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Reykjavik - Driving Directions

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You start at 1, Reykjavík (IS) and head towards 41 for 10.9 miles. After 10.9 miles bear left onto 41. Leave the 41 and turn left onto Reykjavík Airport for 749 yards. You have arrived your destination "Reykjavík Airport".

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Reykjavik - Public Transport

BUS SERVICE to Reykjavik is outside the Arrival Hall. Every 15 minutes in connections with all flights. Tickets sold in the Arrival Hall.

TAXI SERVICE meets all arriving flights, located outside the Arrival Hall.



Taxis at Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal are from two companies which are:

A?alstö?in, Taxi - Delivery Van

Hafnargötu 61


Phonenumber: (+354) 421-1515

Ökulei?ir, Taxi - Delivery Van

Hafnargötu 56


Phonenumber: (+354) 421-4141


Limo?jónustan Ice Limo

E-mail: icelimo@



Flybus transfer at arrival:

The Flybus is located right outside the Keflavík International Airport. The bus leaves 35-40 minutes after arrival of each flight. Passengers should keep an eye on the screen in the terminal to see when the bus leaves or ask for information at the Flybus information desk at the arrival hall. The trip to Reykjavík will take approximately 45 minutes and upon request, the bus will stop at Fjörukráin in Hafnarfjör?ur and at Bitabar in Gar?abar.

When reaching Reykjavík our first stop will be the BSÍ Bus Terminal. Free onwards transfers are available to all major hotels, the Youth Hostel, Laugardalur camping area and the domestic airport. For these transfers the driver will ask you to board smaller busses.

Flybus transfer at departure:

In connection with all departing flights from Keflavík International Airport, there are Flybus departure from the BSÍ Bus Terminal.

The day before you intend on leaving Iceland, please ask your hotel lobby to book a Flybus transfer for your journey to the airport.


Blueline is a new scheduled minibus service between the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal and the Blue Lagoon, jointly operated by the Town of Reykjanes and A?albílar/Airport Taxi. The Blueline minibus also calls in the town of Reykjanes and the village of Grindavík. The fare is ISK 500. For further information on Blueline schedules, see the Town of Reykjanes website (BLÁALÍNAN to the left).

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Reykjavik - Car Parking



Phonenumber: (+354) 425-0444

E-mail: thjonusta@


Price list:

Short-term parking:

Fees charged are moderate, and the payment system is technologically sophisticated, accessible and easy to use.

• ISK 100 per hour, ISK 2,400 for the first 24 hours.

• After the first 24 hours, the rate drops by 50%, to ISK 1,200 per 24 hours.

Long-term parking:


1-7 days - ISK 550 per 24 hours

Week 2 - ISK 400 per 24 hours

Week 3 - ISK 300 per 24 hours

Week 4 onwards - ISK 250 per 24 hours

The longer you stay, the bigger the discount. For example:

24 hours ISK 550

8 days ISK 3,200

15 days ISK 4,500

22 days ISK 5,500

The new tariff provides a higher discount for those who are making longer trips abroad, e.g. on holiday.

The easiest payment method is by credit card at the car park entrance.

Payment at the car park by credit card

1. When you arrive at the car park, use your credit card to open the barrier. Drive in and park.

2. When you leave the car park, insert your credit card in the machine at the exit barrier. The parking fee is automatically charged to your card, and the barrier opens.

Payment inside the Terminal 1. When you arrive at the car park, take a ticket at the barrier, drive in and park.

2. Before returning to your car, pay at one of the payment machines in the Arrivals or Departures hall: insert your car park ticket in the machine, which displays the amount payable. Pay in cash or by credit card, and take your receipt from the machine.

3. At the car park exit, insert your receipt in the machine to open the barrier.

If any problem arises, Securitas staff in the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal will be pleased to assist.

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Reykjavik - Car Hire

Counters are located in the Arrival Hall.

ALP Car Rental

Phonenumber: (+354) 562 6060

E-mail: alp@


With over 20 years of experience and 11 rental locations in Iceland, ALP offers great value and a large fleet selection. ALP has everything from a family size car to a Super Jeeps and Mobile Homes. For this months offer, contact ALP today. We look forward to hear from you.

Avis Car Rental

Phonenumber: (+354) 591 4000

E-mail: avis@


Avis car rental offers a large selection of cars suited to the customers need. At Avis we emphasize to have the best price and good service. Avis is located in 9 places in Iceland, including major airports, and is represented at 5000 places all over the world. Avis in Iceland has specialized in serving travelers needing cars world wide. Please contact us or visit our website if you need information on cars at your destination.

Hertz Iceland

Phonenumber: (+354) 50 50 600

E-mail: hertz@


Hertz is one of largest car rentals in Iceland with a fleet of over 600 vehicles during the summer season. Hertz offers all types and sizes of vehicles from small cars to 4WD jeeps and minibuses. Hertz is located in eight places around the country. The largest offices are down town in Reykjavík and at Keflavik international Airport.

Please contact us for further information about what we have to offer.

Budget Car & Van Rental

Phonenumber: (+354) 567 8300

E-mail: budget@


With over 11 rental locations in Iceland, Budget offers great value and a large fleet selection. Budget has everything from a family size car to a Super Jeeps and Mobile Homes. With rental location in down town Reykjavik and pick service from all Hotels and Guesthouses in Reykjavik. For this months offer, contact Budget today or take a look at our website. We look forward to welcome you to Iceland.

National Car Rental

Phonenumber: (+354) 568 6915

E-mail: holdur@


Bílaleiga Akureyrar / National Car Rental has been one of the largest car rentals in Iceland for over 35 years, or since 1966, offering a great variety of rental cars suiting every need and any task. No one offers a better range of cars varying from small passenger cars to 15 seater vans and everything in between.

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Reykjavik - Info And Helpdesks

INFORMATION DESK:Icelandair ticket office in Baggage, Check-in Area and in Transit Hall.

LOST&FOUND AT TERMINAL: Contact the police department tel +354 425 0678 or send e-mail lostandfound@

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Reykjavik - Airport Facilities


Duty Free Store:

Departure Store

Cosmetics (+354) 425-0400

Telephones/Technology (+354) 425-0402

Liquor/Sweets (+354) 425-0404

Cameras (+354) 425-0413

Arrival store (+354) 425-0401

Schengen store (+354) 425-0430/425-0424

E-mail dutyfree@


The Duty Free Stores are open 24 hours a day. The product selection is very good, you can buy cosmetics, alcohol, confectionery, tobacco, technology and multimedia products.

The Duty Free departure stores are located in the north building (older building) and small store in the south building (new building).

Duty Free store is located in the south building (new building), to give a warmer welcome to passengers arriving to Iceland from outside the Schengen area. Transit passengers can now walk straight off the plane and into the shops to pick up a memento of their brief stay in Iceland.

The arrival Duty Free is located right next to baggage claim, the Duty Free Store has it all, everything from confectionery, tobacco and alcohool, to a wide selection of electrical equipment, and cosmetics.

Leonard - Duty Free Store

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0800

E-mail: leonard@


A good selection of beautiful watches and jewellery.

Optical Studio - Duty Free Store

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0500

E-mail: midbaugur@


The Optical Studio offers quick service.

Saga Boutique - Duty Free Store

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0345

A good collection of quality men's and ladie's wear, shoes, belts, purses and accessories.


Phonenumber: (+354) 431 1112

E-mail: 10-11@

10-11 store is convinent store and is located in the south building (new building).

66° Norður

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0450

66° Norður sells sporting and outdoor clothing, with the emphasis on the 66° Norður and Nike brands. The store offers a wide range of clothing for all age groups, with the emphasis on design and quality.


Phonenumber: (+354) 420 8800, Internet:

BLUE LAGOON has a good selection of Blue Lagoon skin care products.

Epal Design

Phonenumber: (+354) 422 7733, Internet:

Epal Design offers Scandinavian giftware and goods for the home, and works by Icelandic designers and artists.


Phonenumber: (+354) 540 2010, E-mail: flugstod@

A good selection of Icelandic and English books and magazines. Also handicrafts for children. The store is located in the south building (new building).

Iceland Giftstore Rammagerðin

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0450, E-mail: jenny@

Iceland Giftstore offers Icelandic crafts, woollens and souvenirs.

Inspired by Iceland

Phonenumber: (+354) 431-1112, E-mail: 10-11@

Inspired by Iceland emphasis on Icelandic and foreign luxurious food. Also they sell Icelandic liquor, confectionery, soft drinks and water.




Phonenumbers: Store in the arrival hall: (354) 431 1110, Store in the south building: (354) 431 1011, Store in the departure hall: 431 1112

The 10-11 stores in the departure area will emphasis luxury foodstuffs from Iceland and elsewhere, along with Icelandic alcoholic beverages, confectionery, soft drinks and bottled water. The 10-11 store in the arrivals hall is similar to other 10-11 food stores, but somewhat smaller. The shop has a coffee bar serving coffee and other refreshments.

Central Bar

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0249, E-mail: veitingar@

A broad selection of drinks and light refreshments. Central Bar is located in the departure hall.

Bistro Atlantic

E-mail: veitingar@

Bistro Atlantic Restaurant is located in the departure hall.

Café Europe

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0949, E-mail: veitingar@

Café Europe and Café International offer customers the opportunity of wide variety of food and drinks, made from high quality products, where everybody can find something in their interest. The restaurants are partly designed for full service and partly for self-service. On the menu you can find e.g. breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and hors-d’oeuvres in addition to drinks for everybody’s taste. Café Europe is located in the departure hallfor European flights.

Café International

Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0925, E-mail: veitingar@

Café Europe and Café International offer customers the opportunity of wide variety of food and drinks, made from high quality products, where everybody can find something in their interest. The restaurants are partly designed for full service and partly for self-service. On the menu you can find e.g. breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and hors-d’oeuvres in addition to drinks for everybody’s taste. Café International, is located in the departure hall for USA and UK flights.


Phonenumber: (+354) 420-2720, E-mail: kaffitar@, Internet:

Kaffitár will offer the coffee drinks for which it is well known, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and macciatto, as well as juices, spring water and other drinks, bread and snacks. The coffee bar will also sell a selection of coffee-related items.


Travel Agents

Iceland Express

Phonenumber: (+354) 5 500 600, E-mail: sales@, Internet:


Phonenumber: (+354) 425 0220, Internet:

Icelandair travel agency at the airport is located in the departure hall. Opening hours 05:30 AM to 05:00 PM.


Banking Service:

Landsbanki Íslands

Phone number: (+354) 410 4144

E-mail: 0144@

Landsbanki Íslands (The National Bank) is situated landside in front of the arrival hall, and for departing passengers in the departure hall, secound floor,

Landsbanki Íslands (National Bank) has installed a number of ATMs dispensing foreign currency in the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal. Both debit and credit cards can be used to withdraw foreign currency, and limits for withdrawal have now been raised.


TELEPHONES coin and card operated telephones are located throughout the Terminal. AT&T, MCI and SPRINT direct phones are located in the Transit Hall. Fax service is also available.

TROLLEY SERVICE is provided at no charge to arriving and departing passengers.

POST OFFICE stamps are sold in Icemart, in Transit Hall and post boxes are located in the Transit and Arrival Halls.

QUARANTINE strict animal, meat, fishing gear and plant restrictions apply.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE are located in the Transit Hall.

SMOKING is permitted in designated areas.

TOILETS are located throughout the Terminal.

FIRST AID assistance is available 24 hours a day.

CURRENCY EXCHANGE Landsbanki Íslands and the Change Group are located in the Transit Hall - open 24 hr.

CHECK-IN 20 fully computerized counters are provided and phone Check-In is available as well.

CHILDREN playground is located in the Transit Hall.

BABY CHANGE ROOMS facilities are available in the Terminal.

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Reykjavik - Conference Facilities

EXECUTIVE SAGA LOUNGE is located adjacent to the catering section. The Lounge is operated by Icelandair. Phone, Fax, E-mail and Internet connections available. Shower facilities are provided. Ticket and Check-in service provided.

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Reykjavik - Handicapped Facilities

Blind Passengers with Seeing-Eye Dogs

A blind passenger accompanied by a seeing-eye dog may have a dog in the cabin provided that the dog is properly harnessed and muzzled. The dog is not permitted to occupy a seat and must not block the aisle. Permits must be obtained for entry into the country of transit and or destination where necessary. Icelandair cannot be responsible if the seeing-eye dog is refused entry or passage through any country.

Expectant Mothers

Expectant mothers must be in possesion of a medical certificate not issued earlier than 72 hours prior to commencement of travel if they are in their last month of pregnancy.

Wheelchair Service

This service is provided for passengers having difficulties in moving to and from, or within, the aircraft. Please contact Reservations for wheelchair assistance, and specify if the passenger is traveling with own wheelchair and if it is electric.

Meet and Assist

Elderly or infirm passengers requiring assistance with boarding or change of aircraft in Iceland can arrange to be met and assisted by an Icelandair employee. Please call Reservations 3 days prior to departure to arrange this free service.

Please inform if the passenger needs special care when reservation takes place.

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Reykjavik - Wireless Lan

Keflavik Airport FREE WiFi internet access through airport.

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Reykjavik - Hotels

Airport Hotels:

Icelandairhotel - Flughótel

Hafnargötu 57


Phonenumber: (+354) 421 5222

E-mail: flughotel@


Icelandairhotel is an elegant 4 stars hotel, just 5 minutes taxi from Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal. The hotel has 39 rooms and 3 suites. It has a first-class restaurant, and a bar. At the Flughotel is a health spa with massage or sauna. Car hire are closed by. Hotel guests may store their cars in the heated garage during their visit abroad.

Hotel KeflavíK

Vatnsnesvegi 12-14


Phonenumber: (+354) 420 7000

E-mail: stay@


Hotel Keflavík is a first class hotel in the heart of Keflavík town, with 75 rooms, including 9 suites. Personal atmosphere is created by Stein?ór Jónsson and his family who own and operate the hotel. For arriving and departing passengers the Keflavík International Airport is only five minutes for the hotel and 40 minutes from down town Reykjavík. The hotel provides transportation to or from the airport. Be our guest!

Motel ALEX

A?algata 60


Phonenumber: (+354) 421 2800

E-mail: alex@


Motel Accommodation at Keflavik airport, free pickup and drop off at the airport. Opened in 2002, clean and comfortable rooms, when you are coming or leaving Iceland or for stopovers. Trips to the Blue Lagoon.

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Reykjavik - News Update

15.nóvember 2006

Successful test at Keflavík Airport

An Airbus 380 aircraft landed at Keflavík Airport on Friday, 10 November 2006 at 12.40, in order to try the new plane out in strong crosswinds. The new Airbus, which weighs 569 tons, will carry up to 555 passengers, on two levels. For comparison, the Boeing 757, which is the most usual aircraft type landing at Keflavík, weights only 99 tons.

New aircraft are often flown to Iceland to practise landing and take-off in strong crosswinds on Keflavík Airport, and the test session appeared to be successful. The Airbus 380 carried a crew of seven: two pilots and five technicians.

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Current weather in
Light showers. Overcast. Cool.

Light showers. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 69 %
Wind: SSW 27 km/h

Sprinkles. Breaks of sun late. Cool.

Sprinkles. Breaks of sun late. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 46 %
Wind: W 10 km/h

Breaks of sun late. Cool.

Breaks of sun late. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 0 %
Wind: NW 35 km/h

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