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From Our Warsaw Flights Guide: Handicapped Facilities

Information for Passengers with special needs

Warsaw F. Chopin Airport aims to provide comfort in terms of safety and well-being of all its passengers. The airport designers have worked hard to ensure a range of facilities particularly for those with special needs. They designed the area around the airport and all the access roads in a manner enabling safe and easy access to the airport's infrastructure.

Warsaw F. Chopin Airport Infrastructure:

Passenger Terminals (Terminal 1, Domestic Terminal, Etiuda Terminal, VIP Aviation) have common passenger flows serving all the passengers and thanks to the barrier-free design they ensure easy and convenient mobility for passengers with special needs (passengers in wheelchairs).

Access to the airport. The bus stops No 175, 188, 611 for the arriving and departing passengers are located at the Arrival Hall level of Terminal 1. Passengers can reach the Departure Hall from the Arrival Hall via lift. more »

Parking spaces for disabled are located at P2 multi-level car-park near a cargo-passenger lift and marked with special plates (parking spaces no 2, 4, 6). Parking is charged. more »

For getting in and out of the car and loading and unloading baggage, disabled persons may park free of charge at the specially marked parking bays placed along the access roads to the terminal, both on the departure and arrival levels.

Lift is placed in the central point of Terminal 1. It reaches all the levels within the terminal complex. This spatial slow-running lift suits the needs of all passengers.

Visual information systems are designed for people with impaired hearing and the information acoustic system has been installed within the whole terminal area in order to provide more efficient delivery of information on operational situations i.e. calling.

Medical care - there are special facilities for persons in need of pre-medical care at the Departure level.

Airport clinic - in Terminal 1 provides the assistance for all airport users. Assistance is provided by the experienced medical staff equipped with essential resuscitation kits for life saving and emergency situations. The airport has its own ambulance.

Toilet facilities are located within the whole area of the airport.

Warsaw Airport Head Duty Officers desk is located in the Departure Hall Terminal 1 and Etiuda Terminal. The Airport staff offers help for every Airport user.


Before flight a passenger (WHILE PURCHASING THE TICKET) should advise an air carrier to what extent he needs assistance

Ground Handling Services (LGS,WAS), air carriers and F. Chopin Warsaw Airport staff - represent an experienced, well-trained and helpful staff. They have adequate competence and equipment to guide safely the passengers through the terminals, aprons and on-board.

Special security checks cabins for persons in wheelchairs are placed in the departure waiting rooms.

An airline representative should advise a disabled passenger about the special security check. He should provide this information when selling the ticket or at the check-in at the latest.

Security check of disabled persons is conducted by a specially trained staff ensuring professional and authorized performance.

Passengers traveling in wheelchairs, crunches, stretchers and other equipment of this type shall undergo security check which entails placing a disabled passenger into another wheelchair or stretches provided by an air-carrier.

Passengers traveling with a caregiver may seek help of such an attendant when their hand baggage is security checked, they have to be personally present, however, in order to provide necessary information on the content of their baggage.

Persons who are not departing but only seeing off the passengers with special needs cannot assist them at the security check. The passengers must be prepared for an individual check before the flight. If there is a need of assistance, a passenger may ask for a medical staff representative (doctor).

Every passenger may ask for a security check in a specially designated isolated place. The security check lasts longer so these passengers must arrive at the security checks as early as possible.

Passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles into the security restricted area of the airport and the cabin of an aircraft:

o firearms and guns of all types, replica and imitations of firearms

o objects with pointed blades or cutters

o blunt instruments - any blunt instrument capable of causing an injury, including martial arts equipment

o explosives, highly inflammable substances

o dangerous chemical and toxic substances of all types.


Information on the forbidden articles and substances (lists and pictures) are visibly placed at Warsaw F. Chopin Airport. The list of articles and substances forbidden by air are also specified on the ticket cover. The complete list of articles and substances forbidden is covered by the Statement of the President of the Civil Aviation Office of January 20, 2005 on the list of forbidden articles not to be taken into the security restricted area, the cabin of an aircraft or as registered baggage.

Passengers are welcomed to benefit from the advice of the aviation personnel on the flight requirements.

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