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This fare display is useful for identifying general travel periods when cheap flights to Hong Kong (from Charleston) might be available, and to provide you with insight on how airlines structure their fares based on travel seasons. We suggest you avoid searching for cheap flights with departures close to major holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, etc. Even though airlines might publish low fares for travel around holidays, such fares are very rarely available for purchase, because airlines try to sell significantly more expensive fares first before releasing the remaining cheap seats, if any, at the very last minute

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From Our Hong Kong Flights Guide: Intra Terminal Transfer

Intra Terminal Transfer

An internal shuttle train runs between the east and west halls of the terminal building from the central concourse basement free of charge.

Automated People Mover

The Automated People Mover (APM), a driverless electric train, is located at basement level of the passenger terminal building. It travels the length of the 750-metre concourse between the East Hall and West Hall on a circular mode. At a speed of 62 km per hour, each APM carries 304 passengers in four cars. The APM operates every 1.5 minutes from 0600 to 2400 hours everyday. It transports passengers whose flights are located at the West Hall, Southwest and Northwest concourses.

Location Service Hour

Central Concourse Basement 0600 - 2400

Electric Vehicles

There are 12 electric vehicles that operate in the restricted area of the Arrivals and Departures Levels to carry passengers to aircraft gates. Provision of such service can be made at the discretion of airlines or alternatively at a fee to be made payable directly by passengers to the operator Worldwide Flight Services Holding S.A.

Location Telephone Service Hour

Level 6 Departures East Hall 2261 2727 0600 - 2400

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Current weather in
Hong Kong
Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.

Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 72 %
Wind: ENE 46 km/h

Flash floods. Overcast. Warm.

Flash floods. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 97 %
Wind: SE 41 km/h

Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.

Thunderstorms. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 92 %
Wind: SSE 29 km/h

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