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Leipzig - Driving Directions

Take the Schkeuditz/Flughafen exit on the motorway A14 coming from Dresden or from the Schkeuditz intersection (A9/A14). To get to the airport from Leipzig city centre follow the airport signs, which will also direct you via the motorway A14.

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Leipzig - Public Transport

Access services

There are a large number of access services linking the Airport with all the major towns in the region: The Airport Express, operated by Deutsche Bahn, runs from Leipzig (Main Station) and Halle/Saale (Main Station), with a journey time to the Airport Station of 14 and 16 minutes respectively. IC trains from the directions of Hannover, Magdeburg, Halle and Dresden stop at the Airport hourly, which makes coming and going by rail extremely convenient.

In addition to this, on request, there are additional access services available from, for example, the areas of Chemnitz, Zwickau and Gera, among others, and many travel agencies can likewise arrange transfer services.


As the expansion of the airport proceeds, the airport will be included in the high-speed train network of the Deutsche Bahn.

Deutsche Bahn

Regular long-distance connections link all the larger towns in the provinces of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia with Halle/Saale Central Station and Leipzig Central Station. For the customers of some travel agents, the journey by rail to Leipzig/Halle Airport is free of charge, as is travelling by the linking bus from Halle. Please ask your travel agents.

By train directly from the Central Station

Since the end of 2002, Leipzig/Halle Airport can directly be reached by the Airport Express of German Railways. The trains shuttle between Leipzig main station and the airport station in a 30-minutes-cycle. The journey lasts 14 minutes, including a stop at the new fairgrounds of the Leipzig Trade Fair. Trains between Halle/Saale main station and Leipzig/Halle Airport also shuttle every 30 minutes.

Since Leipzig/Halle Airport has been connected to the intercity railroad network of German Railways in June 2003, Intercity trains stop at the airport station every hour. Thus, the central German airport is directly accessible by rail from the regions of Halle, Magdeburg and Dresden.

Courier Baggage Service from Deutsche Bahn

With the Deutsche Bahn Courier Baggage Service you can entrust your baggage for the journey to your own hands - and to Deutsche Bahn. Simply have your bags collected from your home, and collect it again at the airport at the agreed time in Terminal B, Ground Floor. Tickets for this are available at all DB sales outlets, or can be ordered by telephone on the nationwide service number 0180-5996633, at least two days before starting your journey.

Costs at present for normal baggage:

1 piece of luggage (1-20 kg): 20.45 € any additional piece of luggage: 15.30 € 1 piece of outsize luggage (e.g. bicycles): 29.65 € any additional piece of outsize luggage: 24.50 €


By taxi

There are taxi stands in front of Terminal B and in the city centres of Halle and Leipzig, e.g. in front of the main railway station. It takes you about 30 minutes to travel from Leipzig main station, and about 40 minutes from Halle city centre. The journey from Leipzig main station to the airport will be about 30.00 €.


Transfer services

Airport Transfer Contact

A & S Theodor Arndt Security GmbH

Leipzig +49 (0)3 41 - 4 67 21 - 101

D*H*S* Stephan Brauer

Markleeberg +49 (0)3 42 99 - 7 66 06

Dessauer Airport Shuttle-Service (Glathe)

Dessau +49 (0)3 40 - 8 58 22 59

Fahrdienst Jens Quelms

Borna +49 (0) 34 33 - 20 05 49

Fluggast Transfer Schlicke

Werda +49 (0)3 74 63 - 8 33 32

+49 (0)3 74 63 - 8 33 33

Flughafenservice Fiedler & Fiedler

Schkeuditz +49 (0)3 42 04- 6 98 53

Flughafentransfer Frank Meinelt

Weißenborn +49 (0)3 66 01 - 4 39 10

Ihr Reiselöwe – Flughafentransfer

Leipzig +49 (0)3 41 - 2 32 23 77

LACKSCHUH Fahrdienstleistungen P.Reinhold

Chemnitz +49 (0)3 71 - 8 08 28 49

Limousinen-Dienst Business Heß

Steutz +49 (0)3 92 44 - 9 41 06

Mietwagenunternehmen & Kurierdienst B. Klingner

Borna +49 (0) 34 33 - 20 52 15

Mietwagenunternehmen Kai-Uwe Hartung

Altenburg +49 (0) 34 47 - 83 42 26

Mietwagenunternehmen Matern

Beesenlaublingen +49 (0)3 46 92 - 2 04 85

Personentransportservice Krauße

Töppeln +49 (0)3 65 - 8 00 73 90

Reisebüro Bindig

Wilkau-Haßlau +49 (0)3 75 - 65 20 21

Reiseland Frömmigen

Köthen +49 (0) 34 96 - 50 21 15

Reiseservice Klaus Naumann

Könnern/Trebnitz +49 (0) 3 46 91 - 521 70

Shuttle-Service Frömmel

Schkeuditz / OT Freiroda +49 (0)3 42 07 - 7 01 11

Shuttleservice Werner Richter

Leipzig / OT Dölzig +49 (0)3 41 - 4 12 65 49

Taxi & Fahrschule Sven Lachmann

Zerbst +49 (0) 39 23 - 78 02 96 - 97

Taxi- und Mietwagen Balling

Großpaschleben +49 (0) 34 96 - 55 79 75

Transfer-Service Wünscher

Leipzig +49 (0)3 41 - 9 00 33 30

VIP Fahrdienst Frank Törpel

Leipzig +49 (0)3 41 - 91 99 88 33

Many travel agencies also provide transfer services.


By the HAVAG shuttle service, route 300 from and to Halle. The bus runs once an hour in the peak time.

By bus: Other shuttle bus services make it possible to get to the airport from other directions, e.g. from Magdeburg and Dessau.

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Leipzig - Car Parking

Parking at the airport

Car parks and multi-storey car park

About 6,000 parking spaces are available for you at Leipzig/Halle Airport. A guiding system which is installed throughout the airport and along the access roads aims to direct you to free car parks.

You may also reserve a parking space on the multi-storey car park; information is available on +49 (0)341-224-1247.

Airport information desk

+49 (0)341-224-1155

Terminal B, ground floor

Long-stay parking: P2, P4, P5, P20, Multi-storey car park

Short-stay parking: P1, P11

We have built four long-stay car parks and two short-stay car park for our passengers. If you want to leave your car for more than a day, we recommend one of the long-stay car parks P2, P4, P5 and P20. If you just want to take your friends or family to the airport or to pick up someone, you may park your car on the short-stay car park P1 directly in front of the two terminal buildings. The new multi-storey car park, which was opened in the summer of 2000, provides more than 2,700 indoors car parking spaces on six decks. An additional car park is provided north of the motorway A14, near the new tower, in the main season.

Parking charges and parking voucher

There is a charge for the car parks.

Parking spaces for disabled persons

There are a number of parking spaces reserved for disabled persons on the short-term car park P1 directly in front of Terminal B. These parking spaces may be used free of charge by category »aG« or »H« card holders. There are additional parking spaces reserved for disabled persons on the car park P2 and on the decks 1 to 4 of the multi-storey car park. However, there is a charge for those parking spaces. Please notify us of any required assistance at the time when you buy your ticket.

There is a free-of-charge shuttle bus service to Terminal B (on request) for passengers who park their cars on the car parks P4 and P20. The transfer only takes a few minutes.

Parking house

Stay Charge

till 20 minuts free

till 1 hour 1,50 €

till 2 hours 3,00 €

till 8 hours (any additional hour) +1,00 €

1 day (more than 8 hours) 15,00 €

1 week (7 days) 50,00 €

2 weeks (14 days) 75,00 €

3 weeks (21 days) 95,00 €

4 weeks (28 days) 115,00 €

any additional week +40,00 €

Attention! Max. height: 1.90 metre.

Parking charge P1, P3

Stay Charge

till 30 minutes 1,00 €

till 1 hour 2,00 €

till 8 hours (any additional hour) +2,00 €

1 day (more than 8 hours) 20,00 €

1 week (7 days) 80,00 €

2 weeks (14 days) 110,00 €

3 weeks (21 days) 140,00 €

4 weeks (28 days) 160,00 €

any additional week +90,00 €

Parking charge P2, P4, P5

Stay Charge

till 1 hour 1,00 €

till 2 hours 2,00 €

till 6 hours +1,00 €

1 day (more than 6 h) 7,00 €

1 week (7 days) 45,00 €

2 weeks (14 days) 60,00 €

3 weeks (21 days) 75,00 €

4 weeks (28 days) 100,00 €

any additional week +30,00 €

Parking charge for shortparking P11

(opposite the Zentral-Check-In)

Stay Charge

till 30 minutes 1,00 €

1 hour 2,00 €

2 hours 4,00 €

3 hours 6,00 €

maximum stay 3 h

Slot machine 0,50 €, 1,00 €, 2,00 €

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Leipzig - Intra Terminal Transfer

Both terminals are located within one building complex.

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Leipzig - Car Hire

Car rental


Mon – Fri: 07.30 am – 8.30 pm

Sun: 8 – 13 pm +49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1636

+49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1637


Terminal B, GF


Mon – Fri: 07 am– 23 pm

Sat: 10 am– 18 pm

Sun: 09 am– 23 pm +49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1803

+49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1806


Terminal B, GF


Mon – Fri: 07 – 23 pm

Sat: 10 am– 18 pm

Sun: 15 am– 23 pm +49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1880

+49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1801


Terminal B, GF


Mon – Fri: 07 am– 23 pm

Sat: 07 am– 21 pm

Sun: 09 am– 23 pm +49 (0) 341 - 224 - 1820

+49 (0) 34204 - 77066


Terminal B, GF


Mon – Fri: 07 am – 23 pm

Sat: 10 am– 18 pm

Sun: 10 am– 23 pm +49 (0) 34204 - 14317


Terminal B, GF


Mon – Fri: 07 am– 23 pm

Sat: 07 am – 21 pm

Sun: 09 am – 23 pm +49 (0) 180 - 5262525

+49 (0) 180 - 5222930-0393


Terminal B, GF

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Leipzig - Info And Helpdesks

Airport information desk: +49 (0)341-224-1155 // Terminal B, ground floor.

The Airport information desk provides the following additional services:

- Keeping

car keys, letters € 2.00 a day

oversize luggage € 2.00 a day per piece

knives, nail files etc. € 0.50 a day

1x starting aid kit for your car 5.00 €

- Reception of found articles

- Parking bonus

- DB courier luggage

- Audi Airport Service

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Leipzig - Airport Facilities

SHOPPING: There is a travel value shop in the terminal of the airport, which sells magazines; sweets; gifts; wine; sparkling wine; spirits; perfum; cosmetics; cigarettes; and toys.


Banks, ATMs and money exchange machines:

- Sparkasse Delitzsch-Eilenburg: Terminal A, +49 (0)341-224--1290

- ATM (cashpoint) and money exchange - Sparkasse: Terminal B

- Reisebank branch, Tax Free / VAT-refunding +49 (0)341-224-2235: Terminal B

- Selfservice store of Sparkasse (bank): Terminal B


Bars and Restaurants:

- Bistro »Ju 52«: +49(0)34204-7027914, Check-In

- Flughafenrestaurant »Iljuschin 18«: +49(0)34204-702890, Mall

- Marché Bar, Arrivals hall, ground floor, open 24 hours daily: +49(0)341-224-1256, Terminal B, ground floor

- Marché Express Bars, Departures hall, upper floor, open daily corresponding with the flight schedule: Terminal B, upper floor

- Marché Restaurant, Gallery, upper floor, open daily corresponding with the flight schedule: +49(0)341-224-1652, Terminal B, upper floor


Service for travellers with children

- Baby's changing room - ground floor: Terminal B

- Baby's changing rooms - upper floor: Terminal B

- Baby's changing rooms - Mall: Mall

The Airport information staff will be happy to tell you the door code. +49 (0)341-224-1155

- Children's play areas: Terminal B


Ecumenical chapel

Ecumenical chapel: opened 24 hours a day

Pastor Dr. M. Richter (evangelic) +49 (0)341-224-2670, matth-richter@ freenet.de

Pastor Ch. Grubert (r. Catholic ) +49 (0)341-224-2672, rk.fhs-lej @ arcor.de

- Divine service

- evangelic: Mon 11.30 am, Tue 11 am & 12.15 pm

- R. Catholic: Fri - Sun 6.30 pm

- Pastoral care: on appointment



- Airport Lounge: +49 (0)341-224-2628, Terminal B

- Lufthansa Lounge: +49 (0)341-224-1615, Terminal B

- Club Lounge: +49 (0)341-224-1455, Terminal A


Luggage lockers / luggage cart:

- Luggage lockers: Termilal B

- Luggage cart: Multi-storey carpark


Other Services:

- First Aid: +49 (0)341-224-112, Mall, Terminal B

- Customs, export clearance: +49 (0)341-224-1780, Terminal B



There are coin, phonecard and credit card-operated phones on both floors of the Terminal.

Note: You cannot use Telekom phonecards, because the phones are not run by Deutsche Telekom.

- Telephones - ground floor: Terminal B

- Telephones - upper floor: Terminal B



- Toilets - ground floor: Terminal B

- Toilets - upper floor: Terminal B

- Toilets: Check-in

- Toilets for disabled persons - ground floor: Mall

- Toilets for disabled persons - upper floor: Mall


Visitor service

- Directions and Souvenirs, Mo-So 10 am - 5 pm: +49 (0)341-224-1414, Central terminal

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Leipzig - Conference Facilities

Meetings at the airport

Are you looking for a possibility to meet your business partners in a quiet place? Do you want to use your time as efficiently as possible? Leipzig/Halle Airport forms an ideal basis for this: We have well-equipped conference rooms of different size available and we will provide catering for you and your guests to your specifications. You come to your meeting room directly from the plane, thus avoiding taxi fares and the traffic jams of the city. Simply fly and meet.

However, if you come here by car our service is no less attractive. Leipzig/Halle Airport has good connections to the motorway and highway networks so that you arrive at your airport meeting place quickly and easily. Our charges are reasonable and you will enjoy professional service to your specifications. Day rates and special arrangements make it possible to tailor our offer to your needs.

Conference service

+49 (0)341-224-2227

+49 (0)341-224-2226

Conference service

Conference rooms

You can hold your seminars, meetings and conferences right at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The air-conditioned rooms on the upper floor of Terminal B are equipped with up-to-date communication devices and can accommodate 4 to 40 people. An excellent culinary service provided by Mövenpick rounds off your meeting.

Large conference rooms:

Richard Wagner Room, Georg Friedrich Händel Room

70 m2, capacity approx. 40 people each


per day 175.00 €

up to 2 hours 56.00 €

each additional hour 24.00 €

Sliding partitions allow these rooms to be divided into two rooms of 35 m2 suitable for about 16 persons.

Rates for the room on the gallery side

per day 135.00 €

up to 2 hours 45.00 €

each additional hour 18.00 €

Rates for the room on the corridor side

per day 120.00 €

up to 2 hours 45.00 €

each additional hour 15.00 €

Small conference rooms:

Dorothea Erxleben Room, Friedrich Schiller Room, August Hermann Room

14 m2, capacity approx. 4 people each


per day 110.00- €

up to 2 hours 40.00 €

each additional hour 15.00 €

Video and LCD projectors for rooms 1+2 as well as photocopier, fax machine, overhead projector and telephone can also be hired. The table arrangement can be changed in the large conference rooms.

VAT inclusive in all rates.

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Leipzig - Handicapped Facilities

Assistance for disabled persons

Leipzig/Halle Airport was build to suit the needs of disabled persons. There are no obstacles at the entrance of Terminal B. You can get to the restaurant, conference rooms, waiting areas and departure lounges on the upper floor with a lift. There are toilets and telephones for disabled persons both on the ground floor and upper floor.

Reserved parking spaces

Short-stay parking spaces reserved for disabled persons are available directly in front of Terminal B and on the car park, P1. These parking spaces may be used free of charge by category »aG« or »H« card holders. The car park P2 and the multi-storey car park also provide parking spaces for disabled persons. However, these are free of charge too.


Please notify us of any required assistance at the time when you buy your ticket or when you book your journey. When you need any help at the airport, please contact your airline or our airport information desk, which can be found in Terminal B (phone: +49 (0)341-224-1155). If you wish, we will accompany you on your way from the check-in desk to the aircraft, or from the aircraft to the luggage claim and to the exit.

We wish you a pleasant flight.

Your Leipzig/Halle Airport

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Leipzig - Wireless Lan

divine_management provide WiFi internet access through airport.

iPass provide WiFi internet access through airport.

Sprint provide WiFi internet access through airport.

The Cloud provide WiFi internet access through airport.

Vodafone provide WiFi internet access through airport.

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Leipzig - Hotels

NH Leipzig Messe

Fuggerstrasse 2 D-04158 Leipzig, Leipzig

Tel. +49.34.152510

Fax. +49.34.15251300

nhleipzigmesse@ nh-hotels.com

Welcome to the NH Leipzig Messe, a comfortable hotel in one or Germany's traditional fair and congress centres. Leipzig is reowned for its combination of historical ambience, modern flair and a pulsating economic life. Our house is located only a few steps from one of Europe's most modern fairgrounds and offers all the convenience and comfort for your business saty or your discovery tours through the city Centre.

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Leipzig - News Update

Decision of the Federal Administrative Court confirms development of Leipzig/Halle Airport

Today's decision of the Federal Administrative Court paves the way for Leipzig/Halle Airport developing into an airfreight hub.

Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG welcomes Federal Administrative Court's decision

Decision creates the legal certainty required for the airport's development into an international cargo hub

Volkmar Stein, President and CEO of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG: »The Court's decision is an important step in developing Leipzig/Halle into an international hub. The decision confirms the strategy followed by the shareholders and the airport management. Early in the 1990s it all started with the vision of making Leipzig/Halle Airport one of the major logistics locations worldwide. Today, we have got a good bit further in attaining this goal.«

Decision paves the way for further development

Eric Malitzke, Managing Director of Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH: »We gladly accept today's decision of the Federal Administrative Court confirming development of Leipzig/Halle Airport. The airport is now providing the planning and investment certainty required for becoming a major airfreight hub and for making the Leipzig/Halle region a competitive logistics location of European significance. With DHL settling at the airport, a first step has been made. «

Impact of possible night flight restrictions

The decision of the Federal Administrative Court does not affect development of Leipzig/Halle Airport into an airfreight hub in this respect. The Regional Council (Regierungspräsidium Leipzig) shall have to decide to which extent scheduled and charter flights are necessarily to be operated during the night. At present, about 10% of all aircraft movements, tourist flights in particular, are being handled at Leipzig/Halle Airport during night hours.

In the view of Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH, there is no doubt that scheduled and charter flights must be handled at least outside the so-called core hours between 00:00 and 05:00 in order to accommodate passenger and air transport needs.

Runway South and associated apron area to be opened in July 2007

As part of the development work, Runway South is being built. The 3,600-metre runway runs parallel to the existing Runway North, which also has a length of 3,600 metres. A 53-hectare apron is directly linked to Runway South. Both, runway and apron will be opened in July 2007.

About 350 million euros will be invested in the construction of the new Runway South, including noise protection measures.

2008: Leipzig/Halle to become European DHL hub

Beginning in 2008, DHL, the Express subsidiary of Deutsche Post World Net, will use Leipzig/Halle as its European hub with about 50 aircraft per day. In addition to Wilmington in the U.S. and Hong Kong in Asia, Leipzig/Halle will be the third major airfreight hub in the global DHL network.

Thanks to Deutsche Post World Net and DHL investing 300 million euros in the location, about 10,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created by 2012.

Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH

Marketing/Public Relations

Tel.: 0341-2 24 11 59

Fax: 0341-2 24 11 61

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