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Chisinau - Introduction

Chisinau is the capital and largest city of Moldova, a landlocked country bordered by Ukraine and Romania.

Chisinau is located in the center of the country and is its main commercial and industrial hub, and also Moldova’s most prosperous city. It lies on the river Bic, in a relatively flat agricultural area where grapes and other fruits are grown. The city is home to some 700,000 residents.

Even though Moldavia is regarded as one of Europe’s poorest countries, it has developed a lot in recent times. The country’s main focus is the wine industry and the tourism connected with it. They produce a large amount of quality wines and the many wine tours available are very popular.

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Chisinau - Climate

Chisinau has a continental climate that produces hot, dry summers and cold windy winters with temperatures frequently dipping below zero. Average summer temperatures hover around 25˚ C, sometimes rising to 35˚ C and even 40˚ C and there are occasional heavy storms. Spring and autumn experience mild temperatures that range between 16˚ C and 24˚ C.

January average temperature -3 deg Celsius 36 mm rainfall
February average temperature -2 deg Celsius, 38 mm rainfall
March average temperature 1 deg Celsius, 33 mm rainfall
April average temperature 8 deg Celsius, 41 mm rainfall
May average temperature 15 deg Celsius, 56 mm rainfall
June average temperature 18 deg Celsius, 74 mm rainfall
July average temperature 20 deg Celsius, 74 mm rainfall
August average temperature 20 deg Celsius, 48 mm rainfall
September average temperature 15 deg Celsius, 48 mm rainfall
October average temperature 10 deg Celsius, 28 mm rainfall
November average temperature 3 deg Celsius, 33 mm rainfall
December average temperature 0 deg Celsius, 36 mm rainfall

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Chisinau - When To Go

The most popular time to visit Chisinau is during the summer, although autumn is ideal for wine tasting tours. Springs tend to be cold, and winters especially so.

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