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+60 (0)3 8777 8888

+60 (0)3 8926 5209


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Kuala Lumpur - Driving Directions

Driving from Kuala Lumpur, take the North-South Central Link Expressway (ELITE), this is the primary access road for the airport and is well signposted.

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Kuala Lumpur - Public Transport


The coupons for taxi and limo can be obtainned at the 3 counter located at:

1. The International arrival area just after Customs before the public arrival area, level 3, Main Terminal Building

2. The Domestic arrival hall area by the door 3, level 3, Main Terminal Building

3. The Domestic Baggage Reclaim area, level 3, Main Terminal Building

The counter staff of Airport Limo will be there to assist you.

There are 4 type of taxis:

1- (Budget taxi): Deawoo Tacuma Capacity 3 / 4 Passengers Only

Proton Wira Capacity 3 Passengers Only

2- (Premier Limo): Renault Enviro 4 / 5 Passengers Only

Mercedes E220 Capacity 4 Passengers Only

3- (Super Luxury ): Jaguar S-type Capacity 3 Passengers Only

4- (Family Service ): Kia Pregio Van Capacity 8 Passengers Only

For Information and Booking please contact Airport Limo (M) Sdn Bhd at

1. Booking to KLIA: Tel 603 92238080 (0800hrs - 0000hrs only) and 603 87873030 (0000hrs - 0800hrs)

2. Booking From KLIA (Meet & Greet Service): Tel 603 87873678 (24hrs) Fax 603 87873588 (For Meet & Greet Service Booking Extra RM 15.00 will be charged.



1 // Express Coach // KLIA to / from Hotels in KL via Hentian Duta Bus Terminal // One way: Adult: RM 25.00, Children: RM 13.00; Return Trip: Adult: RM 45.00, Children: RM 25.00 // From KL Start: 05:00 - End: 22:30, Travelling time: 1 hour // From KLIA Start: 6:15 - End: 00:30,

2 // Express Coach // KLIA to / from Hentian Duta Bus Terminal // One way: Adult: RM 25.00, Children: RM 13.00; Return Trip: Adult: RM 45.00, Children: RM 25.00 // From KL Start: 05:00 - End: 22:30, Travelling time: 1 hour // From KLIA Start: 06:15 - End: 00:30

3 // Express Coach // KLIA to / from STAR LRT Station Chan Sow Lin, * LRT is connecting Ampang, Bukit Jalil and KL City Centre // One way: Adult: RM10.00, Children: RM 6.00; Return Trip: Adult: RM18.00, Children: RM11.00 // From LRT Station Start: 06:30 - End: 21:30, Travelling time :1 hour // From KLIA Start: 07:30 - End: 21:30

4 // Semi Express (Combination of KTM Commuter & Bus)KLIA to // from Nilai Commuter Station, * Connecting Seremban, KL, Port Klang and Rawang // One way: Commuter: RM 4.50, Bus: RM 2.50 // From Nilai Start: 06:30 - End: 21:30 // From KLIA Start: 07:15 - End: 22:30

For enquiry:


Hentian Duta

Persiaran Duta, Jalan Duta


Tel: 03-6203 3067/3064

Fax: 03-6203 3069

e-mail: airport_coach@ hotmail.com



1 // EXPRESS COACH // KLIA to IPOH // RM 42.00 (ADULT), RM 21.00 (CHILD) // 0930 - 1300, 1200 - 1530, 1530 - 1900, 1830 - 2200, 2130 - 0100, 0000 - 0330 // Approximately 3 hrs 30 mins

2 // EXPRESS COACH // IPOH to KLIA // RM 42.00 (ADULT), RM 21.00 (CHILD) // 0300 - 0630, 0600 - 0930, 1130 - 1500, 1430 - 1800, 1630 - 2000, 1930 - 2300 // Approximately 3 hrs 30 mins


Gorund Floor, Block 'C' Car Park

Bus Terminal

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)


Tel. No.: 03 - 8787 4258


No. 33 & 34

Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal


Tel. No.: 05 - 313 9655


No. 72, Pesiaran Jubli Perak

Section 22


Tel. No.: 03 - 5192 5211 / 5212

CARELINE: 1 - 300 - 888 - 211



1 // EXPRESS COACH // KLIA to KUANTAN // RM 35.00 (ADULT), RM 17.50 (CHILD) // 0900 - 1500 // Approximately 6 hrs

2 // EXPRESS COACH // KUANTAN to KLIA // RM 35.00 (ADULT), RM 17.50 (CHILD) // 1400 - 2000 // Approximately 6 hrs

3 // EXPRESS COACH // KLIA to TEMERLOH // RM 30.00 (ADULT), RM 15.00 (CHILD) // 0900 - 1300 // Approximately 4 hrs

4 // EXPRESS COACH // TEMERLOH to KLIA // RM 30.00 (ADULT), RM 15.00 (CHILD) // 1800 - 2000 // Approximately 4 hrs

5 // EXPRESS COACH // KLIA to KUALA LUMPUR // RM 10.00 (ADULT), RM 5.00 (CHILD) // 0900 - 1030 // Approximately 1 hr 30 mins

6 // EXPRESS COACH // KUALA LUMPUR to KLIA // RM 10.00 (ADULT), RM 5.00 (CHILD) // 2030 - 2200 // Approximately 1 hr 30 mins


T1, Sentral Exhibition Mall

Jalan Tun Sambanthan


Tel. No.: 03 - 2274 9732


No. 11, Terminal Utama

Bandar Seri Semantan

Temerloh, PAHANG

Tel. No.: 019 - 933 0056


No. 20, 1st Floor

Terminal Bas Makmur

Kuantan, PAHANG

Tel. No.: 09 - 515 6457


KLIA Express

· Last train leaving KL Sentral and KLIA is at 12.00 midnight.

· There are off-peak periods, during which the trains depart every 20 minutes. The off-peak periods are from 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs and from 2200 hrs until midnight. At all other times, the trains continue to depart every 15 minutes.

KLIA Transit

· The trains depart every 30 minutes.

· The last train from KLIA is at 01.00 hrs. However, the last train from KL Sentral departs at 00.03 hrs.

· The half-hourly frequency is convenient for airport staff and customers travelling from intermediate stations.

For more information, please contact:


Level 2, City Air Terminal

KL Sentral Station

50470 Kuala Lumpur

Call centrre: 03-2267 8000

Fax: 03-2267 8910

Email: air-rail@ KLIAekspres.com

Website: www.KLIAekspres.com

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Kuala Lumpur - Car Parking


Much attention has been given to vehicle parking facilities at KLIA. In lying out and placing these facilities, we have taken into consideration the needs of visitors, travelers and day-trippers. In all considerations, convenience to the user has been our cornerstone. Primary access to and from Kuala Lumpur to KLIA is via the North-South Central Link Expressway (ELITE). A second access is via the eastern route which links the Nilai Interchange with the airport. Traveling by car from Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya takes approximately one hour, while from Shah Alam, it takes just 45 minutes. Other modes of public transportation to and from KLIA are KLIA Ekpress (ERL), KLIA Transit, stage buses, taxis and limousines. There are two main Car Parks at KLIA which together offer a total of 11,442 parking lots. The Short Term Car Park (Covered Car Park) comprises four seven-storey blocks (Block A, B, C and D), with 5,933 parking lots, 12 bus bays and 1,202 parking lots for motorcycles parking. The Long Term Car Park (Uncovered Car Park ) offers 5,509 parking lots for cars and 2,644 parking lots for motorcycles.


1. Parking bays for disabled visitors: There are eighteen (18) parking lots dedicated for disabled visitors at Short Term Car Park. Eleven (11) lots are located at Level 2 of Block B, and seven (7) at Level 2 of Block C. They are located close to the link-bridges that connect Car Park to the Main Terminal Building.

2. Trolleys: Trolley nests are located strategically at each level, all blocks.

3. Passenger Pick-up: This area is set apart and well signposted. It is located beyond the link-bridges on Level 2 of Block B and C. With this facility in place, passengers need not cart their luggage all the way to the vehicle which may be parked on another level.

4. Access to Main Terminal Building (MTB): This is via two link-bridges that are located on Level 2 of Blocks B and C. They take you to Station Mezzanine Level (Level 2) of Main Terminal Building which is between the Arrival (above) and Ground (below)

5. Lifts: There are 20 lifts (16 service lifts and four emergency lifts) at Covered Car Park. These will allow you access to all floors of the Car Park. They are large enough to accommodate trolleys and passengers.

6. Escalators: There are eight (8) escalators at Covered Car Park. Four escalators are at Block C Ground Floor to Level 2 of Block C, two at Level 5 of Block C to Roof Top of Block C, and 2 at Roof Top of Block B to Roof Top of Block B.

7. Flight Information Display System (FIDS): There are 44 FIDS monitors at Short Term Car Park. Eight (8) FIDS monitors are located at Ground Floor of Block B, twelve (12) at Level 2 of Block B, twelve (12) at Ground Floor of Block C and twelve (12) at Level 2 of Block C. The FIDS will update you on domestic and international arrivals and departures.

8. Rented Cars: Fourteen (14) major car rental companies operate at Ground Floor of Block D. There are 164 parking lots available for rental at RM300.00 monthly per lot according to requirement. There are 22 car rental booths made available for car rental companies. Most major car rental companies allow passengers to drop off their rented cars at Ground Floor of Block D.

9. Parking Rate:

9.1 Motorcycles at ground level block A:

RM1.00 per entry, for motorcycle only.

9.2 Public vehicles at Block B (except ground floor) and Block C (except ground and 1st floor):

1st one hour or part thereof - RM3.50

2nd hour or part thereof - RM3.00

3rd hour or part thereof - RM2.50

4th hour or part thereof up to 19th hour - RM2.00

20th hour or part thereof up to 24th hour – RM43.00

The above rate will be re-applied after every 24 hours.

RM50.00 penalty plus the required parking fee will be charged for loss or damaged of chip coin.

10. Payment Mode: A Pay-On-Foot system has been put in place. Users should make their payment at either the Manual or Auto Pay Stations before collecting their vehicles. There are 2 Manual Pay Stations that are manned 24 hours (One at Level 2 of Block B, and One at Level 2 of Block C). A total of fifteen (15) Auto Pay Stations are available for the convenience of Car Park users. Seven (7) Auto Pay Stations are located at Level 2 of Block B and another eight (8) are located at Level 2 of Block C. Only Malaysian currency is accepted either at the Manual or Auto Pay Stations.

11. Corporate Parking: A total of 144 lots are allocated for Corporate Parking (Agencies based at KLIA only) at Ground Floor of Block B. Season cards are issued at RM300.00 per month with a deposit of RM50.00 which is refundable upon return of the card. However, the deposit will be forfeited if the card is damaged or lost.

12. Public Parking (Casual Parking): Block B (except ground floor) and Block C (except ground and 1st floor) are dedicated for public parking (casual parking).

13. KLIA Staff Parking: Block D (except ground floor) is dedicated for KLIA staff parking. Government servants are charged at RM35.00 per month, other staff at RM45.00 or RM90.00, based on their monthly salary. Each eligible staff is issued with a season card, which required a deposit of RM50.00. The deposit is refundable upon return of the card but the deposit will be forfeited if the card is damaged or lost.

14. Bus Station: Situated on the Ground Level of Block C, it has 12 bays for KL City Express and Stage buses. This air-conditioned bus station has other facilities like seating area, FIDS, a ticketing counter, café, washrooms and escalators between the Ground level and Level 2 of Block C.

15. Telephone Booths: There are thirty nine (39) telephone booths belonging to Time Reach Sdn.Bhd ., for Uniphone telephone card only. Malaysian coins of various denominations are accepted except for 1 cent and 5 cents. Twelve (12) telephone booths are located at Level 2 of Block B, twenty four (24) at Ground Floor of Block C, and three (3) at Ground Floor of Block D.

16. Washrooms: Male and female washrooms are located at every level of Block a, B, C and D. Handicapped / Disabled washrooms are located at Ground Floor of Block B and C, Level 2 of Block B and C, and Roof Top of Block B and C.

17. Shop Lots: Two shop lots are located at Level 2 of Block B, two at Level 2 of Block C, and two at Ground Floor of Block C (Bus Station).


For further information please contact:


Car Park Management,


Block C, Ground Floor, Short Term Car Park,

KL International Airport,

64000 KLIA,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,



General Office: 03-87768442 (Office hours)

Car Park/SCAF Manager: 03-87768439 (Office hours)

CCTV Control Room: 03-87768444 (24 hours)

Season Pass Counter: 03-87768464 (Office hours)

Payment Counter Block B: 03-87768221 (24 hours)

Payment Counter Block C: 03-87768451 (24 hours)

Fax: 03-87768518

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Kuala Lumpur - Intra Terminal Transfer


The Aerotrain is a complimentary transportation system that shuttles passengers between the Main Terminal Building and the Satellite Building. This aerotrain operates at three to five minutes intervals, this two-car 250 passenger capacity train is able to move 3,000 passengers per hour per direction. Starting on an elevated track from the Contact Pier, the aerotrain travels under the taxiways into the Satellite Building within two minutes

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Kuala Lumpur - Car Hire

Car Rental: Most major car rental companies operate booking counters at the arrival concourse on a 24-hour basis. Chauffeur driven cars are also available through prior reservation with hotels. For passenger convenience, you may return your rental car at designated car rental counters located at the Ground Level of Block D of the Covered Car Park.

( Counter B1)

ASIAN Rwnt A Car Sdn Bhd

(Previously known as SMAS Rent A Car Sdn Bhd)

Suite 5.03 Level 5

Wisma Chase Perdana

Off Jalan Semantan

Damansara Height

50490 Kuala Lumpur









(Counter B4)

Kasina Baru ( M) Sdn Bhd

No. 195, Blok G, Mukim 12,

Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,

Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas

11900 Penang






(Counter B8)

Hawk Rent A Car (M) Sdn Bhd ,

19A, PJS 11/1,

Sunway Technology Park,

Bandar Sunway,

46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor










(Counter B10)

Sintat Tent A Car (M) Sdn Bhd

Sime Darby Rent A Car Sdn Bhd ( Hertz Car Rental ),

Lot 2, Ground Floor,

Kompleks Antarabangsa,

Jalan Sultan Ismail

50250 Kuala Lumpur








(Counter B12)

Dynadrive Rent A Car Sdn Bhd

(Thrifty Car Rental)

No 10, Jalan SS 13/6

Subang Jaya Industrial Estate

47500, Subang jaya



03 -56381818

03 -87871988



03 -87874195

(Counter B14)

Sintat Tent A Car (M) Sdn Bhd

22 Jalan Inai

55100 Kuala Lumpur



03 -87873880



(Counter B15)

Boustead Emasewa Sdn Bhd,

( National Car Rental ) 9 th Floor,

Menara Boustead 69,

Jalan Raja Chulan

50250 Kuala Lumpur








(Counter B16)

Sistem Sewa Kereta (M) Sdn Bhd

No 22 Jalan Juruhebah U1/50

Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya

40150 Glenmarie, Shah Alam










(Counter C1)

Mayflower ACME Tours Sdn Bhd

No. 18, Jalan Segambut Pusat

51200 Kuala Lumpur.







( Counter C2 )

Orix Car Rental Sdn Bhd

No. 16-1, Jalan 6/91,

Taman Shamelin Perkasa

56000 Kuala Lumpur








(Counter C4)

Insas Pacific Rent A Car Sdn Bh,

d 47-5, Tingkat 5,

The Boulevard, Midvalley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur









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Kuala Lumpur - Info And Helpdesks

Information Counters: A vast expanse of space at your domain but you will never lose your way around the airport. KLIA Information counters are strategically located to cater to your needs for information. You can easily find them at these areas: • The Main Terminal Building (MTB) tel: 03-8776 4386 / 4389 • The Contact Pier (CP) tel: 03-8776 0259 • The Satellite Building (SAT) tel: 03-8776 2454

Lost & Found:

a) Airport Terminal

If you have inadvertenly left your luggage within the airport, please proceed to the nearest information counter for further assistant.

You could also use the customer feedback form in the websites or email to publicrelation@ malaysiaairports.com.my

b) Aircraft and Check In Baggage

If you have left any item on the plane or your checked-in baggage is missing, please contact the ground handler of the airline for assistance.

Visitors Service Centre

The Visitors Service Centre is located on the third floor of the Main Terminal Building in the baggage reclaim area. It is headed by Tourism Malaysia and supported by Malaysia Airports and Malaysia Airlines. The centre is manned 24 hours a day. The Visitors Service Centre will enable passengers to get first hand information on places to visit in Malaysia, airport information, flight information, accommodation, transportation and other information that can assist them during their stay in Malaysia. The contact number for the Visitors Service Centre:

Tel: 603-8776 5651/5647 Fax: 603-8776 5722 Email: ticklia@ tourism.gov.my

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Kuala Lumpur - Airport Facilities

Shop & Dine


TRAVEL TREATS: Whether one is in transit or waiting to board, shopping is always a delight. And KLIA is a haven for such an indulgence. Looking for the big players in high fashion? Just walk through the "High fashion" rows at the Satellite Building.Well, they're all here - Christian Dior, Versace, Burberry, Dunhill and more have a ready variety of the latest in shoes, belts, wallets, handbags. And if that(photo);s not enough, the spree can continue at other outlets where leading brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Bally, Hermes, Coach, Lanvin, Mont Blanc and Etienne Aigner have what it takes to thrill you.

ATTRACTIVE ACCESSORIES: The brand-conscious will feel right at home at KLIA as stores offer a wide range of high-end items both for men and women. Step into Etienne Aigner and Airport Shoppe and you will be spoilt for choice with their collection of quality shoes and other accessories from Europe. Just as tempting are the bags, belts, wallets and leather items at Bonia and Sembonia. If clothing is your thing, look no further than the Just Nice boutique which has an impressive array of local designs. Meanwhile, the vibrant hues of the ties, scarves and shawls at the Tie Rack boutique would be hard to resist and moreover, the selection is wide as this is the labels largest outlet in the world. The Sports Shop, meantime, is designed to bring smiles to the sporty. Brands like Adidas and Reebok offer all manner of sporting accessories such as shoes, racquets, hats and more, if you(photo);re game!

ESSENTIALS EXTRA: The shopper with a taste for the classic should check out Sunglasses, Watches & Pens. With its excellent collection of fashion essentials, you cant go wrong. Similarly, Mont Blanc, with its trademark black and gold watches, pens, wallets and attachA© cases, also has an impressive range to suit your good taste. If you're going for gold, make a beeline for the Gold Bazaar. Here, the exquisite sparklers by esteemed dealers like Habib Jewels, Selberan, Gold City and Zam Gems are sure to dazzle you. BEYOND THE BASICS No matter how meticulously you pack your bags, there are bound to be things that you'd left out. And if they are essentials, what's a traveler to do? Fret not. At KLIA's Guardian Pharmacy and Pusrawi Pharmacy, you will never be without important personal items, over-the-counter medication and toiletries. The Airport Shoppe also offers a wide variety of snacks, beverages and toiletries while at Books & Magazines, you will not run short of stationery and reading material like books, newspapers and magazines.

MUST HAVES: The attraction with airport shopping is always its duty-free outlets. Cigars and cigarettes, wines and spirits, chocolates and electronic gadgets are tax-free items that travelers love. KLIA offers that and more to consumers.

GIFTS: Looking for gifts? Whatever the budget, KLIA has got outlets to match. For those who wish to purchase trinkets and knick knacks, there is Karyaneka with its myriad handicrafts and batik-print cloth and more, while esteemed souvenir shop, Royal Selangor Pewter, offers items which are of reputedly high quality. The Made In Malaysia outlets are a joy with its vast selection of locally-made products from printed shirts, handicrafts, paintings to Malaysian foods. Those in search of artwork could stop at the Malaysian Artworks boutique where there are paintings, wood carvings and sculptures to indulge in. Exotic gifts, keepsakes and curios are things you find at Gifts And Souvenirs. Items sold here like lanterns and traditional kites make intriguing presents. Stroll into the Antique shop and Asean Touch if you need collectibles like Chinese porcelains, Balinese wood carvings and household items aside from unique pewter ware.




Telephone: Telephone Booth Located at strategic areas at each and every level throughout the Main Terminal Building (MTB), Contact Pier (CP) and Satellite Building (SAT) Telecomunication Telephone Cards IDD and STD calls can be made from telephones located throughout the Main Terminal Building (MTB) and Satellite Building SAT) using: 1 Coins 2 Credit Cards or 3 Time Reach phone cards The phone cards are available in denominations of: 1 RM 20 (USD 5.30) 2 RM 30 (USD 7.90) and 3 RM 50 (USD 13.20) At various outlets: Main Terminal Building Level 5 - Books & Magazines (Departure Hall) - Fotopro (Departure Hall) Level 3 - Travellers Assistant Centre - Airport Shoppe Satellite Building - Electricals & Electronics - Books & Magazines Time Reach can be contacted at: Tel: 03-8787 1515 Office Time Reach Sdn Bhd No 6 & 8, Jalan Liku B 8/B Seksyen 8 40000 Shah Alam Tel: 03-5519 4884 Fax: 03-5513 4158


Foreign Exchange: All major currencies are accepted at foreign exchange counters located at the Departure Hall/ Arrival Hall and also at the Satellite Building. Established banks in Malaysia, offering competitive exchange rates operate these counters.

KLIA foreign exchange counters are strategically located at these places:

Main Terminal Building (MTB)


International Departure Hall

b)Malayan Banking Berhad

Near International Departure Hall

c)Bumiputera Commerce Bank Berhad

Arrival Hall, Level 3 before baggage reclaim area

d)RHB Bank

Arrival Hall, Level 3

e)Malayan Banking Berhad

Arrival Hall, Level 3

Satellite Building

a)Malayan Banking Berhad

Passenger level, leading to Gates C1-C7

b)Bumiputera Commerce Bank Berhad

Passenger level, leading to Gates C1-C7


Nursery/ Diaper Change:

The nurseries for nursing mothers are located at Level 5 of the Main Terminal Building, the International Level at Contact Pier and the passenger level of Satellite Building. The nursery is also equipped with necessary facilities for diaper change and other needs of infants.

a) Main Terminal Building

- There are 2 locations, near The International Departure

b) Contact Pier (International)

- Near entrance Gate B2-B10

c) Contact Pier (Domestic)

- Near entrance gate A2-A11 and next to Golden Lounge - Near entrance gate B1-B11 and next to Butler’s outlet

d) Satellite Building

- Wing C11-C17



1.Complimentary luggage trolleys are: Available within the baggage reclaim area and within the Main Terminal Building (MTB).

2. Hand luggage trolleys are: Available outside arrival gates and are for elderly passengers and those with heavy hand luggage

3.Car Park Trolleys are: Available at the Covered Car Park, and can be found at specific nests on all floors. Passengers, however are not allowed to take trolleys into aerotrain.


Baggage Wrapping Machines:

Located at the departure level of Main Terminal Building (MTB) between airline check-in counters B & C, F & G and K & L. The service is provided for a fee. Baggage Wrapping Service at KLIA is operated by:

Suria Manis Sdn Bhd PT 15277, Jalan Cempaka 30 Taman Desa Cempaka 2 Bandar Baru Nilai 71800 Nilai Negeri Sembilan Malaysia

Office Tel: 03-21712722 Fax: 03- 21663544 Operation Mr. Nicholas V. Marimuthu – Operation & Marketing Manager Tel: 019-2468070

The cost for security wrapping is RM 7.00 per baggage. The baggage may comprise of the following: - Hard and soft suitcases and garment bags - Back packs - Boxes containing electronics and electrical items, documents, food, crockery, handicraft, paintings, books, small furniture and etc. - Golf bags - Baby

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Kuala Lumpur - Conference Facilities

The Plaza Business Centre offers a wide range of business services, including telephone; fax; Internet; videoconferencing; postal; and secretarial services. Additional business facilities are available at the Airside Transit Hotel and the KLIA Pan Pacific Hotel, they offer fax; photocopying; Internet; workstation hire; and secretarial services. The E-Centre offers high-speed and wireless Internet; web cams; videos; computers; printing; CD burning; scanning; telephones; fax; and videoconferencing facilities.

E - Centre

There is a Business Centre located next to the Information Counter at the Satellite Building (SAT) and near to the aerotrain. It is well equipped with facilities and services.

E-Access Card Denomination for Internet access:

RM 15.00 – 75 minutes

RM 30.00 – 150 minutes

RM 60.00 – 300 minutes

RM 100.00 – 520 minutes

- CD BURNING RM 10.00 (include CD)


- FAXING DOMESTIC RM 2.00 (per page)

- SCANNING RM 1.00 (per page)

- PHOTOCOPY RM 1.00 (per page)

- PRINTING RM 1.00 (per page)

- WIRELESS CARD RM 1.00 for every 5 minutes

- IDD & STD calls According to the country


The card has an expiry date stated in the card. Any service charge will be deducted from the card.

The card sold is not refundable

Credit balance is not refundable

For more information:

Tel: 603- 8776 1212

Fax: 603- 8776 1211

Email: e_centre2002@ hotmail.com

Business Centre

There is a Business Centre (Plaza Premium Lounge) located on the Mezzanine Level at Satellite Building (take Lift 2, towards Gates C11 – 17). It is the only public access transit lounge that is open to all travelers, irrespective of airlines or travel class.

1. Lounge Use for Individuals - for duration of 5 hours per segment

A rate of RM 80.00 per person would include:

- Freshly prepared hot and cold buffet

- Coffee, tea, cappuccino and juices

- Free flow of beer

- Private shower rooms with amenities and ensuite dressing area

- High speed/wireless Internet access

- Computers and work stations

- Movies / TV

- Massage chair

- Golf putting

- International newspapers & magazines

Optional Services:

- Meet & Greet Services

- Secretarial Services

- IDD & Collect Calls

- Oxygen Aromatherapy

2. Meet & Greet and Limousine Service

RM 80.00 per person for Standard Meet & Greet Service

RM 120.00 per person for Premium Meet & Greet Service

RM 150.00 per person for Standard Meet & Greet Service with Lounge Use

RM 180.00 per person for Premium Meet & Greet Service with Lounge Use

RM 250.00 per way for Limousine Service

The Customer Services Officers will be there to receive and take care of guests the moment they step out of the plane. A paging board with the guest names will be held by their staff at the arrival gate and guests will be escorted to clear immigration, baggage claim, all the way through customs and to the arrival hall to the receiving party or otherwise to the Limousine to be driven to the hotel. The limousines are all Mercedes Benz and with designated chauffeurs.

The lounge is opened 24 hours a day, which makes it very convenient for passengers traveling at any time.

Tel: 03-8787 2323

Fax: 03-8787 2727

Email: enquiry.pplkl @ plaza-asia.com

Website: www.plaza-asia.com

Note: Words highlighted in red are new services. Please use this updated version for upload on KLIA website.

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Kuala Lumpur - Handicapped Facilities

Facilities For Disabled

To ensure that all visitors can enjoy all facilities, KLIA has given special attention to the needs of the physically challenged. Ramps and elevators, restrooms, telephones and numerous other facilities and services are easily accessible for the comfort of all.

Do call your airline in advance to request for complimentary ground assistance. Airline personnel will be on hand to assist and take care your every need.

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Kuala Lumpur - Wireless Lan

Airport provide FREE WiFi internet access through airport.

Boingo provide WiFi internet access through at Plaza Premium Lounge and Satellite building.

iPass provide WiFi internet access through at Plaza Premium Lounge and Satellite building.

NTT DoCoMo Namikiteru provide WiFi internet access at MAS Golden Lounge.

Maxis provide WiFi internet access at MAS Golden Lounge.

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Kuala Lumpur - Hotels

There are telephone hotel reservation desks on the Arrivals concourse.


Airside Transit Hotel

Tel: 603-87874848

Fax: 603-87874747

email: airsidehotel@ klia.com.my.

The Airside Transit Hotel is, conveniently located at Satellite A. It caters for the comfort of weary transit passenger. The comprehensive range of hotel facilities and services include:

80 well furnished rooms with attached bathroom, television and in-room safe. 24-hour reception Fitness Centre with well equipped gymnasium, shower, spa and sauna Business Centre with a full range of facilities Lounge Bar Cafe

Taking into consideration the many different needs of the frequent business traveller, the hotel Business Centre has been thoughtfully equipped with the necessary business aids and resources. It has the following comprehensive range of facilities and services:

Computers Typing and Word processing services International Direct Dial (I.D.D.) Work Station rental Fax - Local / International E-mail / Internet Photocopying

The advantages of staying at the Airside Transit Hotel for your transit is that, you don't have to:

Check-out through Malaysian Immigration or Customs Collect your bags Join a taxi queue with your bags Pay taxi charges to travel out Pay a full-day rate at a city hotel Pay the RM 40.00 Departure Tax

Facilities Minus Room

If you have a very brief stopover and wish to unwind in the time, you are welcome to use our private shower, spa, gym and sauna facilities. Towels, soap and shampoo will be provided. Locker would be available to patrons of the gym and sauna. Chargeable rates are as follows:

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: All reservation will be held for 45 minutes after flight arrival or 15 minutes after requested time.

Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport Hotel

Jalan CTA 4B

64000 KLIA, Sepang

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Tel: 603-8787 3333 Fax: 603-8787 5555

E-mail: klairport@ panpacific.com

Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport, a 5-star international hotel in Kuala Lumpur, is conveniently located adjacent to the KL International Airport's Main Terminal Building. The hotel is linked to Kuala Lumpur International Airport via a sky-bridge and is just a five-minute walk. For our guest's convenience, Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport has introduced a complimentary buggy shuttle service between the airport and the hotel. The buggy shuttle service operates daily from 5:00 am to 1:00 am.


The Concorde Inn Hotel (tel: (0)3 8783 3118)

Empress Hotel (tel: (0)3 8706 7777)

Equatorial Hotel Bangi (tel: (0)3 8210 2222)

Renaissance Palm Garden (tel: (0)3 8943 2233).

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Isolated tstorms. Overcast. Warm.
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