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Naples - Driving Directions

From the city centre take the Tangenziale (bypass) road towards Capodichino, then turn off at the Secondigliano/Aeroporto Exit.

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Naples - Public Transport


TAXIES: Outside the Terminal - at the Arrival area

BUSES: - ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilita); To: Piazza Garibaldi (Italian Railways Main Station) 3S line. departures about every 10 minutes

- Alibus Shuttle Bus: h. 6.30 - 23.30 departures about every 30 minutes




Ferrovie dello Stato: Main Stations : Stazione Centrale, Piazza Garibaldi, Mergellina, Campi Flegrei; Information: Phone 892021 (toll free)

Circumvesuviana: Main stations : Piazza Pepe, Piazza Garibaldi / Trains to: Pompei, Ercolano, Sorrento




Information: Phone 0818015420 or 0818016376



Information: Phone 0824320764



Information: Phone 0817005104



Information: Phone 0825204250





Daily departures to Ischia

Information: Phone 0815522838


Daily departures to Capri, Ischia, Procida

Information: Phone 0815513882


Daily departures to Sorrento

Information: Phone 0815527209


Daily departures to Capri

Information: Phone 0815527209



Daily departures to Ischia Porto, Forio d'Ischia, Positano

Information: Phone 0817611004


Daily departures to Capri, Ischia Casamicciola, Procida

Information: Phone 0817612348

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Naples - Car Parking

Parking areas: P4-P3-P6-P2, 50 meters from Terminal 1, P1, 400 meters from Terminal 2

1201 parking spaces.

16 payment tills.

24 hour customer assistance via intercoms located at the car park entrances and exits, the check-out tills or at the manned payment counter.

Baggage trollies located within each car park.

Payment may also be made by credit card in only 3 seconds, with no commission charged, directly from your car at the exit till by inserting the car park ticket and then the credit card.



New Car Valet service at the Naples Airport to be offered by Quick No Problem Parking, a Campania-based company.

Quick No Problem Parking is a company specialized in providing valet services in airports. With its staff of eight valets and three hostesses, airport users will be able to enjoy parking assistance as well as other additional services upon request such as: car wash, change of tires and those small maintenance jobs which are frequently put off for lack of time.

Car valet resolves parking problems for departing and transiting passengers or visitors waiting at the airport with little available time for parking by allowing them to leave their cars with specialized personnel and catch their flights without any further loss of time.

Car valeting services include:

Reservations for guaranteed car space Easy auto drop off Baggage assistance Car wash 24 hour surveillance

Quick No Problem Parking

Naples International Airport - P5 parking area

info & bookings: +39 0817896366

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Naples - Intra Terminal Transfer

Terminals are in walking distance of each other.

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Naples - Car Hire

Car rentals: Arrival Hall



Fax +39.081.751.6051

08:00/24:00 every day

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.



Fax +39.081.780.4780

08:00/22:20 every day

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.



Fax +39.081.599.0924

08:00/22:20 monday to friday

08:00/22:00 saturdays and sundays

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.


Booking service: 8488/67067 (toll free)


Fax +39.081.599.1233

07:30/23:30 every day

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.


Booking service: 199.100.666 (call cost € 0.14/min. For calls from mobile phone refer to your operator)


Fax +39.081.751.6010

All days 07:00/23:30 (monday to sunday)

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.



Fax +39.081.751.5013

08:00/22:00 monday to friday

08:00/19:00 saturdays and sundays (on request only)

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.



All days 07:00/23:30 (monday to sunday)

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.



All days 07:00/23:30 (monday to sunday)

Please call in case of delay.

On request this facility may extend the closing time.

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Naples - Info And Helpdesks

Customer service

Our number one objective is meeting the needs of our customers to their complete satisfaction. to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our highly qualified, courteous customer service personnel will assist you with all your travel-related needs so that your trip, be it for business or for pleasure, is enjoyable and relaxing.

Customer service provides airport information including arrival and departure times, domestic and international connections as well as tourist information such as itineraries, archaeological sites, museum hours, a local calendar of events, sea and land connections, VIP assistance and porter services.

Customer Service, open to the public from 5:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., is located on the arrivals area on the ground floor.

For further information, please contact:

Customer Service

+39 081.7896.259


Lost&Found: Arrivals; Dear Customer,

We regret any inconvenience caused by the fact that your luggage has not arrived. Thanks to our new service, you can immediately access information regarding the status of the search procedures.

Insert the file number given to you by the Luggage Assistance Office when you filed your report and the system will allow you to view the current status and a description of the luggage if it has been found.

For further information regarding the status of your luggage, please contact:

Call-Centre: 199.280.180

A new, 24-hour a day, automatic service providing updated information on the search status of lost baggage.

New text messaging service: If text-messaging notification was requested when you filed your claim, you will be notified in real time of any updates in the search status of your baggage directly on your mobile phone!

Please note that the mentioned service is not available for Alitalia.


Business Point: Infill Slab, Three totem in the departure area and one in the food court. Two International phone card dealers in the departure area and one in airside arrival hall.

The Business Point Tele-Link, offers the followings services:

The Internet

Video Conferences



Workstation Rental


Facsimile Transmission

Save on CD or Floppy

International Calls

Photo Printing


Digital Photo Download

For information:

Ph. 081.7896749

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Naples - Airport Facilities

Shopping gallery

Located on the airport's first floor, Galleria Napoli offers traditional Neapolitan food products such as fresh buffalo mozzarella and renowned local wines, amusing gadgets and T-shirts with wise old (as well as modern) sayings, useful and functional travel accessories, designer glasses, elegant cameos and… hand-decorated ceramics, fashion accessories and prestigious brand name watches. Come visit us, the shops in the Galleria are open all day from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. - 365 days a year!

Chilli & Co. - Jewellery and fashion accessories; 081.595.5789

Chilli caters to those who love to pamper themselves by adding a touch of freshness in their life style. The shop is distinctive with its refined and minimalist design which highlights the beauty of the objects on display. Splendid coral and turquoise stones, gems and brilliantly Mediterranean coloured stones that scintillate as well as original, tastefully-made, scarves, jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and bags.

Sole & Vista - Sunglasses & accessories; 081.5993.099

For many years, Sole & Vista specialized in the sales of optical products and with an extended network of sales points throughout the Campania and Calabria Regions, has been a guarantee of the utmost in professional, helpful and courteous service. Naturally, clients will always find only the finest names in sunglasses, because in today’s world, sunglasses are definitely an important fashion accessory.

Carthusia - Capri perfumes; 081.7896.292

A brand name rooted in tradition which, still today, uses the same methods used by the Carthusian monks at the turn of the last century. All Carthusia preparations are based on natural, high quality products and even the packaging is done by hand. The essences made from Monte Solaro-cultivated rosemary and wild Capri carnations are the basis for these perfumes which evoke a lingering sense of legend and history.

Caprinatura - Gastronomy: 081.5993.222

Since 1989, the small laboratory on the isle of Capri has produced local liqueurs and conserves according to traditional recipes and techniques characterised by discriminating quality and elegant packaging.

Camomilla Italia - Women’s clothing and accessories; 081.7896.282

With over 100 sales sites in Italy, Camomilla Italia has become a point of reference in the sector of women’s apparel and accessories for women who are modern and dynamic yet, feminine as well. The clothing is whimsical but never excessive, classical yet with a touch of originality and suited for every occasion and season for women who are attentive to the dictates of fashion but do not neglect the importance of the price-quality relationship.

Travel Masters - Travel accessories; 081.5990.295

This youthful and practical line of travel belt pouches, knapsacks and bags are useful on holiday as well as for city use. Made of “stone-washed” extra-strength nylon, the colours for this summer are sky blue, indigo blue, emerald green, navy blue and black.

Carpisa - Bags, luggage and small leather goods; 081.7896.364

An Italian made brand, leader in leather goods and luggage sector which has reached quota 150 sales points located throughout Italy. The force of Carpisa products originates in the perfect symbiosis of the synergic elements used. Carpisa leather goods, including a variety of products aimed at meeting the needs of travellers, are available in an incredible array of lively coloured, finely detailed and functional models.

NapoliMania - Neapolitan gifts & gadgets; 081.7512.614

The innate spontaneous sense of harmony and taste exclusive to Naples sets our products apart giving them an aura of charm and uniqueness.

La Piazzetta - Typical delicious sweets from Capri; 081.5993.222

What more appropriate setting than the famous Piazzetta of Capri to savour the fragrant taste of typical Capri pastries or classic ice cream made in the tradition of the great Italian ice cream masters.


Refreshment areas

Naples International Airport offers its visitors a selection of restaurants and snack areas. The four bar serve traditional Neapolitan expresso coffee. Thanks to Burger-King's exclusive "Have It Your Way" formula, you can customized your hamburger by adding or taking away various ingredients according to preference or choose from the large selection of Burger King's best selling specialties including the Whopper, a rich and tasty hamburger introduced in 1957 and served worldwide to almost 5 million customers a day, King chips and Burger King's famous fried onion rings. The new Ciao Restaurant , located on the airport's recently renovated first floor overlooking the airport apron, offers a selection of 20 different meals, including classical Mediterranean diet, light meals and typical Italian regional dishes.

Snack Bar - Shopping gallery

At the Shopping Gallery’s Autogrill Snack Bar, in addition to the classic and traditional Italian café fare (coffee, cappuccino, brioche and sandwiches…) clients will find tasty novelties which are periodically renewed in order to satisfy the need for something different. The shopping Gallery is the ideal place for passengers, and those who accompany them, to enjoy a pleasant and refreshing break.

Snack Bar - "Al Chicco di Caffè"

The Autogrill “Al Chicco di Caffè” Snack Bar offers fast service and high product quality with an ample assortment to satisfy all tastes. Clients may choose among the combined menus (Perfect Menu, Morning Menu, Energy Menu) while enjoying the riveting of the runway. The Snack Bar is located near the playground where children waiting for flights can enjoy themselves as well.

Snack Bar - Internazionale

Before boarding a flight for a long business or leisure trip, customers can satisfy that last minute desire for a cup of coffee, a drink or a sandwich at the Autogrill Snack Bar located in the non-Schengen departure lunge. Here, as well, all the products are characterized by the renown Autogrill high standards of quality and service.

BLu Bar; 081.5990.246

A charming corner café located in the arrivals concourse. Created to serve the “meeters” at our airport, Blu Bar has acquired a steadfast and loyal clientele with its wonderful coffee and attentive and courteous service.

Burger King; 081.5993.220

Burger King is an international fast food restaurant able to satisfy the needs of a young and dynamic target market in search of good taste and entertainment. In addition to the famous Whoppers, Burger King offers a vast assortment of chicken-based products and innovative snacks and desserts to complete your meal. Burger King’s characteristic elements are product quality, continuous product innovation the enjoyable experience the sales points provide for consumers.

Self Service Ciao; 081.5993.220

Ciao is a new generation restaurant in which expert chefs are in full view as they prepare meals with the region’s most characteristic ingredients in new and original recipes. Thanks to the fast service and ample selection, a full meal can be eaten in a quarter: on a daily basis, a assortment of meals, chosen from 150 recipes, are offered. Autogrill’s CIAO restaurant is located in the Autogrill Food Court of the Airport’s Shopping Gallery.

Oro di Napoli - Wine bar & Gourmet

Produced sweets and salty, rigorously “made in Campania” to seduce the most particular palates with tastings of typical dishes combined to local wines. One for all the “Naples Plate” that it composed by mozzarella of bufala, Neapolitan salame, spicy provolone and Gragnano from the Caputo's wine cellars.


Departures lounge

Airshop - Perfumes, liquors, elegant fashion accessories; 081.7896.423

In a warm atmosphere covering 400 m2, AIR SHOP welcomes clients with a wide selection of designer names in fashion, leather goods, perfumes as well as cosmetics, toys and gourmet delicacies.

Yamamay - Lingerie and beachwear; 081.7896.847

This new shop, located in the departures lounge, offers a large range of fine quality intimate apparel, nightwear and the latest fashions in bathing suits.

Raggi di Seta - Ties and scarves; 081.780.2460

Especially dedicated to those who wish to dress elegantly and in a refined manner, Raggi di Seta offers a wide selection of fine designer ties, men’s sweaters and brightly coloured scarves for women in rich, quality fabrics.

Titoli - Bookshop; 081.7896.438

Best seller, European capital's tourist guide, magazine, children's books, editions in their original languages and an entirely dedicated Campania area with exclusive works and high quality catalogue.



Sun store - Newspapers and tobacco products; 081.7802.220

Located on the right-hand side of the check-in area and in arrival hall, Sunstore offers Italian and international newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, all sorts of gift items, fun gadgets and souvenirs.

Thomas Cook Exchange Bureau: Arrival Hall (0039.081.7809.107), Departure Hall (0039.081.7801.825)

Post Office: Pegaso Building, 30 meters from Terminal 1

Bank Service: Banco di Napoli; Pegaso Building, 30 meters from Terminal 1

Automated Cashpoints: Departure Hall, Arrival Hall, Near Exchange Bureau

Welcome Desk: On request

Red Cross: Arrivals

Ticket Counter: Departure Hall, Two on the Arrival Hall

Vip lounges: Departure Hall and First Floor; The "La Terrazza" VIP lounge, reserved for Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa, business class passengers, and the "Vanvitelli" VIP lounge, for Alitalia business class passengers, are located in the main Terminal. In these comfortable, relaxing lounges, passengers have access to Italian and international newspapers and magazines, refreshments and fax service. An on-line computer allows easy, real-time access to flight arrival and departure information.

Trolleys: Arrival Hall, Departure Hall, Parking Areas

Public Telephones and Fax: Located in several areas, Italian phone cards (available ad Sunstore) and credit cards accepted

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Naples - Conference Facilities

Meeting Facilities: Terminal 1, Pegaso Building, Leonardo Building


Airport operators are our first clients and together we try to make the most of available space by reconciling their needs with the highest standards of quality.

For those operating in the airport, having an office in the immediate vicinity of the airport is fundamental profitable results in their business activities. This is why we give our utmost attention to our client's exact field of business before proposing the best solution in terms of availability and location of office spaces.

Space on the first floor of Terminal 1 has been allotted to the airlines, while for those with commercial activities or sales agencies, the Pegaso Building, situated just a few metres from the main Terminal, is the ideal location. Recently renovated, these offices enjoy a privileged position overlooking the aircraft stands or Terminal 1, have heating and air-conditioning and are rigorously in compliance with work safety standards. Ample parking is available.

Conference Rooms

For most businessmen, time is a very precious commodity, which is precisely why our meeting rooms are complete with every comfort. Consequently, businessmen have ample time to hold meetings without ever having to leave the airport or worry about coping with city traffic and are able to choose from a variety of services offered by our staff:

Meeting point Welcome desk at Arrivals Catering service Dedicated check-in Hostess services Porter services Pre-boarding and dedicated boarding services Special baggage unloading Additional services available on request

Our meeting packages are flexible and suitable for all needs: meeting room reservations are available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

For information:

Property Office

Ph. 081.7896.633/518

Fax 081.7896.572

E-mail: property@,

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Naples - Handicapped Facilities

Special needs:

Naples International Airport guarantees that all customers receive the same high quality services, thus particular attention is given to the needs of the disabled. Access to the airport entrance is facilitated by sidewalks with access ramps, two stoplights with acoustic indicators have been installed for the blind and parking spaces for the disabled are situated in the immediate vicinity of the terminal.

Those requiring special assistance only need ring the designated bell located at the entrance of the Terminal and specialised personnel will arrive to assist the passenger from check-in to facilitated flight boarding with a lift for the disabled.

For further information, please contact:

Customer Service

+39 081.7896.259


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Naples - Wireless Lan

No WiFi.

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Naples - Hotels

Charming International Hotel

Viale Umberto Maddalena, 35

80144 Napoli (NA) Italia

Tel. + PBX Fax +39.081.595.5733


The Charming International Hotel represents the first airport hotel in Italy. Situated in the heart of Naples airport area, beside the Capodichino international arrivals. It has been built from a 19th century farmhouse, which has been fully renovated, so that its beautiful shape remains unchanged.

Located only a few minutes from Naples main tourist attractions, 8 km from Central Station (FFSS), 10 Km from the Port, and is directly connected to the Ring Road and the Naples-Milan Motorway (at Capodichino exit) and Napoli-Salerno A3.

Its ideal position meets the needs of a business clientele looking for a resort characterized by an informal and warm atmosphere with hight quality and excellent facilities in a carefully selected site.

The Charming International Hotel complex has been refurbished using only environmentally friendly materilas that comply with environmental regulations. Furthemore, room acoustical treatment through an innovative system of wall and equipment plating assures the best relaxation to its guests.


The three-star Millennium Hotel (tel: (0)81 595 5406) is also located very close to the airport, on viale Maddalena, it can be reached on foot or by bus.

The four-star Holiday Inn Napoli (tel: (0)81 225 0111) is 2km (1 mile) from the airport and it provides complimentary shuttle bus transfer from/to airport.

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Current weather in
Mostly sunny. Warm.

Mostly sunny. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Wind: SW 13 km/h

Isolated tstorms late. Overcast. Warm.

Isolated tstorms late. Overcast. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 24 %
Wind: SE 12 km/h

Sunny. Warm.

Sunny. Warm.
Chance of Precip.: 22 %
Wind: W 17 km/h

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