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From Our Athens Flights Guide: Handicapped Facilities


The new Athens International Airport has been specially designed to be an airport for all. All airport facilities have been planned to serve people with any type and degree of disability as well as older people and families with children. Our airport adjusts its functions to the needs of all its users. Wherever there are special needs, we are here to provide special services. We believe that passengers requiring special assistance, as well as their escorts will be able to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay at our airport. We stand by you offering our services and we are at your disposal for any assistance needed.


Designated parking areas in the Parking Facilities are available for disabled passengers with minimized distances to the terminal. Special signage indicates these special parking spaces with a width of 3.5m to accommodate wheelchairs.

In addition, special ramps from the parking facilities up to the entrance of the terminal are provided for passengers with special needs.

Special Waiting Area

An open waiting area exclusively for special passengers is located next to entrance A2, on the Departure level. Special signage indicates the exact location.

Unaccompanied children may also be accommodated at this special waiting area reserved only for this purpose. These areas are located next to Olympic Store, Departures Level and opposite Information Counter 4, both indicated by special signage "UM".


Tactile floor markings are available outside Entrance A2, Departures Level, which lead to the special passenger service counters and the special waiting area.


There are 105 special designed toilets throughout the terminal buildings indicated by special signage. Special intercom units have been installed in case of emergency. Support rails, lever taps and special dispensers have been fitted for easy use and access.


All elevators can accommodate wheelchair passengers and all have Braille buttons and sound control that can be heard inside and outside.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains designed for special passengers are located throughout the airport. They are 50% and 916mm lower height and have front and parallel approach for wheelchair access.


Text phones have been installed in the terminal buildings for the facilitation of passengers with special needs (deaf).

The following steps shall be followed:

1. Insertion of phone card in the special slot

2. Dial of OTE Service for People with special needs: (+30) 210 8815555 - (+30) 210 8251000

3. Caller shall type own name, location, person’s name with whom he/she wishes to communicate, contact number and content of message

4. Waiting for reply via OTE Special Service

5. Termination of the connection by typing code 'ts ts'.

Location for Text phones:

Arrivals Level:

Opposite baggage reclaim belts 3 & 4, 7, 11

Opposite VTA control

Bus arrival entrance 3 & 4

Bus arrival entrance 5


Opposite Check-in Counter 54

Opposite Check-in Counter 76

Baggage Reclaim Halls

Baggage Halls are wide with easy access to all facilities and designated area for wheelchair passengers next to baggage reclaim area.

Special signage

Back illuminated signage with dual language and large internationally recognizable pictograms have been installed throughout the external and internal areas of the terminal buildings.

Check-in & Flight Information:

Special Passenger Service Counters

Special Passenger Service counters are located next to Entrance A2, on the Departure level. Two of these counters are low for eye contact for the wheelchair passengers. These counters may be used for special assistance and/ or check-in depending on the airline’s procedures.

Flight Information Display Boards and Monitors

Flight information boards (LCDs) are located on top of each information counter, on Departure Level with the following characteristics:

Main Board Clarity - 18m

Monitor Clarity - 6m

Visual Emergency Information - Free Form Text

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) Monitors have also been installed at strategic locations throughout the terminal.

Safety & Security:

Strobe Light Alarm

In case of emergency evacuation, there are strobe light alarms for deaf people mounted in all public and passenger areas.

Passport and Security Control Lanes

All control points are designed according to the Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines with easy access and visual contact.

Meet & Assist Passengers

Departing Unaccompanied Minors

The parents, legal guardians or an authorized adult, who accompanies the child to the airport, shall complete a form provided by the airline.

The adult has to provide the airline or handling agent with all the necessary documents, such as passport, ticket, etc.

The child shall remain under parents or legal guardian’s escort until the airline staff takes the unaccompanied minor to the gate for embarkation.

The responsibility of care is then transferred to the cabin crew of the respective airline.

The parent or escort shall stay at the airport until the aircraft has taken off.

Arriving Unaccompanied Minors

Airline staff escorts the unaccompanied minors from the aircraft to the arrival exit. The authorized meeter is requested to show his/her identity card and sign the airline’s relevant form in order for the child to be handed over.

(Elderly passengers, Pregnant Women, Young Passengers, Deaf Passengers, Blind Passengers, etc.)

Meet and Assist Passengers receive every attention and support required and are treated as special passengers. Airline staff enters all the necessary information into their system in order to advise all parties involved regarding the assistance required depending on each case till the special passenger’s final destination.

Airline staff is responsible to escort departing Meet and Assist Passengers to the gate lounge for embarkation.

Arriving Meet and Assist Passengers can also be escorted to the arrival exit or offered extra assistance upon request to the relevant airline.

Wheelchair Passengers

The airline staff checks-in the wheelchair passengers either at the check-in counter or the special passenger service counter.

Airlines are responsible for the provision of wheelchairs for their passengers and for escorting them from the departure check-in hall to the gate and then to the aircraft.

Arriving wheelchair passengers are escorted to the baggage reclaim hall by the airline staff. Extra assistance is offered regarding their baggage collection and/or hand over to the person waiting/meeter.

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