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+49 (0)40 50750

+49 (0)40 5075 1234


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Hamburg - Driving Directions

By car within Hamburg

Throughout Hamburg the way to the Airport is well signposted. Please consult the ground plan for further details.

By car from outside Hamburg

You can reach the Airport from the following directions:

Schleswig - Holstein

via the A 7 motorway, exit Schnelsen - Nord

Mecklenburg - Vorpommern

via the A 1 and A 24 motorways, exit Horn (A 24)


via the A 7 motorway, exit Schnelsen - Nord

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Hamburg - Public Transport


Subway & suburban rail ("U-Bahn" and "S-Bahn")

Hamburg Airport does not yet have a direct rail connection to the city centre. The nearest subway & suburban railway station, Ohlsdorf, is served by suburban rail lines S1 and S11 and the subway line U1; all of these will take you to or from the main station, Hauptbahnhof, or Jungfernstieg [city centre].

Ohlsdorf station and the Terminals are connected by the number 110 bus, the "Airport-Express", which runs every 10 minutes.

Hamburg Airport is one of the few truly metropolitan airports in Europe. As from 2008, a new direct rail link, running every 10 minutes, will take passengers from the airport to the city centre in 23 minutes.



This page provides routes, timetable and fare information for the buses that serve Hamburg Airport.

These buses stop directly in front of the Terminals:


Public bus service: Route

Route 172: Barmbek - Uhlenhorst

Route 26: City Nord - Farmsen - S-Rahlstedt

Route 606 (Night bus): Langenhorn - U-Ochsenzoll - and Hauptbahnhof - Rathausmarkt

Route 292: Langenhorn - U-Ochsenzoll and Lufthansabasis

Limited-stop bus

Route 39: Teufelsbrück - U-Wandsbek Markt


Public bus service: Route

Airport Express (Jasper): Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) - Airport

Route 110 (HVV): v/s Airport - U/S Ohlsdorf (connection for the city centre)

Bus stop "Lufthansa Basis":


Public bus service: Route

Route 114: Groß Borstel - Eppendorfer Baum - Klosterstern

Route 23: Niendorf-Markt and Billstedt

Route 292: Langenhorn - U-Ochsenzoll and Lufthansabasis

Limited-stop bus

Route 34: Eppendorf - Rotherbaum - City - Wilhelmsburg

The "Lufthansa Base" stop is by the P8/P9 car park (Weg beim Jäger). Get out here and change to the airport shuttle bus (holiday shuttle), which will take you free of charge to the terminals and back again (from 03:45 - 24:00 hrs - every 10 minutes).


"Kielius" (Fa. Autokraft)

Kiel/Neumünster - Hamburg Airport


17 times a day to Hamburg

17 times a day to Schleswig-Holstein

Bus stops: in front of the Terminals


T +49 (431) 6 66 22 22

F + 49 (431) 71 07 77

"TRAVELiner" (Fa. Autokraft)

Lübeck - Bad Oldesloe - Hamburg Airport


9 times a day to Hamburg

10 times a day to Schleswig-Holstein

Bus stops: in front of the Terminals

Autokraft Lübeck:

T + 49 (451) 8 88 10 78

F + 49 (451) 8 88 10 79

Night bus

Göttingen - Hannover - Hamburg Airport and return

Bus stops: in front of the Terminals

More information about timetable, fare, route and availability: www.ab9euro.de



There are taxi ranks in front of all the terminals. The journey to the city centre takes about 30 minutes and costs approx. EUR 20.

Tip: For taxi rides from and to places outside Hamburg you can negotiate a fixed price with the driver.

www.hansafunk.de, www.taxihamburg.de, www.autoruf.de, www.stambula.de, www.taxiverband-hamburg.de, www.lht-hamburg.de, www.das-taxi.de, www.Hamburger-Taxi.info


Shuttle service

TRAVELPorter – Airport transfer service direct from your door to Hamburg Airport and back.

Operates in: North Germany, including the Hamburg and Kiel area, Husum, Eckernförde, Elmshorn, Itzehoe, Lübeck, Neumünster, Rendsburg and Flensburg.


via selected travel agents or

Internet: www.travelporter.de

T +49 (40) 31 79 44 53

F +49 (40) 31 79 44 91

Other transport services to Hamburg Airport

Airport-Service Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, Kiel

Rendsburg, Eckernförde, Nordfriesland, Dithmarschen,

Plön, Schleswig-Flensburg, Kiel, Neumünster, Flensburg

T +49 (431) 54 45 45

F +49 (431) 54 42 66

E-Mail: info@ airportservice-kiel.de

Internet: www.airportservice-kiel.de

Transfer Bremen

Bremen/Bremerhaven area

T +49 (421) 44 80 50

F +49 (421) 24 78 526

E-Mail info@ transfer-bremen.de

Internet: www.transfer-bremen.de

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Hamburg - Car Parking


Hamburg Airport’s intelligent parking guidance system “Airport Parking” helps motorists to find a parking space at the Airport. As you approach the Airport, automated VMS signs will guide you to the nearest free parking spaces. You can choose from on-airport car parks P1 to P5, which are adjacent to the terminals, or the off-airport car parks P8 and P9 at "Weg beim Jäger". Simply follow the signs and you will be guided to the nearest free space. There are over 10,000 parking spaces at Hamburg Airport.

For current details of free parking spaces at the Airport, call us on +49 (40) 50 75 33 03.

Save 15 EUR with this voucher ("Holiday-Parkticket") when using the car parks P8 and P9 for travel originating from Hamburg Airport. There is a minimum parking period of one week. From P8 and P9 a free shuttle bus is provided to and from the terminals between 3.45am and 12pm, every 10 min. The voucher is available at travel agencies only.

Fast and convenient: the Airport’s Valet-Parking Service is perfect for motorists who wish to avoid the bother of searching for a parking space. Leave you car in the very best hands while you travel.


One-off charge: EUR 17.50

Plus, per day EUR 20.00

Your car can be handed over to the parking valets at car park P5, access via arrivals level along the terminals. Then just follow the signs "Valet Parking".

For further information and booking please contact the telephone number +49 (40) 50 75-10 11.

Many hotels – particularly those close to the Airport – also offer "Park, Sleep & Fly" at special rates.

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Hamburg - Intra Terminal Transfer

There is a free shuttle bus that runs between the terminals and to car park P6.

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Hamburg - Car Hire


Opening Hours:

"Mon.-Fri. 07:00-24:00 Uhr; Sat. 07:00-23:00; Sun. 08:00-24:00"

T +49 (40) 50 75-23 14

F +49 (40) 59 28 11

Email: ham.hamburg @ avis.de

Homepage: www.avis.com

Car return is at our car rental parking, building 243.

Location(s): T2, Level 0


Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 07:00-23:00

T +49 (40) 50 75-38 11

F +49 (40) 50 75-38 09

Email: hamburg-airport@ budget.de

Homepage: www.budget.com

Car return is at our car rental parking, building 243.

Location(s): T2, Level 0


Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sat. 07:00-23:00, Sun. 08.00-23.00

T +49 (40) 50 02 17 0

F +49 (40) 50 02 17 66

Homepage: www.europcar.com

Car return is at our car rental parking, building 243.

Location(s): T2, Level 0


Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sat. 07:00-23:00, Sun. 08:00-23:00

T +49 (40) 59 35 13 67,

F +49 (40) 59 12 73

Homepage: www.hertz.com

Car return is at our car rental parking, building 243.

Location(s): T2, Level 0

National Car Rental/ Alamo

Opening Hours:

Mon.-Fri. 07:00-23:00, Sat. 07:30-22:00, Sun. 08:00-23:00

T +49 (40) 50 75-23 01

F +49 (40) 50 12 90

Email: de348@ nationalcar.de

Homepage: " www.nationalcar.com; www.alamo.com "

Car return is at our car rental parking, building 243.

Location(s): T2, Level 0


Opening Hours:

Mon.-Sun. 07:00-24:00

T +49 (1805) 26 25 25

F +49 (1805) 22 29 30 00 2

Email: ap022@ sixt.de

Homepage: www.e-sixt.com

Car return is at our car rental parking, building 243.

Location(s): T2, Level 0

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Hamburg - Info And Helpdesks

Airport information desks are situated in Terminals 1 and 4. The Airport Office, which is situated between Terminals 3 and 4 Arrivals level, provides airport information; travel insurance; and many other services.


If you lose your luggage or anything else on Airport premises, the Airport Office will be happy to help you. This Office receives everything which has been lost on the Airport premises.

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Hamburg - Airport Facilities

Banks & Post Office

When changing your Euros into a different currency, remember that many "exotic" currencies need to be ordered at your bank a few days in advance. This also applies for larger sums of other foreign currencies. If in doubt, please ask your bank whether the currency you will need is available, and how long in advance you have to order it.

Exchange of money at Hamburg Airport:


Terminal 1 and 2, arrival level

T +49 (40) 50 75-33 74


Mon. - Sun. 06:00 - 22:00 hrs (Terminal 1)

Mon. - Sun. 08:00 - 21:00 hrs (Terminal 2)


Terminal 2, departure level and Pier

T +49 (40) 50 75 39 48

Open: Mon. - Sun. 06:00 - 21:00 hrs

Cash dispensers (ATM)

Terminal 1 and 2, departure and arrival level

Additional Services:

Post Office

Terminal 2, arrival level

T+ 49 (40) 50 09 74 12

Open: Mon. - Fri. 08:00 - 13:30 hrs, 14:30 - 19:00 hrs and Sat. 08:00 - 13:00 hrs


VAT refund

If you are a resident of a non-European country and have purchased goods for your own personal consumption in Germany or any other European country then you are eligible for refund of the VAT you have paid. To claim back your VAT you need a Tax Free Cheque issued by the store where you purchased the goods. To ensure that your request can be processed swiftly and smoothly you should request a Tax Free Cheque when you make your purchases. Before you leave the EU, present the cheque, the goods and the receipt, your passport and your ticket to customs officials, who will then stamp the cheque for you. Take the stamped cheque to the Global Refund counter in the Airport where you will get a full cash refund or the amount can be credited to your credit card.

If the store where you made your purchases does not issue Tax Free Cheques or does not offer the Global Refund service then you can take the receipt to customs (you will also need to present your passport, the goods and your ticket). Customs officials will give you a certificate of export which you can present to Global Refund to obtain a cash VAT refund. Some – but not all – stores also accept the certificate of export and will refund your VAT in cash. Please enquire whether the store offers this service before you make your purchase.

Global Refund

Terminals 1 and 2, Departure Level

T +49 (0) 40 50 05-36 18

Opening hours:

T1: Mon-Sun 08.00-18.00 hrs; T2: Mon-Sun. 06.00-20.00 hrs


German Red Cross (DRK)

First aid and doctors are available at the DRK/mediservice. The German Red Cross (DRK) medical centre at Hamburg Airport opened in 1950. Since 1999, the medical centre has been operated by Hamburg’s German Red Cross mediservice. In addition to healthcare services at the medical centre and emergency services at the Airport, specially trained DRK staff also provide services throughout the airport for disabled and aged passengers. In conjunction with Hamburg Airport, mediservice offers a thrombosis vaccination service for travellers. This service gives last-minute travellers the opportunity to obtain thrombosis vaccinations and professional advice.


Acupressure massage

The Massage Station on the Pier offers a very special service für passengers at Hamburg Airport. Acupressure massage unites elements from traditional Chinese medicine with western massage techniques. It is a very effective treatment for tension, back pain, restlessness or anxiety, and is particularly recommended für alleviating the fear of flying or jetlag. Acupressure stimulates the body and diminishes stress, restoring the body's inner energy balance. Discover the benefits for yourself... The Massage Station is open Monday - Friday from approx. 9:30 to 20:00 hrs. It is located between Gate A17 and A18 on the Pier. Price: 1,- EUR per minute.

Contact: Gesunde Impulse, Tel. +49 (0) 179/ 99 88 162 or send an email to info@ gesunde-impulse.de



Airport Lounge and Hamburg Lounge

The Airport Lounge and the Hamburg Lounge are inviting and restful environments for passengers to relax while waiting for a flight. Amenities include a bar serving a wide range of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks; TV screens and a comprehensive selection of international newspapers. Monitors showing the latest passenger information, comfortable desks, Internet access and Wireless LAN are provided for your convenience. Lounge vouchers are available for passengers from the Airport Office at a cost of EUR 17.80.

Airport Lounge: T +49 (40) 50 75-27 72, Terminal 2 (gallery level)

Hamburg Lounge: T +49 (40) 50 75-16 63, Pier, Gate C9/C10

Other Lounges: Airport Business Lounge; T +49 (40) 50 75-20 12, Terminal2 (gallery level)

Exclusive use of an elegant lounge in a quiet atmosphere

Lufthansa Lounge (Senator and Frequent Traveller)

T +49 (40) 50 70-22 19

Terminal 2 (gallery level)

Further Information

Airport Office

Terminal 1 and 2, arrival level

daily 06:00-23:00 hrs

T +49 (40) 50 75-10 10, F +49 (40) 50 75-21 49, E-Mail: airportoffice@ ham.airport.de


Airport Chapel

The chapel at Hamburg Airport is a modern room for Christian contemplation, an oasis of tranquillity and calm at the busy airport. We invite you to write your thoughts, problems and wishes in our visitor and prayer book. A bible and prayer books are provided for your personal prayers. Information about ecclesiastical life in Hamburg is also provided. The Airport Chapel is located in Terminal 1 on Level 2 (behind the travel agents’ hall); it is open from 06.00-22.00 hrs. If you would like to speak to someone, share a prayer or receive a blessing for a journey, our airport chaplain will be happy to receive you. The chaplain is a pastor in the North-Elbe Protestant Lutheran church and he gives travellers, visitors and employees of all the companies working at the airport advice on church matters, social and personal questions. You can contact him from all internal telephones on the internal number -1857 or by mobile phone on +49 (179) 1 06 82 95. You can also ask at the Airport Office or any information counter.


Shopping: Terminals 3 and 4 offer a wide variety of shpos, including duty-free stores; newsagents; and gift shops.

Eating & Drinking: The airport has a range of restaurants; bars; and cafes, most of them are located on levels 0 and 3 of Terminal 4 and on the pier.

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Hamburg - Conference Facilities

Airport Office

A wealth of useful services are available at the Airport Office, all aimed at making your stay in Hamburg and the airport as pleasant as possible. Whether you’re passing through the airport as a business traveller, are going on holiday or have just come to visit – this is the right address for all questions, queries and information, including:

Hotel reservations at short notice

Tickets for events, e.g. musicals or theatre

Office services, e.g. secretarial, fax and photocopy services

Key or document deposit facilities

Sales point for the Hamburg Card, tickets for the Airport Express, Kielius and TRAVELiner services

Souvenirs and travel articles

Special transfer services (limousine and bus services)

Tickets for sports events

and much more


Office services

Hamburg Airport offers a wide range of office services. The Airport Office will:

copy and fax documents

type and send letters

charge mobile phones

... and provide sound advice and assistance.

Fax / copy service


A4 photocopy EUR 0.25 each

Faxes from EUR 1.00 to EUR 5.50 per page


You can also deposit keys, documents or messages at the Airport Office.

Prices: 1 day EUR 2.50

1 week EUR 10.00

3 weeks EUR 18.00


Airport Conference Center Terminal 2

The Airport Conference Center (ACC) Terminal 2 at Hamburg Airport offers fourteen conference rooms, ranging in size from 22 to 172 m2 and suitable for all types of meetings or functions. All suites are equipped with variable lighting dimmers, sound insulation, air-conditioning and the very latest technology, making them the ideal place for effective events. The ACC Terminal 2 also offers a full range of business services, including telephone, fax, photocopying and translation services.

Further Information

Airport Conference Center; Terminal 2, Level 2

T +49 (40) 50 75-33 38

F +49 (40) 50 75-18 42


Airport Conference Center Lilienthalhaus

The Airport Conference Center (ACC) Lilienthalhaus at Hamburg Airport has a total of seven, flexibly-seated conference suites that are suitable for conventions with up to 90 people. All rooms are equipped with house phones and service trolleys, and have large outside windows. A wide range of conference equipment can be rented, e.g. media trolley with DVD, VHS, TV, laptop connection and beamer for EUR 50 / hour. The light, airy foyer and summer terrace are ideal for breaks. The conference suites can be rented Monday-Friday from 08.00-17.00 (other times on request). Prices for a suite for 8 persons start at EUR 80 (up to 4 hours). Other prices on request.

Further Information

Airport Conference Center Lilienthalhau

T +49 (40) 50 75-25 00

F +49 (40) 50 75-25 03

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Hamburg - Handicapped Facilities

Services for passengers and visitors with impaired mobility

A wide range of special services is available at Hamburg Airport for visitors and passengers with impaired mobility. We aim to make your stay at the Airport as pleasant and as convenient as possible. The following pages provide an overview of our services.


Door-to-door transfer service

DRK mediservice – an arm of the German Red Cross – at the Airport offers a full transfer service, which will, if required, pick you up at home and take you direct to the aircraft door. When you book, please advise the travel agent or airline that you require assistance during the journey and at the Airport. Your needs will be attended to by specially-trained staff at DRK mediservice. DRK mediservice, for information and bookings, please call: +49 (40) 50 75-33 53

Bus and train

The Airport-Express, which offers two services (Airport – main station) is fully equipped with wheelchair ramps for disabled access. The Bus section of this site gives details of the buses servicing the Airport, complete with timetables and tikket prices.


Parking spaces and multi-storey car parks with reserved parking for the disabled are located in the immediate vicinity of the terminals. The terminal access roads all have specially designated drop-off zones. All parking spaces and drop-off zones for the disabled are indicated by the international disabled sign. The disabled parking spaces in the multi-storey car parks are located close to the entrances/ exits and by the lifts. All car parks, with the exception of P1, are equipped with lifts that accommodate wheelchairs. For further details, please consult the Parking ground plan and Parking fees.

Service at the Airport

DRK mediservice

DRK mediservice at Hamburg Airport offers a wide range of services for special needs passengers. For instance, DRK has wheelchairs at the airport and will be glad to help you get to your departure gate. DRK will also be happy to help you in other ways during your stay at the airport; simply advise DRK in advance of your needs and requests.

For further information, please call +49 (40) 50 75-33 53

or go to www.drk-mediservice.de

Luggage service

If you need assistance with your luggage, please contact the Airport luggage service, where advance bookings can also be made. Tel.: +49 (40) 50 75-2010


Toilets and wash-rooms for the disabled are available in the terminals on the arrival and departure levels, as well as on the passenger pier. They are well signposted and are marked with the international disabled sign.

Electronic check-in

Check-in assistants are on duty at all times at the electronic check-in machines on the departure level of the terminals and will be happy to assist you.

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Hamburg - Wireless Lan

Wireless LAN at Hamburg Airport

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) allows passengers and visitors to Hamburg Airport to surf the Web without the need for wired connections – at all times and in virtually all areas of the Airport.

WLAN is a wireless high-frequency radio technology which enables users to communicate with the internet without cables. Around 50 access points have been installed in the terminals and the pier; these so-called hotspots use radio waves to make contact with the computers logged on to the system, allowing them to access the internet. In order to use this service in Hamburg Airport passengers and visitors must have a laptop or pocket PC equipped with a standard WLAN card. Before you can use this service, you must ensure that your notebook is properly configured. Please ask your IT system administrator for instructions on how to do this. Your Internet provider's website should also provide free information about using WLAN services.

Wireless internet access is available in all waiting zones, arrival areas, lounges and conference suites in the Terminals, as well as in the Passenger Pier and the General Aviation Terminal. Data transfer rates of up to 6 Mbit per second guarantee fast access to the exciting World Wide Web.

The service is available through the providers

T-Mobile, Vodafone, o2 and SPEKTRUM hotspot. They charge a nominal fee for their service which is billed directly to the user. Access to the Airport’s own website at www.ham.airport.de is free of charge.

When you connect to the internet with a WLAN-capable computer at Hamburg Airport, you will initially be directed to the Airport’s WLAN portal where you can select a provider by clicking on the logo in the bottom the screen or the name of the provider in the left navigation bar. This portal also contains a link to the Airport’s own website, which you can use free of charge.

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Hamburg - Hotels

Hotel reservations can be made at the Airport Office.


The Airport Hotel (tel: (0)40 531 020) is located on airport grounds.


Mercure Hotel Hamburg Airport Nord

Langenhorner Chaussee 183



Tel: (+49)40/532090

Fax: (+49)40/53209600

E-mail: h5393@ accor.com

4 star hotel with 146 comfortable rooms with bath, WC, soundproof windows, airconditioning, colour TV, radio, minibar, direct dial phone, modem socket and Vodafone WLAN. Mercure Hamburg Airport Nord is located in the north of the city, close to the international airport and only 500m from the nearest underground station. The hotel offers a restaurant, a lobby bar and 8 meeting rooms for up to 110 people. There is also a swimming pool, sun deck, sauna, solarium and parking garage for 170 cars.

Best Western Premier Alsterkrug Hotel

Alsterkrugchaussee 277

22297 Hamburg

Telefon: ++49 (0) 40-51 30 30

Telefax: ++49 (0) 40-51 303 403

Local shuttle on request

2.5 kilometer(s) from Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport

The Best Western Premier Alsterkrug Hotel is situated in the green area of Hamburg between the airport and city centre. This first class hotel with a high level of personal service is completely renovated. It is close to the beautiful river Alster and the Eppendorfer Fen. We are convenient to recreation, nightlife and musicals as well as several corporate locations. A number of wonderful restaurants are in the area. Enjoy the warm Mediterranean atmosphere everywhere in the house. Dine at our two restaurants or in our idyllic garden restaurant. A bar and six beautiful conference rooms which will accommodate up to 50 persons, are waiting for you, 24 hours complimentary coffee and tea service in all rooms, W-LAN or the bellboy service are only a few services for our guests. Welcome at the Best Western Premier Alsterkrug Hotel in Hamburg, a guarantee for a pleasurable and relaxing stay.

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Hamburg - News Update


2005 a Successful Year for Hamburg Airport

Significant growth in passenger numbers and turnover. Earnings remain stable.

2005 was a successful financial year for Hamburg Airport. The number of passengers grew at an above average rate, turnover performed satisfactorily, and earnings remained stable. Passenger volume grew by 7.9 per cent to approximately 10.7 million. The last time Hamburg Airport reported growth at this level was fifteen years ago. Turnover grew by 2.4 per cent to 203.4 million euros. Total earnings of 31.2 million euros maintain the pleasing level reached the previous year.

Increased passenger volume and non-aviation revenue secure result

The main reasons for the good commercial result are the increased passenger volume, resulting in an increase in traffic-related sales revenue, and the significant expansion of non-traffic-related sales revenue. This non-aviation revenue has been achieved by the Center Management department through the rental of retail and restaurant space and advertising space as well as the provision of parking services. Strict cost control and the efficient corporate structure also contributed to securing the good result. This made it possible to compensate for the costs associated with the construction and commissioning of the airport’s new infrastructure. The positive contributions of Hamburg Airport’s subsidiary companies also had a role to play in generating the solid result.

Fit for the future with new infrastructure

The new Hamburg Airport was opened in May 2005 with an opening ceremony and two open days, attracting more than 50,000 fascinated visitors. Passengers and visitors appreciate the spacious ambience, flooded with light, of both state of the art terminals. Survey results prove the high level of customer satisfaction with the new infrastructure: according to the airport benchmark study AETRA*, Hamburg Airport saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction as a result of the terminals, the new access roads, expanded parking facilities and the informative parking guidance system. Hamburg Airport now has the capacity to handle approximately 15 million passengers per year, making it well equipped for further growth.

Hamburg Airport: a proven mix of routes and airlines

In 2005, the well-balanced ratio of low cost airlines to established carriers proved itself once again to be Hamburg Airport’s special strength. Last year, a total of 70 airlines offered direct flights to around 120 destinations. 23 new routes were introduced in the 2005/2006 winter timetable. This was the largest growth Hamburg Airport had seen since the 1950s. Special focus was placed on expanding the range of budget destinations on offer from Hamburg Airport. The number of Lufthansa destinations served from Hamburg has risen to 25, all of which are available as return tickets for prices from 99 euros.

Outlook for 2006: Hamburg Airport continuing its upward trend

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, is expecting further positive developments for the airport in 2006: “In breaking the 10-million passenger barrier, Hamburg Airport has joined the ranks of Europe’s major international airports. For 2006, we are expecting a further upward trend in terms of passenger numbers. Our aim is to increase passenger volume to over 11 million. In the first quarter, Hamburg Airport has already seen 16 per cent growth. This strengthens our position as THE airport for northern Germany, and the number 1 for value-for-money flights.”

As “Gate to the Games”, Hamburg Airport will be welcoming thousands of international fans to the Football World Cup in June 2006. With its modern, efficient and comfortable infrastructure, Hamburg Airport is well equipped to meet the demands of an international airport. Hamburg Airport’s passengers benefit from an attractive route network for city trips, longer journeys, seaside holidays and business travel.

Standardised customer satisfaction survey commissioned by IATA and ACI with a total of 66 participating airports.
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Chance of Precip.: 87 %
Wind: WSW 19 km/h

Passing showers. Cloudy. Warm.

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Chance of Precip.: 59 %
Wind: W 21 km/h

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