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Travel News

Lufthansa to Strike

Now here's a first. German union Verdi has called on 33,000 workers at Lufthansa to go on strike on Thursday to increase pressure on the airline in a dispute over wages and job security.

Travel Alert: Ladies Watch It In India

When I was a student in England, everyone went to India for their gap year or their summer after A Levels. It was so common, that no one batted an eye. It was also so safe that mothers and fathers didn't think twice about sending their daughters there. The trend has come here with many hippy do-gooders  wanting to go to India after graduating form some liberal arts school.  But India is not what it was.

Don't You Want to See Cuba Before It's Too Late?

With all this talk of Cuba lately, Fidel’s brother’s incredible reforms, his stepping down, I want to see it before the gates really open and the kernel of old, closed Cuba is gone forever. I am a sucker for the story of Castro and Che. Motorcycle Diaries was one of my all-time favorites. But seeing it still isn't so easy for us Americans. Take a look.


Family Travel

Luxury Travel: A New Definition

You know how we've been saying that travel is changing? Well, here's another way its changing. Besides booking for active holidays—biking, swimming, river rafting (think Australia and New Zealand—people are now booking environmentally conscious vacations that are also luxurious. And we're not just talking about  reusing their bed linen.  Over the coming years you can finally see sustainability integrated in very cool and  inventive ways. Take a look….

What Every Mom Needs to Know

This is what’s on the lips of most moms these days: How do I know what to rent this summer?
And why shouldn’t it be. House rentals are the way to go if you’re a family and even if you’re a couple, sometimes that privacy, that kitchen, that pool and housekeeping service is what couples crave most. But when you've never been to the place and have little insider information, just how do you go about finding the dream villa, or perfect city apartment that will cater to your needs?
Here's how.

Knowing When to Save and When to Spend

I recently came across an article that resonated with me. It was about our tendency—though well-founded—to put getting a good deal ahead of having a good trip. While it’s true in this economy that many of us have had to really count every extra dollar when it comes to booking a trip, what can often happen is that the trip can go bad.


Frugal Traveler

5 Ways to Beat Baggage Fees

Sick of getting gouged by airline baggage fees? With some smart planning, you can dodge many of the extra luggage costs that drive travelers nuts when booking flights.

10 Tips for Landing the Best Deal

Price Isn’t Everything. The cheapest fare available usually means the flight typically has long layovers, red eye flight times, lesser quality airlines, restricted seat options and many restrictions limiting your ability to change the ticket or obtain a refund.

How to Turn a Layover into the Best Part of Your Vacation

Don’t dread those seemingly endless layovers. With some clever vacation planning, you can use these waits to squeeze a few more destinations into your itinerary.

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