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From Our Prague Flights Guide: Intra Terminal Transfer

The number of passengers processed at the Prague airport in February increased by 6.2 % from the previous year

Prague, March 19th, 2003

Prague's Ruzyne airport, which is the largest international airport in the countries currently applying for entry to the European Union, processed a total of 377 490 passengers in the month of February, which amounts to an increase of 6.2 % in that basic indicator compared with the previous year (in February 2002 the Prague airport - Ruzyni processed 355 440 passengers). There was even more dynamic growth in the indicators comparing the number of passengers transferred, which amounted to 18.5 %. Altogether 39 120 passengers used Prague as the transfer point on their journeys in the month of February.

Ing. Martin Kacur, the General Director of Czech Airports Authority and the Prague airport, noted: "The increased growth in the activity of the Prague airport is good news. Czech Airports Authority is currently implementing a number of steps in order to preserve the dynamic growth as much as possible in the coming period. Therefore we have actively prepared a possibility for airlines to make use of discounts of 50 % on landing fees in the event that war breaks out in the Persian Gulf - valid for a period of up to one month. At the same time the possibility of financial reductions on landing fees remain valid for airlines flying to newly-opened destinations."

Another key indicator of the traffic performance of the Prague airport, the number of aircraft movements, posted double-digit percentual growth. This increased by 11.7 % in comparison with the previous year, reaching a total amount of 7 299. In February of last year this indicator amounted to 6 534 aircraft movements.

Transported mail and freight attained a total yearly growth of 25.6 % in February. This comprehensive indicator amounted to 2 699 tons in February 2002 while one year later, in February 2003, it was already almost 3 390 tons. The mass of transported goods alone increased by 26.6 % to 3 012 tons while in the case of transported mail the annual increase amounted to 18 % to a total of 377 tons.

The new summer flight timetable comes into effect on Sunday, March 30th. With its introduction the offer of destinations that airline companies will fly to Prague from (or from Prague to) is continuing to expand. CSA, for example, is expanding its offer to include Cork in Ireland, Edinburgh in Great Britain, Tallinn in Estonia and, from June, America's Newark airport as well. Kuwait Airways should also begin flying to Prague as well (destination Kuwait - subject to security developments in the Persian Gulf region) as should the German low-cost airline, German Wings (destination Cologne). EasyJet also plans to connect Prague to Newcastle in the U.K.

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