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Prague Flights Facts

  • The city of Prague is served by the following airport: Ruzyne (PRG)
  • A total of 45 airlines operate their flights to/from Prague. Click here for detailed airline information, including route maps, contact telephones and websites.
  • Prague serves as a hub for the following airline: Czech Airlines

Prague Flights Distance and Flight Time Calculator

Popular Picks:

  • New York - Prague: 4080 miles, flight time 8 hours
  • Los Angeles - Prague: 5960 miles, flight time 12 hours
  • Moscow - Prague: 1040 miles, flight time 3 hours
  • Sydney - Prague: 10020 miles, flight time 20 hours
  • Rio de Janeiro - Prague: 6150 miles, flight time 12 hours
  • Paris - Prague: 540 miles, flight time 2 hours
  • Tokyo - Prague: 5650 miles, flight time 11 hours

Prague Highlights - From the Prague Flights Guide

Steeped in history and culture, Prague is one of Europe’s most popular destinations.


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Prague - Hradcany castle district

Prague Castle District / Hradčany

Prague’s castle is situated on top of a cliff, overlooking the city and has a 1000-year-old history. Originally a small fortification from the 9th century, the castle is today 570 meters in length and about 130 meters in width and is known as the world’s largest ancient castle with virtually every architectural style possible. The gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, Romanesque basilica of St George, a monastery and several palaces, gardens and defense towers. The Castle district includes several museums, including the National Gallery with a beautiful collection of old Bohemian art. Behind the galley is the famous and beautiful Golden Lane, an old cobbled alley with colorful 16th century tradesmen cottages.


Prague - Charles Bridge, city's major attraction

Charles Bridge / Karluv Most

The pedestrian Charles Bridge, spanning 520 m, is Prague's number one attraction and most photographed feature of the city. Construction began in 1357, on 9th July at 5:31 am - the sequence of numbers 1357 9 7 531 was believed to ensure successful construction.
Between 1683 an 1928 the bridge was lined with 31 statues of saints. Look for a plaque near statue 16, where you can put your hand and make a wish.

Prague - St. Vitus Cathedral, the largest church in Prague

St Vitus Cathedral

The cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The foundation stone was laid in 1344 but it was only completed in 1929. Located in the third courtyard of Hradcany castle district, it is the largest church in Prague. It dominates the skyline of the city and is one of its major attractions.
Inside there are many treasures - the royal crypt houses remains of the Czech royalty, St. Wenceslas Chapel and the Coronation Chamber contains the exhibition of the Crown Jewels.

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