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Moscow Flights Facts

Moscow Flights Distance and Flight Time Calculator

Popular Picks:

  • New York - Moscow: 4670 miles, flight time 9 hours
  • Los Angeles - Moscow: 6090 miles, flight time 12 hours
  • Sydney - Moscow: 9020 miles, flight time 18 hours
  • Rio de Janeiro - Moscow: 7180 miles, flight time 14 hours
  • Paris - Moscow: 1550 miles, flight time 3 hours
  • Tokyo - Moscow: 4660 miles, flight time 9 hours

Moscow Highlights - From the Moscow Flights Guide

Golden domes, huge open spaces, majestic palaces and churches…Moscow will undoubtedly make you stop and stare in awe.


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Moscow - the Red Square and St. basil's Cathedral

The Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral

The Red square is a huge cobbled space in the heart of Moscow and home to city’s numerous top attractions. It used to be the place of public gatherings, festivals, government announcements and market.

St Basil’s Cathedral is the most iconic building, representing both Moscow and Russia to the rest of the world with its characteristic colorful onion-shaped domes. It was commissioned by Russian Tsar, Ivan the Terrible after winning a battle with Tartar Mongols in Kazan in 1552. The legend has it that he was so overwhelmed by the church’s beauty he had the architect blinded to prevent him from creating a rival.

Moscow - Kremlin, lavish stronghold of Russian power

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is located in the heart of Moscow, atop the Borovitsky Hill above the Moskva River. It is a fortress, surrounded by a thick red wall with 20 towers. The complex features golden-domed cathedrals, ancient palaces, museums, residences, offices, halls and monuments. It is the oldest part of Moscow, dating to 1147, when the city was founded.
The Kremlin, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, has been the stronghold of Russian political power ever since the Tsarist rule.

Moscow - The Bolshoi, city's most famous and oldest theater

Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre

The Bolshoi is Moscow’s oldest and most famous theatre, dating from 1824.
Its opera and ballet companies in residence are renowned around the world.
The building itself is a neoclassicist masterpiece. The entrance is adorned with eight pillars topped with the statue of god Apollo on a horse-drawn chariot.
The interior is richly decorated with red velvet, gold and magnificent chandeliers. Its Auditorium is the largest in the world.


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Current weather in
Moscow (MOW)
Light rain late. Overcast. Cool.

Light rain late. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 43 %
Wind: E 24 km/h

Rain early. Overcast. Cool.

Rain early. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 64 %
Wind: ENE 27 km/h

Light rain late. Overcast. Cool.

Light rain late. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 41 %
Wind: E 17 km/h

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