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Lisbon - Driving Directions

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Getting to the Airport

If you plan arriving at the airport using your own vehicle, you may use one of the following motorways, depending on your point of origin. Listed below are rudimentary directions taking you to the “2a Circular /Segunda Circular”, the Lisbon ring road that leads to the airport.

From the North: Take the A1 Motorway (from Oporto to Lisbon) to the 2a Circular;

From the Torres Vedras area: Take the A8 Motorway to the CRIL (IC-17) to the 2a Circular;

From the South (crossing the Tagus River): Take the Vasco da Gama Bridge to the 2a Circular or take the 25 de Abril Bridge to the Eixo Norte/Sul (North/South Axis) to the 2a Circular;

From Cascais/Estoril: Take the A5 Motorway to the CRIL (IC-17) to the 2a Circular;

From Sintra/Amadora: Take the IC-19 to the 2a Circular (entering from the south) or take the IC-19 to the IC-17 to the 2a Circular (entering from the north);

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Lisbon - Public Transport


Learn more about the various public transport options at your disposal for getting to and from the airport.

> Buses

Using Carris buses

Listed below are the bus route numbers with the respective names of their ‘end of the line’ terminals. The airport stop is located mid-journey for these routes.

N.o 5 - Estaçao do Oriente / Aeroporto / Areeiro – Operates only Monday to Friday

N.o 22 - Portela / Aeroporto / Marques de Pombal – Operates every day

N.o 44 - Moscavide / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré - Operates every day

N.o 45 - Prior Velho / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré - Operates every day

N.o 83 - Portela / Aeroporto / Amoreiras - Operates only Monday to Friday

The ticket may be purchased from the driver as you board the bus.

Ticket: 1.20€

Source: Carris

Using the Aerobus service

On a daily basis, buses on the no 91 route, called the Aerobus CARRIS, make the run between Lisbon Airport and the city centre. Service begins at 07:45am and ends at 08:15pm. Buses pass every 20 minutes.

The ticket may be purchased from the driver as you board the bus.

Ticket for all-day travel: 3.10€

TAP Voucher (good for 1 day): 2.00€

For more information, call: (+351) 213 613 054

Source: Carris

Airport Shuttle Bus (from Cascais/Estoril)

The company ScottUrb provides transport to the airport from the Estoril and Cascais area. Buses operate every day and leave every hour from 07:00am to 10:30pm.

The ticket purchased as you enter the bus is good for one day of travel. Transport of your luggage is free of charge.

Ticket: 8.50€.

For more information, call: (+351) 214 699 100

Source: Scotturb

Buses of the Rede Nacional de Expressos

This company operates throughout the country.

For more information, call: (+351) 213 581 460


> Taxis

There are two taxi stands within the perimeter of the airport, one at arrivals and the other at departures.

The fare on the taxi meter should read 2.35€ (daytime pick-up) or 2.50€ (night time pick-up). Outside the city limits, fare rates must be calculated based on the number of kilometres travelled and the established price per kilometre.

The transport of baggage or animals implies a surcharge of 1.60€.

When you decide to take a taxi, get prior information about the prices. You may get information and obtain a Taxi Voucher at the Tourism Information Counter in the atrium of the Arrivals Hall.

An additional 20% is charged for services on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and for night service from the hours of 09:00pm to 06:00am.

Source: Antral


> Railway

Buses of the no 44 line provide the link between the Interface of the train station at Gare do Oriente - Parque das Naçoes (North/South) and the airport.

For more information, call: (+351) 808 208 208


> Lisbon Underground/Subway

There is no underground/subway line serving Lisbon Airport. However, there are four lines that provide service to various parts of the city and suburbs.

Ticket for one journey (1 zone): 0.70€

Source: Metropolitano de Lisboa

For other information about public transport in the Lisbon area, visit the Transporlis (" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> /) website.

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Lisbon - Car Parking



Capacity: 350

Schedule: 24 hours/day

Profile: Short stay

Proximity: Departures Hall

Covered: Yes

Nr. Floors: 2

Payment Facilities: Manual, Automatic, "Via Verde"


Capacity: 1.175

Schedule: 24 hours/day

Profile: Short and medium stay

Proximity: Arrivals Hall

Covered: Yes

Nr. Floors: 3

Payment Facilities: Manual, Automatic, "Via Verde"


Capacity: 850

Schedule: 24 hours/day

Profile: Medium and short stay

Proximity: Arrivals Hall; Departures Hall

Covered: No

Nr. Floors: 1

Payment Facilities: Manual, Automatic, "Via Verde"



Direcçao de Projectos Especiais

Dr. Carlos Rafael R. Ramos Gutierres

Tel: (+351) 218 413 500

Fax: (+351) 218 445 143


Lisbon Airport Tel: (+351) 218 491 170

Oporto Airport Tel: (+351) 229 410 787

Faro Airport Tel: (+351) 289 889 465

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Lisbon - Intra Terminal Transfer

A free airport bus shuttle service links the car parks and the terminal building.

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Lisbon - Car Hire

Rent a Car

Choose the option that is best suited to your needs.

Rent-a-car Contact

AA Castanheira/ Budget (+351) 219 942 402

Europcar/Europcar SA (+351) 218 401 176

National/ Alamo/ Guérin Lda. (+351) 218 486 191

Auto Jardim/ Auto Jardim Lda. (+351) 218 462 916

Hertz/ HR, SA (+351) 218 438 660

Sixt / Auro Rent Lda. (+351) 218 470 661

AVIS / Sovial Lda. (+351) 218 435 550

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Lisbon - Info And Helpdesks

In Arrivals and Departures and also tourist information is in the Arrivals hall.

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Lisbon - Airport Facilities

Passenger Service


> Lounges ANA

Apolo - Public area in arrivals (near the rent a car area)

Ulisses- Limited access area in departures (on the way to Gates 7-13)

Ícaro- Limited access area in departures (near the restaurants area

> Lounges Airlines

TAP Portugal Navigator - Limited access area in departures (after “Lojas Francas de Portugal”)

Portugália - Limited access area in departures (next to Gates 1-3)

Air France - Limited access area in (next to “Lojas Francas de Portugal”)

> CIP Services

Services may be requested at the time of embarking and disembarking (for CIP* passengers), including the use of Lounges and other facilities. Fees are determined based on the service you require.

For more information or to make arrangements for these services, call Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00:

Passenger Support Services

Telephone (+351) 218 41 3630, Fax: (+351) 218 413 585, lisbon.airport @


Terminal Facilities:


Mod. Pago.

Location: departures and arrivals public and restricted areas

Opening hours: H24

Baggage Protection

Mod. Pago.

Location: public area

Opening hours: 07H00/23H00


Banking Services

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: 8H30 - 15H00

Phone: + 351 218 437 520 Fax: + 351 218 437 521

Comp. Seguros Tranquilidade

Insurance Services

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: 07H00/20H00

Espaço Cota

Currency Exchange

Mod. Pago.Debit card

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: 00H00/24H00

Telf: + 351 21 8479770 e + 351 21 8492738 Fax: +351 218479773 e + 351 21 8492738

CotaCurrency Exchange (3 offices)

Currency Exchange

Mod. Pago.Cartao Débito

Location: arrivals restricted area (05H00/23H00), arrivals public area (00H00/24H00), departures restricted area (5H00/23H00)

Telf: +351 21 8492738 e Fax: + 351 21 849 27 38

Surf'n' mail - Internet Access

Internet Access points located on all areas of this airport

Mod. Pago.

Location: Both public and restricted areas of departures and arrivals

Opening hours: H24

Corporate Massage

Massage Service

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures restricted area

Opening hours: 07H00/23H00

Máquinas de Fotografias

Photo Machine (PhotoMaton)

Mod. Pago.

Location: arrivals public area

Opening hours: H24


Post Office

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: 09H00- 20H00 - SAB/DOM/FERIADOS: 09H00/13H00 E 14H00/17H00

Phone: + 351 218 435 050 Fax: ++ 351 218 435 056


Travel Agency

Mod. Pago.All major Credit Cards, Bank Transfers

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: H24

Phone: +351 218 428 180 Fax: +351 218 428 190

Global Refund Portugal

VAT Refund

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: 07H00/24H00

Tel: + 351 218408813

Vending Machines

Softdrinks, mineral water,chocolate and candies vending machines

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures and arrivals public and restricted areas

Opening hours: H24

Viagens Abreu,S.A.

Welcome Desks

Mod. Pago.

Location: arrivals public area

Opening hours: 06H00/22H00

Phone: + 351 214 156 332 Fax: + 351 218 460 685

Top Atlântico

Welcome Desks

Mod. Pago.

Location: departures public area

Opening hours: 09H30/13H00 - 14H30/18H00 ENCERRA DOMINGO

Phone: +351 218 925 890 Fax: + 351 218 400 218

Travel Store American Express

Welcome Desks

Mod. Pago.

Location: public area

Opening hours: 07H00/20H00

Phone: + 351 218 497 728 Fax: + 351 218 497 731

Worldtravel BTI

Welcome Desks

Mod. Pago.

Location: arrivals public area

Opening hours: 07H00/23H00

Phone: + 351 218 454 490

> Baggage Storage

You may use our Baggage Storage Area, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to leave your luggage. It is located in the arrivals area, next to car park area P2.

Telephone (+351) 218 413 594

Fees (per piece and per day)

up tp 10Kg 2,50€

from 10 to 30Kg 3,76€

over 30Kg 7,27€

> Special Baggage Handling


TAP Portugal and other assisted airlines:

Telephone (+351) 218 431 183



Telephone (+351) 218 445 073

lostfound.lis @


SHOPPING: Shops include, The Disney store, 2 wine shops, Rota do Perfume for cosmetics, lots of fashion outlets including Stern, Lalique, Lacoste and Tie Rack.

FOOD&DRINKS: Snack bars include, Astrolabio, Eurobar, McDonalds and Pizza Hut.Coffee Shops include Harrods, Delta and Buondi and full meals can be had from Iberusa, Pans and Company, Passarola and Staff Club.

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Lisbon - Conference Facilities

>Conference rooms

Lisbon Airport has a conference room. For bookings, please contact the Airport Directorate, Mondays to Fridays.

Telephone (+351) 218 413 630

Fax: (+351) 218 413 675

lisbon.airport @

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Lisbon - Handicapped Facilities

>Equipment for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

The Lisbon Airport has ramps, lifts/elevators and toilet facilities adapted for passengers with reduced mobility. With previous notification, the airlines can arrange for special assistance for such travellers.

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Lisbon - Wireless Lan

Boingo provide WiFi internet access through airport. ($21.95 per month)

iPass provide WiFi internet access through airport.

NTT DoCoMo namikiteru provide WiFi internet access through airport. ($34.99 per month)

PT Wi-Fi provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Lisbon - Hotels

Radisson SAS

Avenida Marechal Craveiro Lopes, 390

1749-009 Lisboa

Telephone: (+351) 210 045 000, (+351) 210 046 046 (Sales Center)

Fax: (+351) 210 045 001, (+351) 217 962 130 (Sales Center)

E-mail: rad@

Conveniently situated just 10 minutes from the city centre, and only 5 minutes from Lisbon International Airport, the Radisson SAS Hotel Lisboa lies a short walk away from Campo Grande metro station. Including various business class and non-smoking rooms, each of its 221 spacious rooms and suites is fully equipped to the highest standards with satellite TV, video channels, mini-bar, trouser-press and electronic safe-deposit box. The hotel’s Bordalo Pinheiro restaurant is popular for its lunch-time buffet of traditional Portuguese specialities. The two-floor conference centre comprises eleven adaptable meeting rooms (six with natural light) for up to 160 pax, each equipped with all the latest presentation equipment. Private indoor parking is available for 120 vehicles. Wi-Fi access is also available.


Holiday Inn




Hotel Front Desk: 351-21-0044000

Hotel Fax: 351-21-7936672

Lisbon International (LIS)

Distance: 4 KM / 2.49 MI South to Hotel

Shuttle Charge (one way): 2,00 € (EUR)



The Holiday Inn Lisbon is the ideal location for business and leisure. Conveniently situated in city centre, between Av.Republica and Pr.Londres, in commercial and business area, and 10 minutes away from the Lisbon International Airport and at walking distance from Alameda Underground station.

Each of its 169 spacious rooms, including 17 Executive bedrooms, 13 Family rooms, 2 disabled rooms, 8 junior suites and 1 Presidential Suite, are equipped with cable TV, direct-dial telephone with voicemail, desk, minibar, tea and coffee making facilities, in-house movie channels, hairdryer, feature the best conditions for business and leisure travellers. Business center in the lobby. Rooms with High speed internet on request.

Appreciate the Portuguese and International gastronomy at our restaurant "Vasco da Gama". The "Almirante" bar is the ideal place to relax after a busy day, sometimes with live music. Our 8 Conference and meeting rooms, with a capacity for up to 400 persons, offer the perfect solution to make your presentations, banquets or other events a success. Together with a parking for 120 vehicles, fitness center and a gift shop, the Holiday Inn Lisboa is the right choice for the right stay. Breakfast charge:11.50 Euros 2006


Holiday Inn




Hotel Front Desk: 351-210046000

Hotel Fax: 351-217973669

Lisbon International (LIS)

Distance: 5 KM / 3.11 MI South to Hotel

Taxi Charge (one way): 9,00 € (EUR)

Enjoy the new Holiday Inn Lisbon-Continental, fully renovated in April 2006.The Holiday Inn Lisbon-Continental is the ideal Lisbon hotel for business and leisure travellers.

Centrally located between Av. República/Av. Berna, the hotel is just 10 minutes away from Lisbon International Airport and at walking distance from Campo Pequeno subway station, Entrecampos train station and main public buses stop. Rossio, the historical city centre, is just 6 subway stations away from the hotel.

The rooms offer a full range of modern comforts, including air conditioning, cable TV, in-house movie channels, safe, direct dial phone, minibar, trouser press, hair dryer, tea and coffee making facilities and computer connections. For conference and banquets, we have 9 flexible meeting rooms set up to accommodate up to 250 participants. We also offer a business center, a fitness center, a restaurant, a bar and parking space for 140 vehicles. Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in all rooms and public areas.

The Holiday Inn Lisbon-Continental has an impressive reputation for providing to the guests a professional and friendly service, which jointly with its location and facilities make this unit the perfect hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Lisbon - News Update


Contruction of the New North Pier - 7 New Embarcation and Disembarcation Gates with Telescoping Jetways

The goal of this development and enlargement project is to respond to the needs brought about by increased demand in recent years. The basic premise of this project is found in the need to avoid the obstruction of important terminal subsystems, such as embarcation gates, for example.

Another important objective is the fulfillment of the needs of airline companies, namely those of TAP, with respect to passenger transfer from domestic to international flights within an acceptable period of time without losing quality in terms of customer service.

Given these objectives, the Airport Development Plan calls for the construction of a new pier for embarcation and disembarcation (arrivals and departures) for passengers on Non-Schengen flights, which will include 6 new gates with telescoping jetways to provide access to aircraft cabin doors.


Construction of new areas for the circulation of passengers from international flights;

Construction of new areas near embarcation gates;

Construction of new areas for commercial space;

Construction of new vertical access between floors;

Construction of new multifunctional technical areas, IEL, ISE, IMEC;

Construction of designated lounge areas for passengers;

Construction of evacuation/safety routes;

Construction of toilet/washroom facilities for the embarcation areas;

Construction of infrastructures to receive mechanised systems for moving passengers throughout the areas;

Total of 6 embarcation/disembarcation gates with telescoping jetways.

Construction Goals

The digging and construction of concrete foundations;

The building of mixed structures, in concrete and metal;

The building of water supply conduits, sewers and drains;

The installation of electrical, ventilation, air conditioning and other special networks;

The interior fixtures, finishing and decoration;

The roofing structures;

The installation of mechanical means for vertical access (lifts/elevators).

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