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From Our Manila Flights Guide: Public Transport

Public Transport

Accredited Airport Taxi Booth


North Wing Arrival Level


For passengers who wish to take metered taxis, air-conditioned cabs duly accredited by the Department of Tourism are available at the arrival curbside.


are pre-paid at the counters located at the arrival looby in excahnge for the official published rates. A taxi bay is located to your left as you exit from the arrival are lobby. Rates are pre-approved by the airport management.

For passengers who wish to take metered taxis, air-conditioned cabs duly accredited by the Department of Tourism are available at the auxillary curbside of the main arrival area.


Driver/Operator // Plate No. // Capacity // Contact

Alberto Nepumuceno // PWF 474 // 5 // 803-8692

Artemio Enriuquez Asis // PVS 888 // 10 // (046) 539-1434

Augusto Reforma Rioflorid // PYV 924 // 10 // 805-5134

Elsa Gan Antonio // PXE 624 // 10 // 287-3785

Eugenia del Rosario Baguiro // PYX 974 // 5 // 873-1166

Evelyn C. Avena // PXD 439 // 5 // 000000

Generoso Ramos Quilatan // PYH 256 // 5 // 871-6402/ (046) 8702566

Julius Antiquera Barrios // UGL 539 // 10 // 09198125917

Lormindo Carrancho Balintona // PWR 512 // 5 // 826-4521

Luisa Capili Isidro // PYY 332 // 5 // 842-0452

Manuel Rarangol Rasalan // PXF 183 // 5 // NONE

Novelito Manuel Bilog // NYU 708 // 10 // 0917-4877917

Numeriano Panganiban Bergonio // PYC 633 // 5 // 543-4374

Patricia Manalo Ancheta // PYR 378 // 5 // 400-8169 / 832-2595

Pedro Jr. Montefalcon Amimita // UBX 515 // 5 // 852-6384

Porfirio Villamar Angus // PYE 297 // 5 // 826-0445

Susan Aldiano Eva // PYG 580 // 5 // 877-1109 loc. 3422 / 879-9193

Teresita Verastigue Artista // UTN 479 // 10 // 824-1649

Vivencio, Jr. Potellano Angeles // TVX 632 // 5 // 0917-9557494 / 787-0251

Wilson Arevalo Yanto // PXR 991 // 5 // 715-4516


Airport accredited transportation companies operate at the airport terminals offering limousine and car rental service to passenger. The rates they offer are pre-approved by the Airport Authority.

Limousine service is provided by hotels. It can be arranged by hotel representatives at the hotel reservartion counter at the arrival lobby.


For easier arrangement for transportation, it is best to consult tour operators. In Metro Manila, there are tour associations such as the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) and the Philippine Association of Tourist Transport Operators, who offer transportations assistance. The two associations in Cebu are the Cebu tours and Travel Association (CTTA) and the Cebu Association of Tour Operators(CATO).

Tour operators boast of complete transport facilities for whatever needs the travelers may have. More importantly, these operators maintain a high standard of quality service and experience to handle the task at hand.

Representative Position Address Location

Mr. Arsenio Locsin President NAIA 2, Pasay City Northwing, Southwing, Transport Lounge

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