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From Our Cairo Flights Guide: Airport Facilities

Major Restaurants

Back again!!! Refurbishment & operation of the 1960's famous stereo restaurant with an area of 792 m2 for passengers, greeters or simply guests.

Enjoy our impeccable service, gourmet food whilst surrounded by the music played on the piano live.

Café Ritazza

The first opening for Louis Catering Co. here at CAI. Located at the Terminal 1's new International Arrival Hall 3, Café Ritazza would serve both the arriving passengers and meeters. The Café offers quality products ranging from different gourmet sandwiches and desert items; cakes, pastry& cookies, drinks, coffee & fresh juices etc.


Banks Available at Terminal Building 1,Terminal Building 2

Nile Bank.

Misr Bank.

Banque du Caire.

National Bank of Egypt.

Commercial International Bank CIB.

Thomas Cook Bank.

Bank of Alexandria.

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

Commercial International Bank CIB.

Banque du Caire.

National Bank of Egypt.

Misr Bank MB.

Hong Kong shangahai banking corp. HSBC.

Arab banking corporation ABC.

Arab Bank( Exchange).

Communication Companies


(mobile phones support station)

TB1, TB2


(mobile phones support station)

TB1, TB2

Smart Card Telephone cabins

Nile co. communications Smart card cabins .

Menatel communications Smart card cabins .

Internet Cafe (TB1 Departure Hall).

Internet Cafe's

In Terminal Building 1, Departure Hall 1, you will find an internet cafe, where you can browse the internet, check your email, or even visit our website.


VIP Lounge

An exquisite lounge, ideal for our VIP guests, for their quietness, privacy & impeccable service.

English Lounge

An exquisitely comfortable Lounge with immaculate service, for our passengers' utmost comfort & relaxation, given the perfect ambience, and delicious dishes prepared by our skilled chefs.

French Lounge

Enjoy our terminal views from where you are seated whilst experiencing the best French cuisine has to offer or just sit down relax and take a drink.

Italian Lounge

Taste the best Italian connoisseur food in a perfect place at any given hour. We promise you a delightful time, while waiting for your flight.

American Lounge

Our new special lounge is located at a central point, where you can enjoy a drink while having a view of the entire transit hall, airside view, in addition to the best American food lovers menu offered.

Egyptian Lounge (opening soon..)

Feel the essence of Egypt in the entire surrounding, where the simplicity and ancestry, savor our delicious dishes, or simply relax in a comfortable atmosphere.


Pharmacies in Terminal 1, 2

Dr. Vivian Pharmacy (TB1)

Dr. Samy Farid Pharmacy (TB2)

Emergency procedures sector.

First Aid.

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Sunny. Hot.
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Sunny. Hot.

Sunny. Hot.
Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Wind: SW 13 km/h

Sunny. Extremely hot.

Sunny. Extremely hot.
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