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Saint Petersburg Flights Facts

  • The city of Saint Petersburg is served by the following airport: Pulkovo-2 Airport (LED)
  • A total of 31 airlines operate their flights to/from Saint Petersburg. Click here for detailed airline information, including route maps, contact telephones and websites.
  • Saint Petersburg serves as a hub for the following airline: Rossiya Airlines

Saint Petersburg Flights Distance and Flight Time Calculator

Popular Picks:

  • New York - Saint Petersburg: 4280 miles, flight time 9 hours
  • Los Angeles - Saint Petersburg: 5720 miles, flight time 12 hours
  • Moscow - Saint Petersburg: 390 miles, flight time 1 hour
  • Sydney - Saint Petersburg: 9280 miles, flight time 18 hours
  • Rio de Janeiro - Saint Petersburg: 7040 miles, flight time 14 hours
  • Paris - Saint Petersburg: 1340 miles, flight time 3 hours
  • Tokyo - Saint Petersburg: 4730 miles, flight time 10 hours

Saint Petersburg Highlights - From the Saint Petersburg Flights Guide

The elegant city spreading over numerous islands in the Neva Delta, impresses with its bridges, canals, palaces, churches and squares.

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St Petersburg, the Hermitage, city's finest museum

The Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage museum is one of the world’s finest art museums, housed in a spectacular palace on the banks of the Neva River. It features over 3 million exhibits which range from ancient art to 20th century works. One of the great highlights is a collection of spectacular royal regalia made of jewels, gold and silver.
The palace itself is built in Russian Baroque style and is the most elaborate and biggest palace in the city. Formerly it served as the official residence of the Tsars.

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St. Petersburg, the Church on Spilled Blood

Nevsky Prospekt

Nevsky Prospekt is the most famous street in St. Petersburg. The 5 km long street, stretching from the historic Admiralty in the north to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, is renowned for its splendid architecture and famous former patrons, like Tchaikovsky, Gogol, Rimsky-Korsakov and Nijinsky. It represents the heart of the city and is a magnet for both locals and tourists. The street cuts through the historical part of the city and is intersected by numerous rivers and canals.
The most beautiful section is around the Griboedova Canal, where the magnificent Kazan Cathedral and the Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood are located on opposite banks.
Apart from architectural marvels the street also features the city’s finest shops and restaurants.

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St. Petersburg, St. Isaac's Cathedral with famous golden dome

St Isaac's Cathedral

St Isaac's Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the city, and was, at the time when it was built, the largest church in Russia standing at a height of 101.5 meters.
It was dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, a patron saint of Peter the Great who had been born on the feast day of that saint.
The cathedral’s golden dome dominates the city’s skyline. From the colonnade around the cupola a great panorama of the city can be seen.
Its barren neoclassical exterior gives no clue as to the richly decorated interior which features magnificent frescos, mosaics, painted ceilings, sculptures and stained glass windows.

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Early fog followed by sunny skies. Chilly.
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Chance of Precip.: 52 %
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