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FLE Standard Time
(GMT +3 hrs)

+380 44 296-72-75

+380 44 295-89-96

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Kiev - Public Transport


Local busses are provided by bus operator "Atass". A comfortable shuttle-busses run to the airport and back to Kiev.

OSC "Atass-Boryspol" accepts orders for transportation of travelers on the territory Kiev and Ukraine.

Inquiry number: (+380 44) 281 73 67, (+380 44) 956 14 86

Also you can reach any place in Ukraine from Borispol airport with "Autolux company"

Departure - from the central bus station. Arrival - to the central bus stations of the destination cities. 45 minutes prior to the departure from Kiev central bus station the busses arrive to Kiev railway station.

Detailed information about Autolux Company busses you may find at /

Contacts phones:

Kyiv - (+380 44) 443-84-39, 265-05-23

Boryspil - (+380 44) 230-00-71


Inter Avia

Address: K. Shlah St., Borispol

Phone: (+380 44 95) 9 24 86

Fax: (+380 44 95) 6 05 56

Prices of "Inter Avia" Car/Minibus

Fare when destination is in the nearest or central districts of Kiev 70 hrn./130 hrn.

Destination in remote districts of Kiev: 80 hrn./150 hrn.

One way long-distance transportation, fare for 1 km: 1,4 hrn./2,0 hrn.

Rate for one hour when using hour tariff (waiting) – 30 hrn. / (waiting) - 40 hrn.

accordance of a taxi – 10 hrn., more than 40 km – 20 hrn.

The fair can rise by 10% in winter when icy conditions of roads, sleet, more than 20 degrees of frost.




Inter Avia

Address: K. Shlah St., Borispol

Phone: (+380 44 95) 9 24 86

Fax: (+380 44 95) 6 05 56


ITC – Airport car rental. Individual excursion and business travels.


Address: 20? Layosh Havro St., Kiev

Phones:(+380 44) 237 35 87, (+380 44) 418 88 40, (+380 44) 410 35 30

E-mail: its@

Individual excursion and business travels.

The maximum possible level of safety and comfort and individual approach to the preparation of an order.

Our drivers work around the clock ONLY FOR YOUR.

We provide comfort, time and costs savings ONLY FOR YOUR.

Dear guests, we provide unforgettable impressions of Kiev visiting ONLY FOR YOUR.

The choice do not confine within displayed photos.

Our car park:

Scoda Superb black metallic color, climatron, leather seats, Stereo-CD, board data, elongated body (4,85 ?), date of production 2005.

Mazda MPV Silver metallic color, climatron, electronic set, velour, Stereo-CD, ability to transformation of passenger cabin, DVD-Video, darken windows, date of production 2005.

VW Passat Black color, climatron, electronic set, leather seats, Stereo-CD, darken windows, date of production 2005.

Peugeot-407 Bronze metallic, climate controller, electric-equipment, velours, Stereo-CD, 6 safety-cushion, 2005 year of production.

Peugeot-407 Red metallic, climate controller, electric-equipment, velours, Stereo-CD, 6 safety-cushion, 2005 year of production.

Mercedes S - klasse: W220 Black metallic, climate-control, leather, Stereo-CD, 2001 year of production.

Mercedes S-klasse: W140 Black metallic, climate-control, leather, Stereo-CD, 1998 year of production.

Mercedes Sprinter Mercedes Sprinter White, air-conditioner, electric-equipment, audio, video, velour, 2000 year of production, 17-seater.

Mercedes - 100 Double condition, Stereo-CD, velour, electronic set, darken windows, DVD-Video, ability to transformation of passenger cabin, date of production 2005.

MAN, air-conditioner, microphone, kitchen, lavatory, TV-Video (3 monitors), seating capacity: 45-50

Neonplan – 122 air-conditioner, microphone, kitchen, lavatory, wash-stand, TV-Video, (4 monitors), seating capacity: 64-70

Dacia Super Nova Red metallic, electric-equipment, ?????, Stereo, 2003 year of production.


You have an opportunity to order a taxi in airport.

Taxi will take you to the Kiev center in 20-40 minutes. Taxi order desks are located to the left from main entrance of "B" terminal. Open: 24 hours a day.

"FM-taxi" – we have got modern cars with conditioners and minibuses. Also we offer transfer service to and from railway station or airports. Payment can be in cash or by written order.


+38 (044) 502-0-502

+38 (067) 440-0-502

+38 (050) 205-0-502

+38 (063) 245-0-502


+38 (044) 502-0-501


From the Borispol airport to the left bank - 100 UAH

From the Borispol airport to the right bank - 110 UAH


Kiev metro operates form 6.00 AM till 12 PM.

"Boryspilska" is the nearest metro station to the airport.

Fare: 0.5 hrn.

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Kiev - Car Parking


You can leave Your auto in a twenty-four-hour guarded car park which situated in airport territory.

Currency exchange (28.11.06) *

USD – 5.0500 hrn.

Euro – 6.6226 hrn.

Ruble – 0.1915 hrn.

Swiss franc – 4.1770 hrn.

GBP – 9.7721 hrn.

commercial rate of exchange in airport may differ from National Bank official rate of exchange.

240 short term parking spaces, 291 long term parking spaces.

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Kiev - Car Hire

Car rental offices are located in terminal "B":

"Europcar" tel.: (+380 44) 281 77 37.

"Hertz" tel.: (+380 44) 281 76 16, (+380 44) 281 76 14, (+380 44) 281 77 15.

Sun Services – Car rental, airport transfers

Tel./Fax: (+380 44) 331 4949

(+380 67) 470 5596

(+380 67) 470 5592

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Kiev - Info And Helpdesks

Airport information system

The Interactive Voice Response system (IVR)

Phone: (+380 44) 490 47 77

The Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) has been set into operation.

The Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) has been set into operation.

At 08/09/2004 the Interactive Voice Response system has been set into operation at the State International Boryspil Airport. The system is aimed to automatize the operation of the information service of the airport. Having made the call to the Airport information system by the numbers:

(+ 38044) 490-47-77 and using the phone with tone dialing, the caller may get the following info that concerns Boryspil Airport:

data on current arrivals and departures; regulations as to customs and passport controls; buses timetable that are going from the airport and to the airport; regulations as to luggage transportation; information about different services at the airport.

The provision of information is realized by voice menu voice prompting. The languages available are Ukrainian, Russian and English. The caller can choose to talk to an operator by himself, or the system would automatically transfer the call to an operator if no menu item was selected.

All references and propositions as to the operation of this system are deeply appreciated and should be sent to info_phone@

Lost&found office

Phone: (+380 44) 281 74 98, (+380 44) 281 75 39

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Kiev - Airport Facilities


Terminal "A" serves passengers traveling within bounds of Ukraine. In the terminal there are comfortable waiting room (first floor), toilet (ground floor), currency exchange points, domestic flights information desk and airline offices. Cozy cafes and car park are located close to terminal "A".


Please note that the security screening procedure for passengers departing from Terminal B (International flights) has been changed.

Security checkpoints are now located in the Departure Hall directly in front of the gates.

After passing through Passport Control, passengers should wait in the Departure Hall until their flight is called and they are instructed to go to the security checkpoints at the appropriate gate. Once these checks are completed passengers can proceed to the waiting area before boarding the plane.

To avoid flight delays passengers are strongly advised to come to security checkpoints in advance.

Terminal "B" serves passengers from foreign flights. In the terminal there are varieties of shops, cafe and bars, offices of airlines, travel agencies and banks, business center and Internet access, luggage facilities. Duty-free shops and restaurant are located on the first floor.


Terminal "C" serves VIP passengers. Terminal is located to the right from terminal "B". There is car park close to the terminal. In the VIP terminal at your disposal there are cozy lounges, telecommunication facilities, conference and banquet rooms. High level of servicing, kindness to client's wishes and benevolence are guaranteed.


Shops, cafes, bars, restaurants

several cafes, two Irish pubs and restaurant (first floor) are located in the terminal "B" there are several duty free shops in the waiting room (first floor) throughout the airport there are a lot of news-stalls and souvenir outlets clothes, perfumery, souvenirs, haberdasheries are available in the shops located in waiting room (terminal "B") there are several cozy cafes close to airport's building

Left luggage desk

There is a left luggage desk situated on the zero level of the terminal "B". Open 24 hours a day, no breaks or weekends.

Luggage packing

Luggage packing desk is located in the check-in area. Different types of luggage (hand luggage, suitcase) requires particular materials to wrap in.

Bank offices, ATM

Bank offices and currency exchange points fulfill operations with credit cards and traveler's check. There are several ATMs available at airport.


VIP-servicing is first class servicing of individual passengers comprising the full range of services:

meeting passengers near the ladder of the airplane or boarding accompanied by highly qualified specialists; quick passport and customs supervision via specially equipped points on terminal C; the transportation of passengers by individual comfortable transport etc.


Taxi order desks are located to the left from main entrance of "B" terminal. Open: 24 hours a day.

Air tickets

Leading airlines' offices are located in the right department of "B" terminal. Here you may ask for competent advices or buy air ticket to any flight.

Travel agencies

A full travel agency service is available at airport. Travel agencies' representatives offer you tours through Ukraine and abroad.


Flowers and bouquets are available in flower-seller outlet located in the terminal "B".

Luggage handcarts

To manage with your weighty luggage use convenient luggage handcarts, free use.

There are a mother's room and baby change tables in terminal "B".

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Kiev - Conference Facilities

Conference hall

Conference and banqueting facilities are available at airport. Airport Business hall consists of executive lounge and conference hall. Apart from the bar, you can also use the fax, computer, phone and video.

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Kiev - Handicapped Facilities

For the passengers with special needs:

special wheelchairs; elevators; special equipped buses "Neoplan"; special toilets (WC).

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Kiev - Wireless Lan

No WiFi

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Kiev - Hotels

Hotel of the airport

Airport Hotel Boryspil *** is near to the "B" Terminal, and provides the option of accommodation directly at the airport.

In 2000 the hotel received the Certificate of Conformance. It means that the equipment of hotel, the level of services...

Boryspil Airport Hotel is a place where you are most likely to feel Home Comfort at the Cross airlines. Advantageous location together with high standards of service makes it extremely attractive for various groups of visitors - tourists, businessmen and other guests willing to get real Slavonic hospitality.

In 2000 Airport Hotel was certificated as a "three star hotel". Each room is equipped with all conveniences that our Guest may need to relax after a long trip, to restore his physical and mental resources.

Our Guests are offered standard Single and Double rooms, Superior Rooms, two-room Apartment.

As we are aimed at meeting the needs of various groups of Guests, we are kindly offering: Specially equipped Superior Room for disabled, located on the first floor of the hotel; Mother-and-child room offered for 6 hours term use for parents travelling with children under 6 years of age. There is an infant bed inthe room; game room and kitchen are proposed for additional use. Payment is carried out by the hour if Client has got all necessary papers, which he is expected to receive from administrator in the Terminal B (International Terminal) on arrival. Conference-room and Business-room, equipped with modern facilities, with Internet access being available. Breakfast, included to the accommodation rate and starting from 7 a. m. It is served in Olga Restaurant which neighbors to the hotel and connected with it by the covered passage. Having visited Olga Restaurant, you are most likely to be impressed by great variety of dishes and drinks. Room service of the restaurant is available up to 11 p. m. You can place an order for seats and meal by phone (+380 44) 281 79 95. 24 hours free shuttle bus on route Hotel - Boryspil International Airport Terminals - Hotel.

Looking forward to welcome You in Boryspil Airport Hotel!

Contact us for any additional

information and booking: (+380 44) 281 71 05

(+380 44) 490 99 35

Boryspil hotel

March 2004 new airport hotel was opened in Boryspil.

It is located in a quiet district of Boryspil, at the distance of 9 km from airport, 18 km from Kyiv and 34 km from central railway station. There are 60 comfortable suites at the hotel. Tall suites are equipped with all necessary domestic appliances: TV set, refrigerator, electric kettle, air-conditioner.

You will have a wonderful rest time in our cozy and comfortable suites!

Services in the hotel

Paid services list:

Dwelling Room reservation Laundry service Cafe

Additional free services list:

Use of first-aid set and ambulance call Confirmation of reservation by fax Use of check-room Use of safe in a suite on demand Shuttle connection between terminals and hotel Taxi order Awakening for morning flights Use of hair-drier and flat-iron Providing data for dwellers and those who wish stay in the hotel Providing extra plates and bedding Providing suites with different disposable things such as tea, coffee, sugar, soap, shampoo and so on.


There is bus stop of "Boryspil-Kyiv" rout not far from the hotel.

Address: 3 Frenkl St., Boryspil, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08300.

Phones for information

and room booking: (+380 44) 281 73 76

Fax: (+380 44) 281 76 79

E-mail for room booking: bory_hotel@

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Kiev - News Update



Upgrading of airport workers skills on passenger handling with reduced mobility.

On November 6, 2006 modular course "Methods of moving and assistance to persons with reduced mobility" started at State Enterprise "Boryspil International Airport". The airport staff dealing with passengers with reduced mobility was trained within social company "Comfortable place for everyone".

Since September 2004 Kyiv City Center on social services for family, children and youth held a social event and since January 2005 this event became Pan-Ukrainian.

Since November 6 modular training courses have been started for city transport staff. The airport workers were the first who were trained.

On November 9 demonstration training course was conducted and followed by excursion at the Terminal B of the airport, and by a conference for representatives of Kyiv City Center on social services for family, children and youth that took place at the hall of Terminal C.

At the conference Sergiy V. Galin, Chief of Terminal Complex, and Volodymyr M. Korshunov, Deputy Director on Ground Handling, informed participants that Boryspil International Airport possesses all necessary facilities for passengers with reduced mobility: passenger loading bridges, ambulifts, wheelchairs, two lifts, parking, ramps, convenient low height of the window in the information desk, immigration service desks, check-in desks, toilet facilities and passenger escort to the boarding gates. A group of terminal assistants consists of 18 persons working for 24 hours a day. Every member of Boryspil International Airport tries to do his/her best in passenger handling without any exception. It is one more step to the democratic and equitable society.

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Showers late. Mostly cloudy. Extremely hot.
Chance of Precip.: 45 %
Wind: NNW 8 km/h

Afternoon clouds. Extremely hot.

Afternoon clouds. Extremely hot.
Chance of Precip.: 39 %
Wind: WNW 15 km/h

Thundershowers. Mostly cloudy. Hot.

Thundershowers. Mostly cloudy. Hot.
Chance of Precip.: 52 %
Wind: NNW 21 km/h

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