconnected and lost baggage are reported to the Ground-Handling Company office at the Arrival hall, or the airline on which the passenger arrived. For items lost while at the Airport, report is made to the Aviation Security Office located on the Departures floor. Baggage Tracing office is located at the Arrivals baggage claim area, ground floor on 24 hour basis.Passenger self-help-baggage trolleys are found in the forecourt of departure level, and baggage reclaim area on arrival.

Trolleys: are managed by a private company, Ms Lead Focus. There are no portage services at the Airport. Passenger handling staff assist the elderly and disabled.There is a Baggage Information display board at each baggage claim belts. The belt on which your arrival flight number is indicated will deliver your baggage. Contact the baggage tracing office if you cannot find your baggage.

Airline Lounge/Travel Clubs: There is a privately managed departure lounge the Karibuni. Karibuni, is a Swahili word for "welcome". It renders world class service in a natural setting, complete with water fountains and beautiful flora. A TV screen and the Internet service add value to the open blue-sky esthetics, comfort and more. Invitation to the lounges is made by the airline of your choice, depending on the class of travel or your Commercial relation with it. Passengers travelling economy class can use the lounges at US$ 15, while in transit passengers pay US$ 10 for every two hours.

V.I.P: The VIP lounge is a Government facility. Government officials and the diplomatic community are entitled to VIP lounge services. Prior application and clearance must be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for special cases.

Child Facilities:Child facilities are not available at the Airport. The Long term development plan of the Airport have however taken care of this area.

Meeting Passengers: A meeting point is located just outside the arrival hall on the ground floor. Facilities including information desks, restaurants etc. are in close proximity and at the service of the waiting or arriving parties.

Help Line: Airport user help line is being developed by our IT department and airport operations.


Restaurants and Bars:

Transit Restaurants offers continental break fast, traditional and ala Carte menu. A public restaurant on the Second floor operates between 0800-2300hrs.

The Voyager has an excellent view of airport activities and a wide panorama of Lake Victoria yielding to gently rolling hills in the background. Spend some quality time at the airport with a friend. Eating facilities on ground and first floors open 24 hours, while Bars are located are located ground, 1st & 2nd floor (transit lounge). They too open 24 hours.

Bar/Restaurant // Location (level) // Business Hours

Crane Cafeteria // Departures // 24 hours

Crane Cafeteria // Arrivals // 24 hours

Transit Restaurant // Transit Concourse // 24 hours

Voyager Restaurant/Bar // 2nd floor // 0700-2200 hrs


Entertainment: Television screens in the departure concourse and restaurants bring to you both local and international programmes. Cable T.V provides up to 34 different channels.

Smoking Areas: Entebbe International Airport adopted a non-smoking policy within the terminal. There is a designated smoking area in the Arrivals hall.



Duty Free Shopping: Uganda Duty Free Sales, Transit Duty Free sales and Jits competitively operate three easily accessible shops on departure. There is similar facility for arriving passengers, which enables you to carry less from abroad and buy more on Arrival. Liquors, exotic wines, tobacco, toys, watches, fragrances, chocolates and a variety of other local products and gift items are in stock. To order in advance, please contact Uganda Duty Free Sales on the following address.E-mail: udfsebb@ infocom.co.ug. Diplomats' Duty Free offering a variety of goods is located on the landside, 2nd Floor and operates during office hours Monday to Saturday.

Crafts/Gift Shops: A collection of Uganda and East African hand-made Crafts and Gift Shops are available on 1st floor, landside, and in transit duty free shops.

General Public Shopping: A number of shops offer a wide variety of items ranging from newspapers, books, safari and leisure ware.

These are located as follows:

Shop // Location

Crane Florists // Arrivals

Ice and candy // Arrivals

Two (2) kiosks // Cargo Terminal

Sadru Centre // 2nd Floor

Stefes shop // Departures

Bek Souvenir // Departures

Roce Textiles // Departures


First Aid/Medical Facilities: First Aid and Ambulance service is available 24hrs. Entebbe Grade "A" Hospital is a 5-minutes drive from the Airport. This is the main hospital for the municipality of Entebbe.

Telephone Services: Public payphone facilities are available at both Arrival and Departure levels. Purchase telephone cards at the post office or other outlets like Jet set Forex Bureau or at Duty Free Sales (U) Ltd. Airport intercom service is free of charge. Please ask for assistance in case of need. Cellular (Mobile) telephone facilities and services are available. Service providers Mobile Telephone Network (MTN), Celtel (U) LTD and Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) will give you details of their services

Postal Services: Entebbe Airport Post Office opens between 0800-1245 & 1400-1700 Monday to Friday. On Saturday it opens from 0800 hrs to 1300hrs and remains closed on Sundays. Postal, Fax, telephones, and Expedited mail services are available. The Post Office in on first(Departures) floor.

Banking and Bureau De Change: Commercial banking and Bureau De Change services are available at the Departures and Arrivals level. Banks and Forex Bureaus handle most convertible currencies. Although there are no currency restrictions in Uganda,hard currencies purchased from money dealers should be accompanied with an official receipt. It is advisable to carry Traveler's Cheques instead of large

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Kampala - Conference Facilities

Business Facilities:

Norfrax Business Communication Centre:

Telephone number: 041-321559

Hour of Business: 0800-2000hrs

Location: Ground Floor

Sadru center on 2nd floor offers photocopy and fax.

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Kampala - Handicapped Facilities

Facilities for passengers with special needs

Lifts, ramps, wheelchairs, covered walkways and help line* services are available. Passenger handling staff assist the elderly and the disabled. They also attend to special needs passengers.

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Kampala - Wireless Lan

Uganda Telecom provide WiFi internet access through VIP Lounge, Nyanzi Lounge, Karibuni Lounge and Departure Lounge. ($5.00 per 30 min., $10.00 per 60 min.)

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Kampala - Hotels

(a) Hotels within 10km from the Airport

Hotel // Telephone // No. of Beds

Imperial Botanical Hotel // 256-41 320826 // 135

Palm Beach Hotel // 256-41 321480 // 28

Windsor Lake Victoria Hotel // 256-41 320645 // 120

(b) Hotels located in the Capital City

The following Hotels located in the capital city have reservation offices at the Airport at Arrivals (ground) floor:

Hotel // Telephone // No. of Beds

Chez Johnson Hotel // 256-41 320516 // -

Fairway Hotel // 256-41 320516 // 96

Grand Imperial Hotel // 256-41 320516 // 103

Hotel Africana // 256-41 320516 // 230

Hotel Equatorial // 256-41 320516 // 89

Hotel Havana // 256-41 320516 // 58

Nile Hotel International // 256-41 320516 // 121

Sheraton Kampala Hotel // 256-41 320516 // 250

Speke Hotel // 256-41 320516 // 70

Tourist Hotel // 256-41 320516 // 50

Hotel reservations on the arrival floor, can be done during airport operations on telephone 256-41 320516/9 and 256-41 320555.

All Hotels offer courtesy shuttles services to and from the airport. Shuttles have a stand outside the Arrivals hall on the ground floor.

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