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From Our Johannesburg Flights Guide: Airport Facilities

Airport Facilities


There is a luggage-storage depot on the upper level of the underground parkade, near the main lift lobby in International Arrivals. You may leave any baggage at a cost of R50.00 per item for the first day and R40.00 per item every day thereafter. Mastercard and Visa accepted. Open 24 hours 7 days a week.

The Excess Baggage Corporation of South Africa

This company, a division of Deeken Services, handles unaccompanied baggage.

Quotations and Administration:


Tel: +27 11 390 1804

Fax: +27 11 390 1804

e-mail: gary.ferreira @



There are branches of Nedbank and ABSA on the mezzanine level of the public concourse in International Arrivals.

Automated teller machines (ATMs)

ATMs can be found in:

the public concourse of International Arrivals; and level 1 of the shopping concourse in the Domestic Terminal.

Foreign exchange

The foreign-exchange outlets of ABSA bank, American Express, Rennies and Master Currency are all in the public concourse of the International Arrivals hall. ABSA also has an outlet in the holding lounge of International Departures, but this is not for the use of South Africans.


The airport has a chapel and a prayer area for Muslim passengers.


Airport Online, which offers Internet access, has one branch in International Departures and two in the Domestic Terminal. One of these, which is open to the general public, is near the ATMs in the shopping area. The second, for use by passengers only, is between the main security point and the boarding gates.

International Departures also offers a wireless option, which allows laptop users with wireless cards to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the departures lounge - even from most terminal.


The Airport Medical Clinic offers emergency treatment 24 hours a day, as well as:

quick care and casualties; general practitioners; travel vaccinations; malaria prophylaxis; aviation medicals; obesity treatment; Botox treatments; acupuncture; a dentist; an optician; a gynaecologist; a physiotherapist; executive and employment medicals; counselling to combat stress and to stop smoking; ECGs; and hearing, pregnancy and cholesterol tests

Airport Medical Clinic

Tel: +27 (0)11 921 6609

Hotline: +27(0) 82 262 1490



ORTIA offers full portage services, so ensure you only use approved airport porters – who wear bright orange uniforms and navy-blue shirts, and carry ACSA permits. Porters can be found in the arrivals halls and outside the terminals in the area connecting the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal. They work exclusively for tips: a general guide is to give R5 (five South African rands) a bag.


International Departures (Passengers Only):

# Ritazza / African Lounge

# News Café

# Steers

International Terminal (Public Areas):

# Cafe di Roma

# Travellers Shebeen

# Cafe Select

# Juicy Lucy

# Nandos

# Steers


Restrooms, mothers' rooms and nappy-changing facilities are available in all terminals.


The Airport Shopping Safari website, has a guide to all of O R Tambo International Airport's shops – as well as some of their great deals and special offers.

Public area

CNA Books / Sweets from Heaven: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1115 Can Man & Other Soft Drinks: Tel +27 (0)82 442 0909 Capi International: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2349 Cosmic Candy: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2156 Flower Centre: Tel +27 (0)11 613 3988 GSM Rent a Fone: Tel +27 (0)11 394 8834 Lock-up Luggage Facility: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1804 Master Currency: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2725 Medicine Chain: Tel +27 (0)11 390 3527 Moda Exotica: Tel +27 (0)11 394 8839 M-TEL (MTN): Tel +27 (0)11 390 2234 Occhiali Eyewear: Tel +27 (0)21 421 6088 Rennies Foreign Exchange: Tel +27 (0)11 390 3788 Sneakers: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1327 Stogies: Tel +27 (0)11 788 4414 Tie Stop: Tel +27 (0)11 472 3912 Travel Snack & Biltong Shop: Tel +27 (0)12 304 1099

Restricted area

Africa Eco Big Five Duty Free Shop: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1990 CNA Books / Sweets from Heaven: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1115 Cape Union Mart: Tel +27 (0)11 390 3245 / 6 Capi International: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2349 Cosmic Candy: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2156 Derek Bauer - Kraal Kraft: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1106 Designer Labels: Tel +27 (0)11 627 2729 Ekhaya: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1951 Exclusive Books: Tel +27 (0)11 803 3773 Hugo Boss: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2781 Indaba Klein Karoo: Tel +27 (0)11 394 8839 Lacoste Makgala Jewellers: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2670 Master Currency: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2725 Music Moods: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1872 Ntinga Jewellery: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1500 Occhiali Eyewear: Tel +27 (0)11 390 3000 Out of Africa: Tel +27 (0)11 334 8883 Rockport: Tel +27 (0)31 301 3577 Select Service Partners: Tel +27 (0)11 390 2701 Sneakers: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1327 Taste of Africa Tie Stop: Tel +27 (0)11 472 3912 Timberland: Tel +27 (0)11 390 1705 Vodacom Superstore Cellphone: Tel +27 (0)11 615 1217


Public telephones

There are public telephones in all terminals. Telephone services outlets can be found in the public concourse of the International Arrivals hall and in the holding lounge of the International Departures hall.

Cellular (mobile) telephone rentals

A Vodacom Superstore, on the shopping level of the Domestic Terminal, sells cellphones, airtime top-ups and cellphone accessories.

The International Terminal boasts a number of cellphone shops and service providers.


ACSA and two partners are developing an international trade and exhibition centre on the doorstep of International Arrivals. The O R Tambo International Trade Bureau ( ORTITB) will be a permanent exhibition facility offering South African exporters unparalleled access to foreign markets.

For more information see ORTIA developments.


Baggage trolleys and full porter services are available in the demarcated areas of all airport terminals and along the drop-off zones. Visitors should only use porters who display ACSA permits and wear bright orange uniforms. A tip of R5 (five South African rands) per bag is generally recommended.


There are VAT refund desks in the public area of International Departures (for use before check-in) and in the holding lounge. You need to have all invoices stamped by customs officials (in the public concourse of the same terminal) before proceeding to the VAT refund outlet.


A Post Office is located in the International Arrivals Terminal A1.

A Postnet facility is also located on the shopping level of the Domestic Terminal.


Two public viewing decks are available at ORTIA. Terminal B (the domestic terminal) has a large viewing deck offering a 180 degree view of the airside activities. The International Terminal also has a viewing deck that is located on the fourth floor of the Northern Wing. Follow the signage from the International Arrivals and Departures escalators.

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Light rain. Partly cloudy. Pleasantly warm.
Chance of Precip.: 22 %
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Showers late. Afternoon clouds. Pleasantly warm.
Chance of Precip.: 50 %
Wind: NW 20 km/h

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