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From Our Frankfurt Flights Guide: Public Transport


Way to/from the terminal

Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations

The long-distance railway station is at the AIRail Terminal, right next to Terminal 1. Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 4 to 7.

In addition, there is a local railway station for S-Bahn, regional and local trains at Terminal 1, Level 1. Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 1 to 3.

Both railway stations are linked to Terminal 2 via buses and the Sky Line. This is how you get there

From the platform (Level 0, Area B) go one floor higher up, following signs to Terminal 2. When in Area B or C, get on a free Shuttle Bus to Terminal 2. The service runs between 05:00 and 03:00 hrs (5am to 3am). Alternatively, follow signs to the Sky Line in Hall B. This service to Terminal 2 runs at 2-minute intervals.

Important: You are not permitted to take trolleys onto a Sky Line train.

AiRail Service

AIRail Service to Cologne and Stuttgart

The AIRail Service is a trend-setting joint-venture intermodal service offered by the AIRail partners Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail) and Frankfurt Airport.


from / to

Köln Hbf / Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport / Köln Hbf

Stuttgart Hbf / Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport / Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof

Seamless Transfer between the train and the plane

The service allows you to check-in for your Lufthansa flight directly at the central train stations of Cologne or Stuttgart. The Lufthansa check-in desks are signposted and easy to find. You check in your flight baggage just like you would at the airport and receive the boarding pass for your flight . All flight baggage will be checked through to your final destination. Baggage may also be checked in the night before your flight. Check-in deadline is 20 minutes before departure of your ICE train to Frankfurt Airport.

It goes without saying that this service operates in either direction. Upon your return, you do not have to reclaim your baggage before you have reached Cologne or Stuttgart, respectively. That is also where customs control will take place.

Service frequencies and travel times

Travel time between Cologne central station and the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport is only 57 minutes, and between Stuttgart central station and Frankfurt Airport 73 minutes. With 16 daily ICE-train connections from Cologne and 7 daily connections from Stuttgart, there is a well-timed feeder service for practically every international Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt Airport.

AIRail passengers have reserved seats on the ICE train. Passengers flying first or business class travel first class and passengers flying economy class travel second class on the train.

Easy booking

You can book the AIRail Service worldwide directly with any travel agent who is an authorized Lufthansa agent.

Or simply call the Lufthansa Call Center at telephone: +49 (0) 1803 803803.


Way to/from the terminal

Buses arrive at Terminal 1 at the bus stop in front of the Arrivals halls and at Terminal 2 on Level 2 in front of the Arrivals and Departures halls. Please note that only buses nos. 61, 68, 73 to Kelsterbach and no. 975 travel to Terminal 2. All other buses stop at Terminal 1 only.

If you arrive at Terminal 1 and are travelling on by bus, first pick up any baggage you may have in Arrivals, then simply leave the Terminal. The bus station is directly opposite the exit. If you arrive at Terminal 2 and your bus leaves at Terminal 1, follow the signs for "Terminal 1 via Sky Line". Sky Line, the free shuttle train connecting Terminals 1 and 2, will take you to Terminal 1. In Terminal 1, first follow the "Exit" signs until you reach the Departures level. Then, go down one level towards "Arrivals". Leave the Terminal on the Arrivals level. The bus station is directly opposite the exit.

Local bus links

A number of different bus services are available to and from the airport. There are bus stops outside Terminal 1, at the Arrivals Level, and outside Terminal 2, at Level 2. Please note that buses nos. OF-51, OF- 64 and 73 (to Kelsterbach), 5514 to Walldorf-Mörfelden, Darmstadt, 900 (to Obertshausen) and 62 (to Schwanheim) serve Terminal 2. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver.

Bus services are available between the airport and the following cities. To find out about bus stops and departure times at the airport, click on a city.

For bus links and departure times to the airport, please refer to the Timetable Information.

Timetable for buses

Stop Bus-

Nr. Destination Frequency Telephone

14 AIR Darmstadt

"Airliner" daily 4.59 AM - 10.59 PM,

every 30 - 60 minutes 06151/70 94

14 975 Rüsselsheim Mo-Fr 6.20 AM - 10.20

PM, every hour,

Sa. 6.20 AM - 4.20 PM

every hour and 10.20

PM 069/26 943 25

17 61 Frankfurt-

Südbahnhof Mo-Su 5.45 AM - 8.45 PM

+ 9.13 PM - 11.43 PM,

every 30 minutes 069/26 943 25

17 58 F- Höchst


Eschborn Mo-Sa, differently

successions 069/26 943 25

Term.2 OF-51 Gravenburg Mo-Fr 5.48 AM + 6.40

AM - 8:40 PM, every


Sa 5.48 AM + 6.40 AM -

4:40 PM + 5:44 PM - 6.44

PM, every hour 069/26 943 25

18 OF-64 Neu-Isenburg/


Buchschlag Mo-Fr 5.42 AM - 0.42

AM, every 10 - 30


Su and holidays . 5.42

AM - 0.46 AM, every 30 -

60 minutes 069/26 943 25

18 900 Obertshausen

Bahnhof Mo-Fr 5.44 AM - 0.16

AM, every 30 - 60


Sa, Su and holidays .

6.16 AM - 0.16 AM,

every hour 069/26 943 25

19 62 Schwanheim Mo-Fr 6.16 AM - 8.16 AM

+ 2:16 PM - 7.16 PM,

every hour + 10.16 PM

Sa, Su and holidays 6.16

AM, 7.16 AM, 2:16 AM,

10:16 PM 069/26 943 25

19 73 Kelsterbach Mo-Sa 5.32 AM - 8.32

PM, every hour

Su and holidays 6.32 AM

- 10.32 AM + 1.32 PM -

6.32 PM, every hour 069/26 943 25

20 5514 Walldorf-



daily 6.10 AM - 10.10 PM,

every 30 - 60 minutes +

11.20 PM

+ Mo-Fr 0.20 AM 06105/2 56 70

Airline Shuttles

The Shuttle Bus Service

Lufthansa buses depart from Terminal 1, outside Arrivals Hall B. You can obtain tickets from Lufthansa, from a Lufthansa travel agent or straight from the bus driver.

More information on Lufthansa Airport Buses

Hotel Shuttles

Many hotels around Frankfurt Airport provide a free shuttle service.

Bus stops are outside the Arrivals Hall, Area A, at Terminal 1, and outside the Check-in Hall, Area E at Terminal 2. They also have direct telephone links to the hotels.

Hotel Shuttle service/

intervals Distance from


Achat Mon-Fr 6.00 - 22.30 hrs, every 30 min.

Sat/Sun 7.00 - 21.00, every 60 min. 10 km (6 miles)


Domizil Mon-Sun 6.00 - 22.00 hrs

upon request 7 km (4½ miles)



Walldorf Mon-Sun 5.45 - 23.45 hrs

Every 30 min. 2 km (1¼ miles)

nh Rhein-


Raunheim Mon-Sun 6.00 - 23.30 hrs

Every 30 min. 2 km (1¼ miles)

nh Kelsterbach Mon-Sun 05.00 - 24.00 hrs Every 20 min.

Best Western

Wings Mon-Sun 6.35 - 22.30 hrs

hourly 12 km (7 miles)


Inn/Feger Mon-Sun 8.00 - 22.00 hrs

upon request 2 km (1¼ miles)

Holiday Inn

Frankfurt Mon-Fri 6.00 - 14.00 hrs & 16.00 -

22.00 hrs

Sat/Sun 8.00 - 14.00 hrs 15 km (9½ miles)

Kempinski Mon-Sun 6.30 – 23.00 15 km (9½ miles)

Maxx Mon-Fri 6.00 - 22.30 hrs

Sat/Sun 7.00 - 22.00 hrs 15 km (9½ miles)


Airport Mon-Sun 6.00 - 23.00 hrs

every 25-30 min. 5 km (3 miles)

Queens Mon-Sun 5.00 - 22.30 hrs

hourly 8 km (5 miles)


Caravelle Mon-Sun 6.00 - 22.00 hrs

After 22:00 hrs: upon request 10 km (6 miles)


Airport Hotel

Frankfurt Mon-Sun 24 hours a day

every 20 minutes -


Frankfurt Airport Mon-Sun 5.00 - 01.00 hrs

every 30 minutes 3.9 km (2.4 miles)


Maxx Hotel

Langen Mon-Fri 6.00 - 22.30 hrs, every 30


Sat/Sun 7.00 - 21.30 hrs, every 60

min. 23 km (14 miles)

Top Post Mon-Sun 7.00 - 22.00 hrs

upon request 7 km (4¼ miles)


To and from the center of Frankfurt

A large number of taxis are available at both terminals and round the clock. A trip to/from the center of Frankfurt costs about 20 euros and takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. If you travel to Frankfurt Airport by taxi, simply tell the driver the name of your airline. The taxi driver knows his way round and will "automatically" take you to the right terminal and put you down near your check-in desk.

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Increasing cloudiness. Mild.

Increasing cloudiness. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Wind: NW 15 km/h

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Light showers. Clearing skies. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 49 %
Wind: WNW 22 km/h

Morning clouds. Mild.

Morning clouds. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 2 %
Wind: NNW 13 km/h

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