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Osaka - Introduction

Osaka is Japan’s third largest city and home to 17 million people. The city lies on the island of Honshū, in Kansai region, and is situated at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay.

Osaka is a big city that is divided into 24 wards or ku. It is an industrial metropolis best known as the country’s hub for dining and entertainment. During WW II it was razed almost to the ground but it resurfaced quickly and reestablished itself as an industrial and cultural center.

Among the must-see attractions are Osaka Castle dating back to the 16th century, several museums, beautiful temples, the popular aquarium Kaiyukan, one of the world’s largest, and the famous Bunraku Puppet Theatre.

Food is one the biggest Osaka draws; the city is famed for it’s ‘eat until you drop’ (Kuidaore) food culture and is home to countless excellent restaurants and eateries.

Osaka is also home to fabulous shopping: Shinsaibashi is its most famous shopping district.

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Osaka - Climate

Osaka has a temperate climate with hot and relatively wet summers. The hottest month is August. The rainy season is from June to early July, and typhoon season is from September to early October. Winters are dry and quite cool, but temperatures rarely drop below 10˚ C.

January average temperature 3 deg Celsius 43 mm rainfall
February average temperature 4 deg Celsius, 58 mm rainfall
March average temperature 7 deg Celsius, 97 mm rainfall
April average temperature 13 deg Celsius, 132 mm rainfall
May average temperature 17 deg Celsius, 124 mm rainfall
June average temperature 22 deg Celsius, 188 mm rainfall
July average temperature 26 deg Celsius, 150 mm rainfall
August average temperature 27 deg Celsius, 112 mm rainfall
September average temperature 23 deg Celsius, 178 mm rainfall
October average temperature 17 deg Celsius, 130 mm rainfall
November average temperature 11 deg Celsius, 76 mm rainfall
December average temperature 6 deg Celsius, 48 mm rainfall

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Osaka - When To Go

Deciding when to visit Osaka largely depends on activities planned.
Springs, specifically April and May, are favored for the blossoming of the cherry trees. Summers are pleasantly warm but also the wettest time of the year, and a raincoat and umbrella are necessary. Autumns and winters can get chilly although never really very cold.

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Showers early. Morning clouds. Mild.
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Showers late. Increasing cloudiness. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 90 %
Wind: WSW 10 km/h

Thunderstorms. Overcast. Cool.

Thunderstorms. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 99 %
Wind: NW 3 km/h

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