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Nairobi - Introduction

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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, (NBO) formerly called Embakasi Airport and Nairobi International Airport, is Kenya's largest airport. It is also the busiest airport in Central Africa.


It is situated 9 mi (15km) from Nairobi's Central Business District, in Embakasi, a suburb which lies to the southeast of Nairobi.

The Mombasa Highway runs adjacent to the airport, and is the main route of access between Nairobi and the airport.


The airport is the main hub of Kenya Airways and Five Forty Aviation.

The airport is served by one terminal building constructed in the 1970s.

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Nairobi - Driving Directions

From Nairobi drive on Urhu Highway towards Airport. At crossroad switch to Mombasa road which will take you to the Airport.

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Nairobi - Public Transport

The KBS bus service 34 leaves fairly regularly for the city centre; most travellers however take a taxi or arrange to be picked up by their hotel or tour operator. The Mercedes taxis take passengers to the central city hotels for a fixed fare.

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Nairobi - Car Parking

Short-term and Long-term car parks are available.

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Nairobi - Car Hire

Avis, Europcar and Hertz are represented at the airport Arrivals area.

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Nairobi - Info And Helpdesks

Information desks manned by customer care officers, are strategically placed in all the units and at the arrival hall. Flight information display systems (FIDS) and signage helps the passenger find his/her way around the airport.

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Nairobi - Airport Facilities


Lounges situated at the departures are:

Government VIP lounge

British Airways premier lounge

KQ/KLM economy and premier lounge – under construction

Kenya Duty Free lounge

Passenger transit lounge – under refurbishment.

Vice President lounge.

State Pavilion at the end of unit 3 apron is mainly used

exclusively by the head of state and visiting heads of state.



Kenya Tax and duty free – General Shop

Safari duty free – Wines, Spirits and Cigarettes

Snack bar (NAS) - Catering

Gold rock DF – Clothes (African wear/ Tourist)

Maya duty free – General Shop


African ebony (Samanda) duty free – Curio

Metropolitan – Forex Bureau

Beth international - Clothes

Maya duty free – General

Hand Carver – Curio

Perfume duty free – Perfume

Hand Carver – Curio and African attire


Maya duty free – Bookshop

Bar daz ‘n’ gaz (KDF) – Catering

Tax and duty free (KDF) – General shop


Gold rock – leather items

Chapex travel services – Cyber café/ office services

Gold rock duty free – General items

Kenya duty free – General items

Kenya duty free – Cyber café

Tax and duty free (KDF) – General

Maya duty free – General

GATE 10:

Tax and duty free (KDF) – General

Maya duty free – Perfume

Karibuni coffee and tea (KDF) – Raw coffee

Maya duty free – Wines & Spirits/ Cigarettes

Beth international - General

Maya duty free – General

Hand Carver – Curio

Safaricom Both - Network advisory services (Roaming)

Glamour House – African wear (prints)

Hot spot desk – Wireless protocol

GATE 11:

Tax & duty free (KDF) – Wines & Spirits

On Safari (KDF) – Clothes

Hand Carver – Jewellery (African & European)/ Curios

Maya duty free – General

Rono – Perfume

GATE 12:

KWAL duty free – Wines & Spirits

Kenya duty free – Wines and Spirits

Glamour House – African wear

GATE 14:

One $ café (KDF) – Catering

Java Coffee House –Catering

Goldrock - African attire

Banking facilities, taxis, car hire, tour operators and hotel

booking offices are conveniently situated at the arrivals.

Scheduled bus service to and from town center is available

at unit 1 and 2 bus stops.

Simba restaurant is situated in the 5th floor of the main

central building. There is a cafeteria operated by Home Park

in unit 1, restaurant and pub in unit 2, cafeteria and snack

bar in unit 3 and international arrival hall – all operated by

NAS. Beverage and soft drink vending machines are

strategically placed in each unit.

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Nairobi - Conference Facilities

There are no meeting rooms located at NBO airport.

Nerby Hilton hotrl can provide conference facilities.

Hilton Nairobi hotel

Mama Ngina Street, Nairobi, Kenya 00100

Tel: +254-20-250000 Fax: +254-20-250099 /22647

Hotel Business centre has 7 meeting rooms.

Amboseli 2153 49.25' x 72.17'

Ivory 2024 40.08' x 50.58'

Meta Meta 366 22' x 16.42'

Mwanga 646 22' x 29.58'

Taifa 1227 27.25' x 44.5' 12

Tsavo 3972 51.17' x 83.33'

Tsavo and Taifa 5490 42.83' x 128.25'

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Nairobi - Wireless Lan

Boingo provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Nairobi - Hotels

Most major hotels in Nairobi have their stations at the arrival terminal which may provide transport for their guests and other services.

Norfolk Hotel

P.O Box 40064, 00100 Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-250900

Fax: 254-20-336742


Nairobi Serena

Hotel P.O. Box 48690, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-2725111

Fax: 254-20-2718100


Grand Regency

Hotel P.O Box 57549, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-862300

Fax: 254-20-802322


Windsor Golf &

Country Club P.O. Box 45587, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-862300

Fax: 254-20-802322


Holiday Inn

P.O. Box 66807, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-3740920

Fax: 254-20-3748823


Nairobi Safari

Club P.O. Box 43564, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-251333

Fax: 254-20-215137/224625

reservations@" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">

Stanley Hotel

P.O. Box 30680, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-228830/2716688

Fax: 254-20-229388

reservations@" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">

Safari Park Hotel resort hotel

P.O Box 45038, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-802493, 862222

Fax: 254-20-802477

sales@" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">

Hotel Inter-

Continental P.O. Box 30353, 00200 Nairobi

Tel: 254-20- 3200 0000

Fax: 254-20- 3200 0036

nairobi@" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">

Jacaranda Hotel

P.O. Box 40075, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-4448716

Fax: 254-20-543810


Fairview Hotel

P.O. Box 40842, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-2723211/27110090

Fax: 254-20-2721320

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Lenana Mount

Hotel P.O. Box 40943, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-717044/48

Fax: 254-20-218809/719394


Hotel Boulevard

P.O. Box 42831, 00100 Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-227567

Fax: 254-20-334071


Panafric Hotel

P.O. Box 72493, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-2720822

Fax: 254-20-2726356


Utalii Hotel

P.O Box 31067, 00600 Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-802540/1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Fax: 254-20-802322


Hilton Hotel

P.O. BOX 30624, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-250000

Fax: 254-20-250099/226477

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Silver Springs

Hotel P.O. Box 61362, 00200 Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-2722451-7

Fax: 254-20-2720545/2728061


Meridian Court

Hotel P.O. Box 30278, Nairobi


Fax: 254-20-333658/230700


SixEighty Hotel

P.O. Box 43436, Nairobi

Tel: 254-20-332680

Fax: 254-20-332908

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Nairobi - News Update

Increased Cargo Activity Expected At Kenyan Airports

Growth in cargo and passenger activity as well as recent global security concerns

has necessitated the expansion of the Jomo Kenyatta Internationa Airport (JKIA) and encourage cargo operations at the fairly new Eldoret International Airport. Jomo

Kenyatta Airport's strategic geographic location gives it an edge in the East-West

and North-South traffic flow.

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