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Pusan - Driving Directions

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The airport is well signposted and is directly linked to the major routes, with the Gyeongbu Expressway (Route 1) leading to the airport from the north and the Namhae Expressway (Route 6) leading in from the west.

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Pusan - Public Transport

Taxi - There are deluxe and ordinary taxis available from taxi ranks located outside the terminals.

Bus - There are frequent public buses serving various destinations around Busan; express buses also serve Ulsan; Masan; Gyeognju; Pohang; Yangsan; and Jinhae. Ujin Airport Bus limousine buses run to the Haeundae and Busan Stations via all the major hotels.

Road - Travellers going to and from the airport can either go via bus, car or taxi.

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Pusan - Car Parking


- Gimhae International Airport has a large toll parking lot being capable of total 1,800 vehicles at one time; 960 vehicles at domestic terminal, 330 vehicles at overseas terminal, 210 vehicles at freight terminal, and 300 vehicles at fixed monthly parking lot. The opening hour is 06:00~23:00 for domestic terminal and 07:00~20:00 for overseas terminal. For taking out during closing hours, please contact 051)970-2644 at day time and 051)970-2436, 2442 at night.

- If you are using private car, please press button of parking ticket feeder to issue ticket and enter when the door opens.

- As for parking fare, please submit your parking ticket at the exit of each parking lot and pay the fare. Before going out, please take receipt.

- If you lose parking ticket, the fare would be applied from the opening time of the day. But, if you pick up the ticket later, please submit with your receipt to get refund the balance.


The temporary parking lot of international terminal is operated as being unmanned. So please follow the course below.

? Go to the unmanned fare calculator installed at the entrance of 1F waiting room with the parking ticket issued when you enter into the parking lot.

? Put the parking ticket into ticket drop and put the indicated amount of coin and paper money into money drop.

? Take receipt, parking ticket and change.

? Go to exit by car and put parking ticket into ticket reader, Then exit the parking lot.

? If you do not go out in 20 minutes after calculating the fare, additional fare will be charged.

If you lose parking ticket or if your car is to get discount(compact car, the disabled), please use Parking Guide Office at the exit.

- The telephone number of Parking Guide Office 051-970-2327

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Pusan - Intra Terminal Transfer

Transfer between terminals

Busan branch of Korea Airport Corporation operates free shuttle bus between international terminal and domestic terminal every ten minutes from 07:30am to 07:00pm and every twenty minutes from 07:00pm to 09:00pm.

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Pusan - Car Hire

Rent-a-Car: Car rental counters are in arrival halls of both international and domestic terminals.

Tongilro Rent Car 82-51-941-5400~2

AVIS Rent Car 82-51-941-7400

Gumho Rent Car 82-51-941-8000

Jeju Rent Car 82-51-972-4777

Samsung Rent Car 82-51-973-6611

Jangpung Rent Car 82-51-941-5200

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Pusan - Info And Helpdesks

There is an information centre situated on the first floor of the International Terminal and the first and second floors of the Domestic Terminal. Touch screen information services can be found on the first floor of each terminal. The Busan Tourism Association has an information desk on the first floor of the International Terminal.



Lost property is handled by the Airport Police situated on the first floors of both the Domestic Terminal and International Terminal.

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Pusan - Airport Facilities

Baggage: There is a baggage office located on the on the first floor of the International Terminal and charges vary depending on the size of your luggage.

Money: There are banks located in both terminals and a bureaux de change in the International Terminal. An ATM is located in the Busan Tourism Association office, which is on the first floor of the International Terminal.

More Services: There is a post office on the first floor of the International Terminal, which offers international telephone calls and telegram services, and public telephones are located throughout the airport. There are also infant rooms; a medical centre; drinking fountains; smoking rooms; and art galleries.

Shopping: The airport has a range of shops available, including book stores; two pharmacies; gift shops; barbershop and beauty salon; and local produce. There is also a department store situated in the International Terminal. Duty-free shopping is located on the first floor of the International Terminal.

Eating & Drinking: The airport has a range of snack bars; restaurants and cafes, which are located in all the terminals of the airport and offer a wide variety of refresments.

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Pusan - Conference Facilities

A business room is located on the first floor of the International Terminal, facilities on offer include meeting rooms; telephone; fax machines; and computers. There is also an airline lounge located on the first floor of the International Terminal.

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Pusan - Handicapped Facilities


Raised block:

- international terminal inside 55m, outside 290m

- domestic terminal inside 46m, outside 76m


- elevators braille signs

- information broadcasting facility

- 8 elevators

- 2 lifts for the disabled


- installed automatic door for the disabled the domestic 8places, the international 5places

- toilet for the disabled the domestic 8places, the international 4places

Water Fountain:

- Water fountain for the disabled

the domestic 11places, the international 4places

Parking lots:

- domestic : 28 lot

- international : 16 lot


- sound signal for the visual handicaped: 3places

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Pusan - Wireless Lan

Nespot provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Pusan - Hotels

Some hotels have information desks in the arrival area of international terminal they can arrange a shuttle service to/from the airport.





Jung-dong, Haeundae-gu

Busan 612-010 Korea

Phone: +82-51-742-2121

Fax: +82-51-742-2100

- A 40 minute's drive from either Busan Station or Gimhae International Airport

- An Airport limousine bus serves the Hotel-Airport route every 20 minutes.


The Westin Chosun Busan

737 Woo 1-dong, Haeundae-gu

Busan, Korea (612-822)

TEL: +82-51-749-7000

FAX: +82-51-742-1313

1. Travel Time

Airport to The Westin Chosun Busan: 50 min.

The Westin Chosun Busan to Airport: 70 min.

2. Regular Limousine bus to/from Kimhae International Airport

- // First Bus // Last Bus // Fee

Airport to The Westin Chosun Busan // 07:15 // 22:00 // 6,000won

The Westin Chosun Busan to Airport // 05:30 // 20:15 // 6,000won

Nestled on the scenic beachfront of Haeundae Beach, The Westin Chosun Busan is the optimal location for business convenience and vacation getaways. Within walking distance of the Nurimaru APEC House, our hotel is also conveniently located for business persons just 5 minutes from Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), 30 minutes from downtown Busan and just 40 minutes from the airport.


The Haeundae Grand Hotel

651-2 Woo-Dong, Haeundae-Gu

Busan 612-020, Korea

Tel: +82-51-7400-114

Fax: +82-51-7400-141

LIMOUSINE: from the Airport (1hour) every 20minutes (05:40~20:30)

The Haeundae Grand Hotel emerged on May 30th, 1996 on Haeundae Beach, one of the eight most scenic sites in the country. The brand new deluxe lodging facility combines sports facilities for a leisure hotel complex. The hotel has not only 320 spacious guestrooms and banquet halls but also state-of-the-art facilities for leisure activities, which are all attuned for the new concept of simultaneously satisfying the combined purposes of business, leisure and sports. As the largest integrated leisure hotel in the area with a floor space of 102,138?, it features large-scale swimming pools occupying two floors including one pool as long as 50 meters with seven lanes which can accom-modate 1,000 persons, a 28-lane bowling hall, a theater within the hotel offering up-to-date audio and visual effets, a golf driving range. The hotel also has a hot spring bath loaded with natural minerals, equipped with special sauna docks for health buffs and other facilities.


Novotel Ambassador Busan

1405 16 Joong Dong

Haeundae Gu

612010 BUSAN


Tel: (+82)51/7431234

Fax: (+82)51/7431250

E-mail: rsvn@

Novotel Ambassador Busan is in South Koreas second largest city and situated on the waterfront at spectacular Haeundae Beach, the countrys most famous beach. The hotel features 356 rooms, most with breathtaking ocean or beach views, restaurants offeringJapanese or continental cuisine, an indoor heated swimming pool and a health club with natural hot springs. The main shopping and restaurant precinct is nearby and the Exhibition Centre (BEXCO) is only 10 minutes by car.


Hotel Nongshim





Airport (KIMHAE):

Through bus number 307MANDUCK tunnel

get off at Naesung rotary:

1) Move by a taxi (5 minute drivingway)

2) Move by a subway (10 minutes from DONGRAE station / MYUNGRYUN station / ONCHUNJANG station)

The HOTEL NONGHSHIM has been loved from domestic and international visitors for 40 years due to comfortable and friendly service and was newly named in Aug. ,2002, and newly constructed and opened as a special grade hot spring resort hotel with 242 rooms after it started its business in the center of Dongnae hot spring as the first resort hotel below Han river in 1960, the dawning of domestic hotel business.


Hotel Commodore

743-80, Youngju-dong, Jung-gu

Busan 600-110, Korea (zip code 600-110)

Tel: 051- 466 - 9101

Fax:051- 462 - 9101

E-mail: hotel@

Hotel to Kim-hae airport / about 30 minutes by bus or car

The hotel has 3 stories underground, 15 stories above ground, and 7 stories for parking. The main building has a very unique structure which looks like the crescent moon.It brings up the image of a white Navy cap and it also connects with the name of the hotel (commodore: the general) the reason why it has a crescent structure is to provide guests with a majestic view of the sea which surrounds Busan. furthermore, it is more beautiful and functional than any straight hotel, every single floor has magnificent pictures of many colours and designs and embossed walls with Korean traditional pictures. Especially, the floor and the ceiling which are decorated with the patterns of lotus blossom and the handrails with dragon shapes make foreign tourists very impressed. The rooms are decorated with the most up-to-date styles for customer convenience.

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