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From Our Hong Kong Flights Guide: Public Transport

Public Transport

Airport Express:

Airport Express is a dedicated airport railway providing fast and reliable service to the passengers. The operating hours are 0550 to 0115 daily. (last train departs from Airport and Hong Kong Stations at 0048 hour) Trains run at 12-minute intervals. The journey time between Airport and downtown is about 24 minutes.

Passenger can take MTR (Airport Express Line) from Airport to Tsing Yi Station and interchange MTR (Tung Chung Line) to Sunny Bay Station to take the Disneyland Resort Line to gain access to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Free services of In-town Check-in* and scheduled shuttle bus are available at Hong Kong and Kowloon stations for Airport Express passengers. Passengers can check-in and collect their boarding passes from one day in advance up to 90 minutes before take-off. They can take the shuttle bus to and from major hotels plus key transport interchanges at these stations. Furthermore, free porter service is available at all Airport Express stations to help carry Airport Express passengers' luggage.

Free Airport Express Shuttle Bus Service

Scheduled shuttle bus leaves Hong Kong and Kowloon stations everyday. It takes Airport Express passengers to and from major hotels plus key transport interchanges. All intending bus passengers will be asked to provide proof of eligibility before boarding. Accepted documentation includes Airport Express ticket (Single Journey, Same Day Return, Round Trip, Airport Express Tourist Octopus Card), airline ticket / boarding pass, Airport Staff Octopus Card, AsiaWorld-Expo entry pass or event ticket.

Bus Services:

Routes Destination Operating Hours Fare (HK$) Service provider Remarks

"A" Routes - Airbus Services

A10 Ap Lei Chau Est. 0650 - 0020 48 Citybus

A11 North Point Ferry Pier 0610 - 0100 40 Citybus

A12 Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) 0600 - 0010 45 Citybus

A21 Hung Hom KCR Station 0600 - 2400 33 Citybus

A22 Lam Tin MTR Station 0600 - 0050 39 Citybus

A31 Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) 0600 - 2400 17 Long Win

A33 Tuen Mun (Fu Tai) 1730 / 1830 / 1930 * 25 Long Win *3 departures daily

A41 Sha Tin (Yu Chui Court) 0600 - 2400 20 Long Win

A41P Ma On Shan (Yiu On) 0705 - 2400 25 Long Win

A43 Fanling (Luen Wo Hui) 0700 - 2400 28 Long Win

A35 Mui Wo 0630 - 0025 14/23 * New Lantao *(Mon-Sat) 14,

(Sun & PH) 23

"E" Routes - External Bus Services

E11 Tin Hau MTR Station 0520 - 2400 21 Citybus

E21 Tai Kok Tsui (Island Harbourview) 0530 - 2400 14 * Citybus *Short-distance section fare to Cargo Area is $4.

E22 Lam Tin (North) 0530 - 2400 18 Citybus

E22A Tsueng Kwan O (Po Lam) 0700 - 2350 24 Citybus

E22B Tsueng Kwan O (Po Lam) 1745 / 1815 * 24 Citybus *2 departures daily


E22P Yau Tong 1735 / 1757 / 1805 / 1820 * 18 Citybus *4 departures daily


E23 Choi Hung 0530 - 2400 18 Citybus

E23P Ground Transportation Centre 0715 * 18 Citybus *1 departure daily (Mon-Fri) 0715 (from Choi Hung)

E32 Kwai Fong MTR Station 0530 - 2400 10 Long Win

E33 Tuen Mun (Central) 0530 - 2400 13 Long Win

E34 Tin Shui Wai Town Centre 0530 - 2400 13 Long Win

E41 Tai Po Tau 0530 - 2400 13 Long Win

E42 Sha Tin (Pok Hong) 0530 - 2400 13 Long Win

Passenger may transfer route E11, E21, E22, E22A, E22B, E22P and E32 in the Cheong Tat Road (outside Car Park 1) to go to the AsiaWorld-Expo.

"N" Routes - Overnight Bus Services

N11 Central (Macau Ferry Pier) 0050 - 0450 31 Citybus

N21 Tsim Sha Tsui (Star Ferry Pier) 0020 - 0500 23 Citybus

N23 Tsz Wan Shan (North) 0015 / 0110 * 23 Citybus *2 departures daily (from Tung Chung)

N26 Yau Tong 0020 * 23 Citybus *1 departure daily (from Tung Chung)

N29 Tseung Kwan O (Po Lam) 0015 / 0110 * 24 Citybus *2 departures daily (from Tung Chung)

N30 Yuen Long (East) 0020 / 0110 * 26 Long Win *2 departures daily (from Tung Chung)

N31 Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) 0020 - 0500 20 Long Win

N35 Mui Wo 0130 / 0300 / 0500 * 20/30 ** New Lantao *3 departures daily

(Mon-Sat) 20,

(Sun & PH)30

N42 Ma On Shan (Yiu On) 0020 * 25 Long Win *1 departure daily (from Tung Chung)

N42A Fanling (Luen Wo Hui) 0020 * 28 Long Win *1 departure daily (from Tung Chung)

"S" Routes - Shuttle Bus to Airport

S1 Tung Chung MTR Station to Passenger Terminal (via AsiaWorld-Expo) * 0530 - 2400 3.5 Citybus / Long Win *Circular

S52 Tung Chung Yat Tung (via MTR Station) to Aircraft Maintenance Area 0528 - 2328 / 0550 - 2350 * 4 Citybus *0528 - 2328 (from Tung Chung), 0550 - 2350 (from Maintenance Area)

S52P Tung Chung Yat Tung (via MTR Station) to Asia Airfreight Terminal * 0716 - 0856 ** 3 Citybus *Circular

N/A on Sun & PH

S56 Tung Chung New Development Ferry Pier (via Tung Chung North) to Passenger Terminal * 0600 - 2320 3.5 Citybus *Circular

S64 Tung Chung Yat Tung (via MTR Station) to Passenger Terminal * 0525 - 2400 3.5 ** Long Win *Circular

Short-distance fare from CX City to Yat Tung Estate is $3.

S64P Tung Chung MTR Station (via Tung Chung New Development Ferry Pier) to Cargo & Catering Area * 0555 - 2315 3.5 ** Long Win *Circular

Short-distance fare from CX City to Yat Tung Estate is $3.

"R" Routes

R8 Lantau Link Toll Plaza (via Inspiration LakeЁ^ to Hong Kong Disneyland * 0600 - 2400 7 Citybus / Long Win *Circular

Passenger can take any A or E routes to the Lantau Link Toll Plaza and interchange for Route R8 to Hong Kong Disneyland.

"DB" Routes - Discovery Bay Airbus Services

DB02R Discovery Bay to Passenger Terminal 24 hours 28 DB Transit


Taxi stands are located on the north side of the Ground Transportation Centre (the left-hand ramp if you are leaving from the Arrivals Hall). Separate aisles are designated for different taxis:

Urban taxis (red) serve all destinations throughout Hong Kong including the airport except Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau. New Territories taxis (green) serve only the New Territories and specified roads on Lantau and the airport for access to/from the Ground Transportation Centre. Lantau taxis (blue) serve all destinations in Lantau and the airport.

Taxi passengers using the Lantau Link are required to pay an additional toll fare of HK$30 irrespective of the direction of travel, and additional fares are also charged for using toll tunnels. Taxi access to Discovery Bay is not allowed.

Taxi Fare (Approx. fare)

Destination Taxi fare (HK$)

(inclusive of bridge/tunnel toll where applicable)

Urban (red) New Territories (green) Lantau (blue)

Hong Kong Island

Central (City Hall) 340 - -

Causeway Bay (Sogo) 340 - -

Aberdeen (Aberdeen Centre) 380 - -


Tsim Sha Tsui (Star Ferry) 270 - -

Kwun Tong (MTR Station) 320 - -

New Territories

Shatin (Shatin New Town Plaza) 300 - -

Tsuen Wan (MTR Station) 235 200 -

Yuen Long (Yuen Long Centre) 300 270 -

Sai Kung Pier 370 355 -

Sheung Shui 380 320 -


Tung Chung 40 - 30

Mui Wo (Ferry Pier) - - 130

Hong Kong Disneyland 120 100 100

AsiaWorld-Expo 15 - 12

Limousine Services

Limousine Service counters are found at the Arrivals Hall and the Limousine Lounge.

Service Provider // Location // Telephone // Fax

Intercontinental Hire Car Ltd. // Arrivals Hall Counter A01, B01 // 2261 2155/2261 2188 // 2261 2020

Parklane Limousine Service Ltd. // Arrivals Hall Counter A16, B16 // 2261 0303/2261 0728 // 2261 0298


The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Accessible Transport and Travel Services for People with Mobility Difficulties


The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation was founded in 1959. Our mission is to play a proactive and pioneering role in building a caring and equal society for people with and without disability through the provision of quality rehabilitation services and advocacy for equal opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in society.

To enable people with disability and the elderly to have easy access to schools, workplaces, hospitals and clinics as well as sight-seeing spots, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation has established ЁЇRehabusЁЈ (1978), ЁЇEasy-Access Transport Service LtdЁЈ (2001), and ЁЇEasy-Access Travel Ltd.ЁЈ (2003). The aim is to provide accessible transportation and travel to those who find it impossible or difficult to use public means.

Scope of Services

Rehabus has a fleet of over 90 vehicles of different model types with 12 to 30 seaters and special seating arrangements for wheelchair users. Rehabus is equipped with hydraulic tail lift, safety seat belt, wheelchair restraint system and handrails to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for its passengers. It obtained the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate in 2003.

Rehabus's mode of operations includes Dial-a-ride Service, Scheduled Route Service, Pooled Dial-a-ride Service and Feeder Service. These services can be booked through advance orders.

Overseas Visitors

Visitors from overseas (non Hong Kong residents) with mobility problems who need our transportation and travel services, e.g. traveling between the airport and hotel, and sightseeing, can book our accessible bus services in advance.


Service Hotline Tel. No. [local toll-free]

~for Hong Kong residents: (852) 2817 8154

~for overseas visitors: (852) 8100 8655

Office Hours (Hong Kong local time): 0900 - 1700

After Office Hours: Calls will be re-directed to Paging Service Centre. Please leave your contact number and enquiry.

Fax No.: (852) 2855 7106 Website:" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Email: rehabus@

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Current weather in
Hong Kong
Cloudy. Warm.

Cloudy. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 21 %
Wind: SSE 13 km/h

Isolated tstorms late. Overcast. Warm.

Isolated tstorms late. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 41 %
Wind: SE 18 km/h

Thundershowers. Overcast. Warm.

Thundershowers. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 59 %
Wind: ESE 18 km/h

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