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From Our Budapest Flights Guide: Airport Facilities

Children travelling alone

Children of age 6 to 12 years may travel as ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ (UM). This intention should be reported at booking and the airlines will provide detailed information on the costs of this service. The lower and upper age limit might vary by airlines.Children are guided and assisted by ground and air stewardesses during journey. Parents (relatives) may accompany the child to ticketing where an UM form should be completed for the journey. The form should indicate the following information: the particulars and contact data (phone number) of the person(s) assisting the child at departure (normally the parent(s)), the particulars of the child(ren), the route, the particulars of the person who receives the child(ren) at destination. After ticketing, the child(ren) will be escorted by a ground stewardess to the boarding gate, guided to the board, and handed over to the air stewardess. The parent (relative) assisting at departure should wait until the craft takes off. Upon arrival, the child is awaited at the aircraft’s door, escorted through passport control, assisted in handing over baggage, and handed over to the person indicated on the UM form, who should certify his/her identity. Attention! It is a strict rule that the child should not be handed over to any other person. Both ground and air stewardesses pay distinguished care of children travelling as UMs.

Travelling with a baby

Children under the age of 2 years may travel only with their parent(s) (escort(s)). They do not need a separate seat so their ticket is discounted. Parents may use the baby-carriage until boarding if it is carried with them. You may apply for a cradle (on certain craft types) and special food for the baby.

Special menus

You may ask for special food (e.g. vegetarian, milk-sensitive, kosher etc.) simultaneously with booking provided that it is 24 hours before departure. However, there are such special menus which should be ordered earlier. It is advisable to inquire when booking whether the airline concerned provides catering free of charge because it occurs more and more frequently that it may be used at one’s own cost.



Visit our Travel Value/Duty Free Shops in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2A and 2B.


Budapest Ferihegy International Airport Terminal 1

Phone: 00-36-1-297-3531

HUGO BOSS - Terminal 2B Gate 13

Please visit our Hugo Boss shop at Ferihegy Airport in Budapest! Come and see our fashionable, high-quality menswear collection, at terminal 2B opposite gate 13, or at terminal 2A in the accessories shop!

FREY WILLE - 2B Terminal Gate 13-14

The artistically renowned enamel jewelry company FREY WILLE introduces a new line of ‘Gavroche‘ scarves in trendy colors and exclusive designs to complement its wide selection of silk scarves and jewelry products.



Visit us in Caffe Brio (Ferihegy 1), and try our tasty products!

You can find us between gates 5 and 6 in the transit area.

We offer:

- strawberry and banana milkshake,

- creamy Italian Manuel coffees, teas and hot chocolate, in many flavours,

- cottage cheese yoghurt, salads, cakes,

- Szamos marzipan products, muffins, baby food,

- drinks in many choices,

- daily offers of ciabattas, paninis, and baguettes.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Here you can find all you like. (soups, salads, meats, vegetables)

CAFE RITAZZA - 2B Terminal

CAFETERIA FRANZ - 2B Terminal Arrival

ALFREDO'S CAFE - 2A Terminal Departure

FOOD COURT - 2B Terminal, Transit area

CASINO AVIATOR: Budapest Airport Ferihegy, Terminal 2B - Departures Gate 11

PLAYERSROOM FASHION & SPORT: located in Terminal 1.

FILA SPORT SHOP: located in Terminal 2B at Gate 18

BUDAPEST CARD: Budapest Card on sale at tourist information offices at Terminal 1, 2A, 2B.

Banking facilities and a exchange office are available.

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Current weather in
Morning clouds. Cool.

Morning clouds. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 13 %
Wind: W 15 km/h

Showers late. Morning clouds. Mild.

Showers late. Morning clouds. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 52 %
Wind: SSW 29 km/h

Afternoon clouds. Mild.

Afternoon clouds. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 13 %
Wind: SSW 24 km/h

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