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Dubrovnik - Introduction

Dubrovnik is an historic town on Croatia’s Adriatic coast. A prominent tourist resort in the Mediterranean and a UNESCO heritage site, it has long been an important port and the only city to rival Venice in the Middle Ages.

It achieved remarkable development due to diplomacy and wealth in the 15th and 16th centuries, and was home to numerous literary figures, artists and scholars.

Even though it suffered extensive damage during the Yugoslavian civil war, the town was later reconstructed down to the last stone.
Dubrovnik is still encircled by its original city walls. Its heart displays a wealth of historic buildings from medieval times in glistening marble. There are numerous churches, monasteries and museums, and the main street Stradun, is lined on either side with pleasant cafés and boutiques.

Dubrovnik is surrounded by crystal clear waters, pebbled beaches and pine forest. The best beaches, hotels and villas are located 5 km from the town, on the wooded Lapad peninsula.

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Dubrovnik - Climate

Dubrovnik has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters. It is subject to strong Bora winds between October and April.

January average temperature 7 deg Celsius 170 mm rainfall
February average temperature 8 deg Celsius, 173 mm rainfall
March average temperature 10 deg Celsius, 150 mm rainfall
April average temperature 13 deg Celsius, 140 mm rainfall
May average temperature 17 deg Celsius, 97 mm rainfall
June average temperature 21 deg Celsius, 61 mm rainfall
July average temperature 24 deg Celsius, 43 mm rainfall
August average temperature 24 deg Celsius, 69 mm rainfall
September average temperature 21 deg Celsius, 122 mm rainfall
October average temperature 17 deg Celsius, 180 mm rainfall
November average temperature 12 deg Celsius, 239 mm rainfall
December average temperature 9 deg Celsius, 216 mm rainfall


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Dubrovnik - When To Go

Spring, summer and autumn are all good seasons for traveling to Dubrovnik. The hot summers are the most popular time to visit the historic town and its splendid Mediterranean beaches, however, spring and autumn are fast becoming popular due to fewer tourists and lower prices, and the weather is still pleasantly mild.

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Sprinkles late. Afternoon clouds. Chilly.

Sprinkles late. Afternoon clouds. Chilly.
Chance of Precip.: 62 %
Wind: ESE 13 km/h

Heavy rain. Overcast. Cool.

Heavy rain. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 96 %
Wind: SE 24 km/h

Sprinkles late. Mostly cloudy. Cool.

Sprinkles late. Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 77 %
Wind: SSE 10 km/h

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