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From Our Copenhagen Flights Guide: Car Parking


There are a total of 8600 parking spaces at the airport, and most are covered. All carparks are monitored 24 hours a day by video cameras and security guards. Parking rates range from DKK 250 a week to DKK 295 per day, depending on the carpark. The parking facilities nearest the terminals are the most expensive, and the least expensive parking lot is 1200 metres from the terminal.

If you are dropping passengers off only and not parking, you may do so outside Terminal 2 near the P4 carpark or outside Terminal 3 near the P6 carpark. In addition, you may park for free in all parking areas for up to 15 minutes. If you leave before the 15 minutes are up, put your entrance ticket in the slot at the exit gate, and the gate will open.

The parking areas at the airport are divided up into five different colours that reflect price and location. This will make it easier for you to choose the carpark that best suits you.

On a general level, there are two choices: yellow Economy parking and blue Business parking.

Economy – P15 (yellow)

Economy parking in P15 is for those who need to park for eight days or longer. It is the least expensive parking available at DKK 250 for eight days or DKK 425 for 15 days.

The Economy parking pylon is yellow.

Economy Plus – F1 (orange)

Parking for people who wish less expensive rates for eight days or longer, but who also want to be able to walk from their car to the terminal. Economy Plus rates are DKK 320*/445 for eight days or DKK 530*/655 for 15 days. Outdoor parking.

The Economy Plus parking pylons are orange.

Please note: These rates apply for entrance to the facility between 1 November and 30 April.

Business Light – P1, P2, P5 and P9 (light blue)

For people who wish to park closer to the terminals in mostly outdoor areas. DKK 145 per day or DKK 845 for eight days.

Business Light pylons are light blue.

Business Premium – P4, P7, P10 and P12 (dark blue)

DKK 230 Parking near the terminals in indoor facilities. DKK 230 per day or DKK 1330 for eight days.

Business Premium pylons are medium blue.

Business Executive – P6 and P8 (black)

Parking very near the terminals in indoor facilities. These carparks are directly connected with Terminal 3, and it is the most expensive parking available at DKK 295 per day and DKK 1685 for eight days.

Business Executive parking pylons are dark blue.

The airport carpark operator Lufthavnsparkeringen has a service office located between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 and open 24 hours a day. This is where you can go if you need help.

Additional information is available from Lufthavnsparkeringen Kobenhavn on telephone 3252 8300.


Economy parking is for passengers who want a less expensive spot to park at the airport for at least a week. The P15 carpark is outdoors and located 1200 metres from the terminals. There is a free shuttlebus between P15 and the terminals every ten minutes (every 15 minutes at night) around the clock (although not to Terminal 1 between 11.30 pm and 6.30 am).

As of 6 June 2006, P15 will have 700 new parking spaces, and a ticket machine will be set up in the waiting room at the shuttlebus stop.

The Economy carpark will also function as a staff parking lot. For this reason, the sign may say the lot is full, even though you can see empty spaces. These spaces are reserved for airport staff, who work at different times of day.


Drive to the P15 carpark. Check the sign to see if there are any long-term parking spaces available. If no long-term parking is available here, the sign will refer you to another carpark which is not full. At the gate, take a ticket from the automatic ticket machine. This will open the gate. Take the ticket with you on your trip and pay when you come home, either using the ticket machines in the terminal area or the P15 waiting room or using your credit card at the carpark exit gate when you leave.

If you have any questions, please contact Airport Parking Security on telephone 3252 8300, or use the intercom at the exit gate.

Disabled parking

Terminals 2 and 3 (international)

If you need to drop off disabled passengers, you can do so in the reserved areas in the inner lane in front of Terminal 2. If you need short-term parking (0-4 hours) there are specially designated disabled-parking spaces on the ground floor of the P4 car park (in the short-term parking area). If you need to park for longer (more than 4 hours), the P6 and P8 car parks or the second floor of the P4 car park (the long-term parking area) are available.

Alternatively please use the parking facilities at P7, P10 or P12.

Terminal 1 (Domestic)

When dropping off persons with mobility problems at Terminal 1 please do so in the innermost lane in front of Terminal 1. In addition you will find disabled bays at the parking facility P1.

Alternatively please use the parking facilities at P2.

All parking spaces for disabled passengers are situated close to lifts and entrances/exits.

Car clean service

Copenhagen Airport and Sixt Car Clean Service have teamed up in order to offer our passengers the opportunity of having your car washed and cleaned while you're travelling.

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Showers late. Cloudy. Mild.
Chance of Precip.: 75 %
Wind: SSE 32 km/h

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