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Tallinn - introduction

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and the country’s largest city, home to 400,000. The city lies on the northern coast, in the Gulf of Finland and possesses a Slavic as well as a Scandinavian charm.

The old medieval city center, sitting atop Toopmea hill, dotted with charming medieval houses and winding cobbled streets, is under UNESCO protection and is a major tourist draw.
The lower town sprawls at the foot of the hill and is still partially encircled by the remains of the old city wall.
The city is a mixture of old and new, medieval houses, 14th century churches, soviet-era housing blocks, modern architecture, restaurants, galleries and boutiques. In fact, its old town is home to numerous boutiques and offers a shopping experience on a par with Geneva or Zurich.

Evenings can be spent in one of the numerous clubs or bars, at a range of styles in concerts, or dining in traditional or modern restaurants.

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Tallinn - Climate

Tallinn has a temperate climate that produces moderate summers and very harsh winters. Summer temperatures usually range around 21˚ C, whereas winter temperatures are usually at -8˚ C.
Due to the city’s northern latitude the summer daytime hours get as much as 19 hours, whereas during winter they are reduced to as little as 6 hours of sunlight daily.

January average temperature -3 deg Celsius 33 mm rainfall
February average temperature -5 deg Celsius, 23 mm rainfall
March average temperature -1 deg Celsius, 25 mm rainfall
April average temperature 3 deg Celsius, 30 mm rainfall
May average temperature 10 deg Celsius, 38 mm rainfall
June average temperature 13 deg Celsius, 51 mm rainfall
July average temperature 16 deg Celsius, 66 mm rainfall
August average temperature 15 deg Celsius, 71 mm rainfall
September average temperature 10 deg Celsius, 71 mm rainfall
October average temperature 6 deg Celsius, 58 mm rainfall
November average temperature 1 deg Celsius, 53 mm rainfall
December average temperature -2 deg Celsius, 43 mm rainfall

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Tallinn - When To Go

The best time to visit is during the warm spring months of April and May. Summers are even warmer but experience more rainfall.


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Light mixture of precip. Overcast. Cool.

Light mixture of precip. Overcast. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 47 %
Wind: SSW 29 km/h

Light mixture of precip. Breaks of sun late. Cool.

Light mixture of precip. Breaks of sun late. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 73 %
Wind: W 29 km/h

Light snow. Cloudy. Cool.

Light snow. Cloudy. Cool.
Chance of Precip.: 69 %
Wind: WNW 15 km/h

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