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Minsk - introduction

Minsk is the capital and the largest city of Belarus. The city is located in the central part of the country and lies on the slopes of Minsk Hills, along two rivers, the Svislach and the Nemiga. The city is a major industrial center and the economic hub of the country.

Minsk dates back to the 10th century and is one of Europe's oldest cities. However, it has remarkably little to show of this historic past as most of the city was reduced to rubble after World War II. In the 1950s it was rebuilt according to the Soviet model and still today, the city features wide boulevards, vast squares, grandiose block-shaped buildings and Lenin statues. There is also a small, restored quarter of Old Town.

Minsk is a safe and clean destination and whilst there, perhaps the best things to do are as the locals do, laze in a bar, hang in the park and watch people go by.

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Minsk - Climate

Minsk has a humid continental climate. The city is damp most of the year and has high levels of humidity, resulting in frequent fog especially in autumn and spring. Summers are warm and wet and the average July temperature is 16˚ C. Winters are snowy and mild. Average January temperature is -6˚ C.

January average temperature -6 deg Celsius 41 mm rainfall
February average temperature -6 deg Celsius, 33 mm rainfall
March average temperature -1 deg Celsius, 43 mm rainfall
April average temperature 5 deg Celsius, 43 mm rainfall
May average temperature 11 deg Celsius, 56 mm rainfall
June average temperature 15 deg Celsius, 89 mm rainfall
July average temperature 16 deg Celsius, 89 mm rainfall
August average temperature 15 deg Celsius, 61 mm rainfall
September average temperature 10 deg Celsius, 63 mm rainfall
October average temperature 5 deg Celsius, 51 mm rainfall
November average temperature 0 deg Celsius, 48 mm rainfall
December average temperature -4 deg Celsius, 51 mm rainfall

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Minsk - When To Go

The best time to visit Minsk is during the summer, between May and September, when the weather is pleasant and warm. Rainfall is frequent, however, so pack an umbrella.

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